6 Games Like Hollow Knight to Play in 2021

If you are a big fan of Hollow Knight and played it enough. Here are the 6 games like hollow knight you should try your hands on. I have given a brief description of each game similar to Hollow Knight, including downloading and buying links.

Games Like Hollow Knight in 2021

1. Ori and the Will of the Wisps

  • Developer: Moon Studios
  • Publisher: X-Box Game Studios
  • Designer: Thomas Mahler & Chris McEntee
  • Engine: Unity
  • Platforms: X-Box One, X-Box series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows PC
  • Release: 11th March 2020 (Windows & Xbox One), 17th Sept 2020 (Nintendo)

Moon Studios is mostly known for its overhauling game visuals and this game is also not an exception. Following the core plot of “Ori and the Blind Forest”, “Ori and the Will of Wisps” comes up with an immense amount of beautiful heartwarming game visuals which gives a mindblowing game experience throughout the game.

This game is based on solving different kinds of the puzzle by jumping, climbing, gliding and swimming between different platforms. Throughout the game, Ori gains different kinds of special powers and abilities by solving the puzzles.

The visuals of the game are beautiful and creative that this game was nominated for the “Best Visual Design” at the Golden Joystick Awards 2020.

You can purchase Ori and the Will of the Wisps online from Steam, Xbox, Nintendo

2. Salt and Sanctuary

  • Developer & Publisher: Ska Studios
  • Designer: James Silva
  • Platforms: Play Station 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows PC
  • Release: 15th March 2016

The second game in the list of games like Hollow Knight, Salt and Sanctuary is a 2-Dimensional action game inspired by a Japanese game series Souls. The most interesting thing about this game is that the whole visual of the game is hand-drawn. The game comes up with both Single and Multiplayer option.

The story starts with a player who is taking the princess of an unnamed kingdom to marry another unnamed kingdom’s king to avoid war. During the journey, a group of invaders attack the ship of the players and the action begins. At last, the player defeats an unnamed God and gains all his power.

The whole story of the game is visualised with hand-drawn art and dark visuals to give players the experience of an action-packed adventurous journey throughout the game.

You can buy the game online from Steam

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3. Celeste

  • Developer & Publisher: Matt Makes Games
  • Designer: Maddy Thorson
  • Platforms: Play Station 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows
  • Release: 25th January 2018

If you like colourful eye warming Visual Graphics this may be one of the best 2-Dimensional platform-based games. The game belongs to a very basic concept of 2D graphics compared to modern visuals but still, the game is very joyful to play.

Celeste is basically a mountain, which is full of different types of deadly obstacles and the controlled player Madeline has to cross all the obstacles by climbing and jumping within a limited amount of time. Time is the main catch here which makes the game more addictive. There is an assist mode in the game that changes some mechanics of the game which includes slowing down the game, invincibility etc.

Buy Celeste at Steam

4. Foregone

  • Developer & Publisher: Big Bule Bubble
  • Platforms: Play Station 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows
  • Release: 1st March 2021

Foregone is an action-packed adventurous game single-player platform game. The main attraction of the game is its fine colourful pixel art and its fast and fluid gameplay.

The game is all about saving the city of Calagan from the hordes of enemies. Through this journey, the player collects different types of powerful weapons and special powers. Experience the story of regret and conspiracy throughout the game and fight with the demons using weapons and superpowers and save the city of Calagan.

Purchase the game from Steam

5. Skul: The Hero Slayer

  • Developer: SouthPaw Games
  • Publisher: Neowiz Games
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux
  • Release: 21st January 2021

Loves great pixel art in your game, you must try this game once. After being defeated by the imperial army and the king, Skul a demon became the only saviour for the demon king. There is a total of 5 chapters in the game and there are different variants of mini-bosses and at the end of each chapter, one main boss is there. There are a lot of skeleton elements to be used throughout the game and plenty of variety of enemy.

Overall, you will experience a thrilling adventure and a lot of action throughout the game and the pixel art and colourful mindblowing graphics will double the joy of playing this game.

Ge this game on Steam

6. Blasphemous

  • Developer: The Game Kitchen
  • Publisher: Team17
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Play Station 4, Xbox One, Nintendo
  • Release : 10th Sept 2019

Blasphemous is all about the old school action-adventure game. It focuses on brutality and combats more than graphics and visuals. The game is about the unsolved mystery of tortured characters, solving them will gain reward and a better understanding of the dark world in the game. There are many intense boss battles, special abilities and weapon combos present in the game which will give you a thrilling experience of brutality the game itself.

This game won the Best Spanish Development Award and the Best Indie Game of the Year at Titanium Awards 2019 and earned very positive reviews from critics.

Purchase the game from Steam, Nintendo.com, store.playstation.com

FAQs on Games Like Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight Short Review

Developer & Publisher: Team Cherry
Designer: Ari Gibson & William Pellen
Engine: Unity
Platforms: PS4, Nintendo Switch, X-Box One, Microsoft Windows
Release: Initial 24th Feb 2017

Hollow Knight is a series of 2-dimensional action & adventure game and the “Voidheart Edition” is the final update of the series released on 26th Sept 2018. Though it’s a 2D game, it gained huge popularity for its adventures and action-packed gameplay and unique visuals throughout the game.

As the name suggests, here the player is an insect looking nameless knight with weird nails which it uses as a sword to fight with different kinds of bugs and other creatures throughout its underground journey to solve the ancient hidden mystery.

The main contrast of the game is it’s strange & unique animations and the visuals of new characters and creatures and the magically animated 2D world full of action, adventure and creativity. which gives players a very unique gaming experience like never before.

According to statistics, as of Feb 2019, an estimated 3 million copies of the game sold and it won multiple game awards in the year 2018-19.

Is Hollow Knight Hard?

In my opinion, Hollow Knight is not a very easy game and some time the combats are very difficult and challenging.

Is Hollow Knight Silsong out?

Though it was announced back in February 2019, the game is currently under development and there is no official launch date announced.

Is Blasphemous harder than Hollow Knight?

Hollow Knight is much harder than Blasphemous.