FUBO TV- Better than YouTube TV and Hulu+ Live TV?

Fubo TV

Fubo TV

What is Fubo TV?

FuboTV is an Over The Top (OTT) Streaming service that was launched in 2015 as streaming service only focusing the sports. 

FuboTV was initially launched as a sports streaming service for soccer, football and other sports. Now it has upgraded to a traditional live TV streaming services with the addition of more than 50+ entertainment channels as per the plans.

While the company has still kept sports at its priority and is termed as sports-centric Streaming services, their target audience are the sports fans. With a variety of other entertainment content too. They got you covered.

The service has been adding more non sports channels to its packages recently. It is also granting access to the local channels as per your area of locality.



Supporting Devices:

FuboTV is supported by most popular streaming devices:

  • The fourth-gen Apple TV and Apple TV 4K
  • Roku streaming boxes and streaming sticks
  • Amazon’s Fire TV devices, and Google Chromecast devices
  • Fubo TV subscription is also accessible from your Apple TV App.

Smart TVs powered by the Roku, Amazon Fire, and Android TV platforms are supported as well, and   FuboTV website is also accessible to watch on your computer with most browsers, but the company recommends Google Chrome.


Both iOS and Android devices support Fubo TV for watching on the go.

 The Android app recently upgraded to version 4.0, that gives you the same watching experience as on the TV or the FuboTV website. This update also added the ability to for you to access the cloud DVR recordings. It enables the Startover feature too.

fubotv review

Fubo TV: A service you should Opt-in for?

The CEO of Fubo TV Mr. David Gandler, In a recent interview quoted ” We only compete with two other services, Hulu TV and YouTube TV”

After this sports-centric streaming site changed its pivot by adding non-sports content it entered the competitive market with other streaming services to stay ahead of its competitor, it has added various features. Let’s find out.

Fubo TV claims itself to be sports first streaming service, hence it consists of more than 80+ sports channels from the 110 channels of its base package. It excels at Soccer and Spanish channels.

It has indefinite storage for recording the content which does not get deleted after 28 days unlike the other streaming services available.

The highlighting feature of Fubo TV is its Video quality. It is one of the first streaming services to provide a frame rate of 60 frames per second, which makes it a good watching experience for sports viewers. Along with its 4K Ultra HD and HDR  features.

Along with sports channels, it lays emphasis on News Channels too. It has a wide range of News channels like Fox News, Fox Bussiness, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC and many more.

It opens you to more options as to where and how to watch your content, at your convenience.

With just a little increase in its price, it has expanded its channels with sports first priority and will soon add Viacom Channels. 



Channels and Pricing

Although, FuboTV claims itself as a sports-centric streaming service, it still lacks the addition of most popular sports channel ESPN. It does not have any Disney owned channels as well.
Hoping this will not be the case forever still the sports first streaming service lacks ESPN.
While you don’t have to worry as it has many other sports channels available.

It depends on the local channels are available in your area, quite a few channels carry sports in FuboTV’s base package, around half of them are mostly sports channels. FuboTV offers games from the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and more. FuboTV also claims to offer more soccer than any other streaming service available in the market.

FuboTV being sports-centric does not only limit at sports as it has been expanding its other categories like entertainment lifestyle and news too. It not just has a few Viacom-owned lifestyle and entertainment channels but also 18 live and on-demand Discovery channels including Discovery Channel, TLC, Investigation Discovery, Animal Planet, OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network, and a lot more. All of these are included in its base package worth $55/MO.

Those who opt for the FuboTV Extra package will get access to the Science Channel, Destination America, Discovery Family, American Heroes Channel, and Discovery Life.


Costing per package:

Fubo Standard Package, $55/mo.

The base package consists of 110 channels, which consists of 43 out of top50 cable channels. It has 40+ sports channels and regional sports channels.
It provides 2 simultaneous streams.
30 hours of DVR. 
It has local channels depending on the area where you live.
It consists of 10 famous News channels.
After signing up you are eligible for One week of Free Trial, meanwhile you can cancel the subscription anytime before that.

fubotv streaming services

Sign up for 7 days of Free Trial

Fubo Family, $60 per month.

It consists of all the channels included in the base package with additional 500 hours of DVR.
It enables to run three live streams simultaneously.


fubotv review

Fubo Extra, $6 per month.

This is an add on package that consists of 30+ channels of sports, entertainment and news

fubotv streaming services

Fubo Ultra, $80 per month.

It has 170 channels, it is a bundle package of Fubo family, Fubo add ons like Sports extra, Fubo plus, Showtime channels with $20 less than the original add on per month.
It gives you Cloud DVR Plus- 500 hours of space and Standard share of accessing two screens simultaneously.


Sign up for 7 days of Free Trial

Fubo TV consists of more add on channels like Showtime, Sports Plus, Fubo Extra, the prices varying package to package.
You can find more details on https;//www.fubo.tv

Is future bright for Fubo TV?

The CEO of Fubo TV, David Giller states that the goal of Fubo TV is to cover 10% subscribers of the live streaming sites which are more than a million count. It is a long way to go.

If you are a football fan, the only drawback you face is the lack of the ESPN channel. Being a sports-centric streaming service it should focus on the most common sports channels.

It is a great cable replacement if you are willing to upgrade from the traditional Cable set up.

It is not a cash saving play, The package is on a pricey side as compared to the Traditional Cable. So if you are looking for something which cuts down on your expense, Fubo TV is not the option you are looking for.

As per the viewer experience, the viewers experience trouble in canceling the subscription as it is a multistep process. Creating a labyrinth of confusion. If the company looks into this issue, it will make it user friendly.

The FuboTV is not accessible worldwide, it’s reach is only limited with the US and US territory and Canada. It is not available in India. 
It is might still be accessible if accessed through the U.S IP Address.


FuboTV help and Support:

In case of any customer care service or support required for your FuboTV membership, it is very easy to reach the help center of FuboTV.

You can log on to support.fubo.tv and they have listed down the query you might need help for, select the options and follow the instructions carefully.
They give you an option to fix your issues, manage your account and instructions on using Fubo TV.

On further query, you can contact them through call, by calling the help center at 844-551-1005 

You can get in touch through their official social media accounts active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



For all the sports fan and those who live and breathe sports, FuboTV has that in abundance, as well as enough content elsewhere that you’ll be able to find most of what you expect from the service. If you’re still confused and not sure, we recommend checking out the free seven-day trial here.

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