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[Answered] Where is my Gmail Contact list? + 3 Gmail Contact Management Tools

How to locate contacts in Gmail

If you’re unable to find your Gmail contact list, you’re at right place. Here I have discussed all methods to find and manage your Gmail contacts – step by step.

How to locate contacts in Gmail

Google has updated its Gmail version quite a while ago. This is why there is a little difficulty in locating Google and Contacts in Gmail. We have made it easy for you to use Contacts in Gmail now.

The previous version of Gmail had the Contact list in the drop-down menu under Gmail for quick access. The layout and icons also have modernized now.

The old one looked like   Contacts old iconand now it looks like  contacts new icon

Though locating Gmail Contact list now is not the same, it has become even easier now for you to use the accessories.

Where is my Gmail Contact List?

  • Log in to your Gmail account.

How to view your contacts in gmail

  • Click on the tab on the top-left corner, as shown.
  • Select Contacts in the cluster of icons to view your contacts list in your Google account.


You can directly view your contacts list in Gmail bookmarking this link below.

Open Google Contacts here

“Other contacts” in Gmail – Keep track of your Google contact list

Explore & keep track of all your Google contacts in one place

You can explore all your contacts in Contacts. It lets you keep track of all your contacts in one place. Frequently contacted are the ones you mail usually.

You can also create Labels to manage your contacts in various groups. You can export, import, or print the list of contacts you want. Other Contacts are the ones who you didn’t contact yet.

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Is there limit on contacts storage in Gmail?

Gmail provides ample space of storage space, unlike the client program for other mails. This is why Gmail is more preferred on the other email services.

Gmail for Business offers 25GB of space for storage. We can likely access a massive number of emails at the same time contacting large files due to this storage space.

But besides all this, there is a storage restriction for contacts in Gmail. You can save up to 25,000 contacts in an account. Also, you can only use 1024 characters to save the name of the contact. 

3 Best Contact Management Tools

These online contact management tools can help as an alternative to Google contacts. Use these sites to sync your contacts from different platforms. They help in effective relationship management. 

You can exclusively use the calendar to mark the important dates of your contacts and set reminders. We recommend these three contact management online tools.

I am sure this article helped you find your Gmail contact list. If you have need any technical help anytime, feel free to contact us at contact@bytevarsity.com 

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