12 Games like Subnautica You Can Play in 2021

Subnautica is a perfect blend of exploration, gathering of resources, filled with blood-chilling scares, and a great story. It is set in an ocean world, that is filled with tentacled monsters, endless feels waiting for you to experience. And the game is set in a way that helps you understand your in-game goals and directions as to what should you do next.

The way the game is made and the visuals combined make it an extremely unique experience. But there are always options of excitement and this list is going to make you very excited.

12 Games like Subnautica

1. The Long Dark

  • DeveloperHinterland Studio
  • Publisher – Hinterland Studio
  • Platform – PS4, Xbox One, PC

This game does not the as great storytelling as Subnautica, but the game offers you something different and something very special, surviving in the deadly Canadian wild forests. It offers you an experience, the hand-painted art style, and the gorgeous weather visuals and in the in-game experience of change that can freeze you to death if you don’t have enough wood to light fire, and beware of the howling wolves in the dark.

You can but the long dark at epicgames official website or on steam.

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2. Abzu

  • Developer- Giant squid
  • Publisher- 505 Games
  • Platforms- Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Amazon Luna

If you want a game that has vast beautiful oceans like Subnautica, then Abzu could be the choice that you should make because Abzu takes you into a world of underwater exploration, and with a soundtrack from sony award fame.

You explore the world with beautiful waves and music flows, glorious views, and colorful fish to underwater temples with beautiful ancient carvings.

The game is exploration-based and you won’t find threats like you find in Subnautica, but the game has its own experience and the one you will surely love.

3. No Man’s Sky

  • Developer- Hello Games
  • Publisher- Hello Games
  • Platforms- Playstation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Playstation 5, Xbox series X/S

The game is vast, so vast that at the release it was said that you cannot complete the game. But now you can, with further updates, still in a few years.

You travel from planet to planet, crossing different atmospheres, moving with space ships, to air, and land. There are space stations and even rocky outposts.

Take the wheel and explore the beautiful world and discover planets with few resources and signs of life to no signs of life.

4. Minecraft

  • Developer- Mojang
  • Publisher- Mojang
  • Platform- Windows, Linus, Mac, Xbox, Ps4, Nintendo switch, Android, Ios

Started with a small dedicated following the legacy of this indie experiment game is well known. If you like the crafting and the survival elements the subnautica offers, Minecraft has your needs covered. Imagine a structure and build it with the game’s freeform block- breaking and building.

Minecraft is not a story-based game and you have to just have fun with what the game offers.

And the game works together on all platforms, be it pc Xbox or switch android or ios.

5. Subnautica: Below Zero

  • Developer- Unkown worlds entertainment
  • Publisher- Bandai namco entertainment
  • Platform- Windows, MacOS, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox one and series X/s

Well, the answer to games like subnautica could be, subnautica below zero!

Currently, in the early access, the game is a standalone expansion. Now, it’s nowhere near the size of the old game but still promises hours of underwater fun.

As the name suggests, the water temperature is below zero, making the water chillier.

The game is set in artic region of an alien planet, and your job is to survive after a disaster by making contact with a research station orbiting overhead.

Same gameplay you loved in subnautica but with new creature tools and a whole new experience!

6. Starbound

  • Developer- Chucklefish
  • Publisher- Chucklefish
  • Platform- Windows, MacOS, Linus, PS4, Ps Vita, Xbox one

The game looks nothing like subnatica, but the huge variety of planets to explore and the crafting systems make it a must-play for the fans of the survival games.

The game has its emphasis on a sci-fi story.

You gather resources, upgrade your gear, starting to form swords to machine guns, from walking shoes to jetpacks and teleportation devices.

7. Firewatch

  • Developer- Campo Santo
  • Publisher- Panic, Campo Santo
  • Platform- Windows, Linux, PS4, xbox one, Nintendo switch

The game never put’s you in danger, but yet this is a game you should check out.

Firewatch has wonderful storytelling, and even if the game has minimal exploration, the game makes you enjoy the experience more.

The game has a beautiful world and will make you lose in its world.

8. Astroneer

  • Developer- System Era Softworks
  • Publisher- System Era Softworks
  • Platform- Windows, Ps4, Xbox one

Well sharing its resemblance with No man’s Sky, the game offers exploration and surprising details, especially when it comes to building your base.

The game has 7 planets and you gather different resources from the different environments.

Craft items, collect and make useful tools, solar panels, generators, etc.

The game experience is a relaxing space adventure with a gradual progression.

9. Raft

  • Developer- Redbeet Interactive
  • Publisher- Axolot Games
  • Platform- Windows

Have fun in this game with your friend, as you float on the waters, in this open-water survival game.

Build ramps to board different islands you see in the journey to the horizon and sometimes grab valuable goodies.

A patrolling shark is there to always keep you honest and progression means better and bigger things.

The game is still in its early access, so expect some bugs- it’s one of the games that are worth it.

10. The Forest

  • Developer- Endnight Games
  • Publisher- Endnight games
  • Platform- Microsoft windows and Playstation 4

Sea monsters in subnautica make it feel like we are playing a horror game, and this game does not fail to deliver that feel too.

As a survivor of a plane crash, you have to survive in the forest, crafting sophisticated gear as the game progresses.

Mutants’ presence provides constant tension, and you will find yourself looking over your shoulder most of the ti,=me.

11. ARK: Survival Evolved

  • Developer- Studio wildcard
  • Publisher- Studio wildcard
  • Platform- Linus, Windows, MacOS, Ps4, Xbox one, Ios, android, Nintendo switch

It resembles the base game of the series, but due to a pleasing number of settings available, you will find yourself exploring underwater and fighting aquatic creatures.

The game has an underground map that is introduced in the aberration expansion.

12. Grounded

  • Developer- Obsidian Entertainment
  • Publisher- Xbox game studio
  • Platform- Windows, xbox one

After a bad plane crash in the ocean, you are the only survivor. Now your job is to figure out how to stay alive in this hostile environment.

The premise of the game sounds like Subnautica, but don’t worry as we are in the pacific ocean, not on an alien planet like subnautica.