Ghostwire Tokyo gameplay 2021: What should concern you!

In June 2019, Tango Games announced the launch of a new action-adventure, horror game at an E3 convention, called,”Ghostwire Tokyo”. Since then the developers have dropped two trailers, an official trailer, and a gameplay trailer. The game will be released in October 2021. Here’s what we know so far:

The game, unlike ‘Evil Within’ is an action-adventure game and from the looks of it, is in a first-person perspective. Ghostwire Tokyo Gameplay is set in Tokyo, which is something that does not happen very often in video games.

What you should expect from Ghostwire Tokyo Gameplay?

The player will take on the role of an unnamed character that has supernatural abilities, possibly a clairvoyant, and is burdened with the task of finding out that why are people in Tokyo disappearing all of a sudden. The trailer also gives us a glimpse of all the possible supernatural foes that the player might be pitted against.

The game, it seems will have Slender-men-like stick figures, vengeful spirits, headless schoolgirls, and apparent occultists in Hannya masks. According to the game’s former creative director, Ikumi Nakamura, “You will encounter conspiracies and occult”. This makes the game worth one’s attention.

There will not only be elements of conventional horror but there are conspiracies, practices of the occult, Samurais, and Ninjas as well. Since the creative director has hinted at some investigative work in the game, it is yet unclear how all the supernatural and horror elements will fit in which makes it quite compelling and curiosity invoking.

Mystical Kuji-Kiri from the game Ghostwire Tokyo gameplay
Mystical Kuji-Kiri from the game

Ghostwire Tokyo gameplay is in a first-person perspective and the protagonist seems to be blessed with supernatural abilities. Upon seeing the gameplay trailer, it looks like that the protagonist will make use of the ancient Taoist martial art form called ‘Kuji-Kiri’, with a mystical spin.

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The initial release trailer also suggested that the player’s character might be a ‘Ronin’ (a Samurai without a master). The player will also get a motorcycle in the game which will come in handy while roaming in haunted Tokyo, unearthing conspiracies, and battling supernatural enemies.

The game seems to take on a stylistic route. The art design of Tokyo, the characters and the special effects seem to speak volumes about the game.

It is quite possible that the game is aesthetically pleasing. Plus, the soundtrack featured in the game is also quite intriguing and it attempts to invoke a sense of dread and mystery.

Concerns so far

However, it is not unlikely that the game may not turn out to be as impressive as it is being purported. The initial launch trailer was a CGI one.

The launch trailer was extremely impressive but the gameplay trailer was a bit concerning. The graphics in the Ghostwire Tokyo gameplay trailer seem to be very basic and disappointing. The character designs used in the game are not very impressive either.

Ghostwire Tokyo gameplay, as seen in the trailer, does not seem to be very exciting. On top of that, creative director, Ikumi Nakamura’s exit from ‘Tango Games’ after a long stint of 9 years is very worrisome as well. The game was still under development when Nakamura left. Besides, Bethesda’s history speaks against it. Games such as ‘Fallout’ series and ‘Elder Scrolls’ had gained a lot of notoriety upon their release.

The games were criticized for having too many glitches as they were pulled out of development way too soon.

However, it is still too soon to make assumptions about the game. There is still plenty of time till its October release and the game (judging by the gameplay trailer) has a lot of scope for improvement and further development.

‘Ghostwire Tokyo’ will be worth checking out especially considering that, it is being released from the same developers who were responsible for video game titles such as ‘Doom’ and ‘Evil Within’.

Ghostwire Tokyo Gameplay Release

‘Ghostwire Tokyo’ will be released on Playstation 5, Xbox, and PC in October 2021.