[Fixed] Gmail Not Showing New Emails

Gmail not showing new emails
Gmail not showing new emails

Are you stuck because Gmail not showing new emails and have absolutely no idea how to fix this issue? Worry not because we are here to help you.

Gmail is the most used email service in the world with more than 1 billion active users. It has become such a common part of our life that we hardly notice it. Being such a massive service, it is possible that sometimes you don’t receive new emails on Gmail. Today we shall fix this problem.

Why is my Gmail not showing new emails?

There can be a number of reasons for Gmail not showing new emails might not appear in your inbox:

1. Browser issues:

The most common reason for not receiving new emails is browser incompatibility. If you are using a browser that is not compatible with the Gmail settings of your account, you won’t receive new emails. The simplest solution for this issue is to use other compatible browsers such as Opera, Brave, etc.

Browser extensions can also interfere with Gmail’s working and we can fix it by either disabling any active extensions or by opening Gmail in incognito mode.
Sometimes new emails are not received because of a filled-up browser cache. In many cases, new emails start to appear if we clear all the browser cache and restart the browser.

2. Storage Quota exhausted

Google provides 15GB of free storage allocation for all its apps combines. If you exhaust this limit, you would not receive new emails in Gmail.

Google data storage limit exhausted

In such a case you have to delete emails from your inbox as well as remove them from your Bin. By clearing out unwanted messages you will make space for new emails and new emails will be received as soon as there is space available.

3. Email filters

Gmail allows email filters for filtering messages based on a certain condition. If certain filters are switched on, new emails matching these filters would be placed in other folders and would not show up in your inbox. If the filters are set to “Delete it” or “Skip the Inbox (Archive it)”, the emails would directly go to the trash bin or archived messages and instead of showing up in the inbox. You can delete email rerouting filters in the following ways

1. Go to the Gmail settings and open the Filters and blocked addresses tab.
Email Filter settings
2. Select the filters that you want to delete.
3. Press the Delete button to delete the selected filters.
After deleting the filters, new emails would no longer be moved to other locations in Gmail and would be available in your inbox directly.

4. Email client issues

If you use another email client such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail in order to read your emails then there might be issues regarding these email client settings due to which new emails are not showing. If you use IMAP for reading emails on your client, then make sure that the recommended IMAP settings are enabled and messages are not deleted automatically.

Also, if you have set up POP in your email client then make sure that that you haven’t selected any option to delete copies of the email on the server. Also, check your Gmail settings to ensure that the “Archive Gmail’s Copy” or “Delete Gmail’s Copy” options are not selected. If you have set up multiple POP clients then make sure that they all have the “Leave a Copy of My Emails on the Server” option ticked.

5. Email Forwarding

Gmail also provides the option of forwarding your emails to another email account and it may lead to new messages not being visible sometimes. If the “Archive Gmail’s copy” option is selected, then your new emails that are being forwarded would not be available in the inbox but in your archive folder. You can either disable the “Archive Gmail’s copy” option or turn off email forwarding altogether.

To switch off email forwarding just follow these steps:
1. Go to the Gmail settings and select the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
IMAP/POP settings
2. Click on the Disable Forwarding option and then click on Save Changes.
3. Your emails will no longer be forwarded now.

FAQs on Gmail not showing new emails:

  1. What is Gmail IMAP?

    IMAP is a standard email protocol that is supported by Gmail for delivering new emails and syncing them across all your devices. IMAP allows end-users to view and edit messages as though they were locally saved on a computer device.

  2. Why can’t I see new emails even after performing all the fixes?

    If you are not seeing new emails even though all settings are properly configured, it might be possible that your emails are being sent to the spam messages folder. In such a case you can select the messages to unmark from spam.

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