Games Like Town of Salem in 2021

Looking for games like Town of Salem? You’re in right place.

Town of Salem, the online masterpiece game inspired by the IRL game Mafia, and the Blank Media Games studio made It into a game that is known around the world, with still many active players.

The game’s plot is heavily inspired by Mafia, so the player has to Lie, Deceive, to reach find the ultimate truth.

Town of Salem can be played with 7 to 15 players, that are split into 3 groups-

  1. Town
  2. Mafia
  3. Neutrals

And what makes everything interesting? Nobody knows who is who!

So you will have a lot of finger-pointing and scheming until the mafia kills innocent townspeople and the executioner starts doing the same. Do you think if playing the game more than once will make you master the game?

You have another thing coming, as you always experience something new in this mystery detective game! And the Mystery games lovers always find new plains and adventures, so we have compiled a list for you so that you are always on the edge!

If you feel like playing Town of Salem anytime again, here you can.

10 Games Like Town of Salem

1. The Ship: Murder Party

  • Developer- Outerlight
  • Publisher- Blazing griffin, mindscapse, merscom
  • Modes- single player and multiplayer
  • Platform- Microsoft Windows

This game is for the quarry hunters and love being hunted too.

You will be abroad Mr. X’s Luxury cruise liner, with a lot of friends as a dare say, for a night that you will never forget.

You get to play on a ship, with a target, and you have to find and carefully murder them because you are a hunter and also a target!

This is a stealthy funny multiplayer game with the plot of the year 1920, and the old ship with people of murderous intent.

We highly recommend playing this game.

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2. Trouble in Terrorist Town

  • Developer- Bad king Ugraine
  • Publisher- Facepunch studio ltd
  • Modes- multiplayer
  • Platform – Microsoft windows

Known as TTT, is Gary’s mod-based user-made game. It’s a game with a group of terrorists on a map.

There are three roles, The terrorist, Traitor who will kill the terrorist, and a detective.

The detective gets access to unique and super cool gadgets so that the player can hunt down the traitor terrorist before the traitor completes his mission.

The map has several weapons that the players can use to defend KILL.

It’s always lighting up in this game.

3. The Original – EPICMAFIA

  • Designer- Dimitry Davidoff
  • Mode- multiplayer
  • Platform- board game

The game that made the town of Salem possible, EPICMAFIA is an expansion pack to the old game MAFIA.

The game has 220, yes 220 different roles, thousands of table setups, and for the brave, the ability to play with a webcam and more.

This is a game that is one you should not miss and definitely give it a try. You will not be disappointed.

4. Camp Cadaver

  • Mode – multiplayer
  • Platform – Microsoft windows

This is a role-based murder game with the likes of others, the player has to find the truth or have to just Lie.

Your role depends on the team that you are assigned to, that is

  • The Killers
  • The Poor residents of the small town that are the targets

You can be a victim or a suspect, like every other player, You are given certain abilities so that you can gather information and help your team, or execute your next target.

5. Deceit

  • Developer- Automation games
  • Publisher- baseline
  • Mode- multiplayer
  • Platform- Windows, macOS

This game has its Master hunting Ground, and you play with 5 other players.

Two of the Six are infected with a virus, which makes them kill other players that are non-infected.

You have to fight through 3 different zones to reach a safety hatch, and you will know one thing in this journey, you will be missing players as you go.

The non-infected team has to work together using items that can be found in the three zones and use them to make it to safety, ALIVE!

6. One Night Werewolf

Platform – board game

A very fun board game, this is for a group of three to ten players that are looking for a fast-paced interesting game.

Every player gets a role from the werewolf to play several other playable roles.

And the fun part is- each player will have it’s a special ability with everyone having the end goal, Finding and lynching an actual werewolf!

With different roles and abilities, One Night Werewolf has a high replayability factor, and will fill fun in your next game night!

7. Spy Party

  • Developer- Chris Hecker, John Cimino
  • Publisher- Chris Hecker
  • Mode – single and multiplayer
  • Platform- windows, mac

Spy Party is based on human behavior and espionage, and you get to play either as a spy or Sniper.

The goal of the characters is simple yet fun, As a spy, you have to infiltrate a cocktail party of the rich and then trick your opponent the sniper, as to complete your mission and not get shot.

And as the sniper, you have to watch the cocktail party and find the spy before he completes his mission.

You have to use your knowledge of human behavior and keep a keen sense of perception as to catch the spy and eliminate him.

8. Detective Grimoire

  • Developer- SFB games
  • Platform- SFB games, Armour games
  • Modes- single player
  • Platform- windows and macOS

This is a single-player game and the only one on this list.

But don’t worry, this won’t disappoint you.

You play as the detective himself and have been called to investigate the murder of the owner of a small tourist attraction.

Within the flooded marshes, deep lies a very mythical creature upon which the owner’s business was founded.

You have to search for clues, interrogate who you think are the suspects, solve puzzles to get further, and uncover secrets in this murder mystery adventure game!

9. Velvet Sundown

  • Developer- Teibe studios
  • Publisher- Tribe studios
  • Mode- multiplayer
  • Platform- windows and macOS

This game is filled with different tricks, players keeping their secrets, and conspiracies that will make this game fun.

You have to play as one of the eleven characters on a luxury yacht that are attempting to complete their own randomized goal.

At the start you will feel the game is easy but as you progress you will understand that the goal may not be as easy as it first seemed.

So, Use your social skills and converse with other players to get the thing to need out of them without them even knowing!

10. The Resistance

Platform- board game

Unlike most of the games in this list, The Resistance is a board game. And playing with your friends will make this an experience you will not forget.

In this game, Two teams are selected on a random basis with goals assigned at the start.

Playing teams are the spies and the resistance members. Spies have to foil 3 missions out of the 5 that the other, Resistance team is carrying out.

This is a game of secrets, deception, and finger-pointing that will make you have a blast!