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Guide on How to resend an email in Gmail

How to resend an email in Gmail
How to resend an email in Gmail

It is very common in a professional environment to resend an email and if you are looking for an answer to “How to resend an email in Gmail?”, then today we have brought the perfect step-by-step guide to help you out.

The process of handling emails can be very hectic at times. A report from Mckinsey states that on average a working professional spends 28% of their time reading and answering emails.

Some email services provide a “Resend email” feature directly but Gmail does not provide any such feature. Thus, if you want to resend an email in Gmail, you have to work your way out. One option is copy-pasting the email again and again but this process is quite tedious.

Here we shall see the option of resending email using the “Reply” feature in Gmail through which you can not only save time spent on copy-pasting but also make the entire process of resending the email quite easier.

Step by Step Guide: How to resend an email in Gmail

The following simple steps can be followed to resend an email in Gmail:

Step 1: Upon logging in to your Gmail account, head to the Sent emails section and search for the email that you want to resend.
Sent tab Gmail
Step 2: After finding the email that you want to resend in Gmail, click on the Reply button. This will open a new Reply section in the conversation.
Reply Section
Step 3: Edit the Subject line and Recipient of this email.
Subject and recipient section
Step 4: The Reply option adds a timestamp and additional signature over the old email body. Select all these additional texts in your email body and Delete this unwanted information from the resend email.

Step 5: Now your email should look similar to the previous one but with a changed recipient. That is it, you are now all set to resend the email. Click on the “Send” button to resend the email.

The main motive behind the process of resending an email is to save time spent in writing the entire mail again. So, if you have a perfect email that you wish to resend to other people, you can easily do so using the above steps thus improving your work efficiency.

FAQs on How to resend an email in Gmail:

  1. How to resend emails in Gmail with attachments?

    If you want to resend an email that consists of attachments along with the textual content, you just need to click on Forward button instead of Reply option. Then just remove the timestamp, signatures, etc. from the top of the email body. After this change your subject line and recipient and you are done. Click on Send and the email will be resent along with all the attachments from the previous email.

  2. How to resend email using templates in Gmail?

    If you need to resend a few emails to multiple people over a period of time then you can use the Gmail feature of email templates that can save a lot of time. All you need to do is go to the Advanced tab in the Gmail Settings. Now click on Enable under the Templates option to enable a template. Now you can save your current email draft as a template allowing you to resend your saved emails as a template with just a few clicks.

  3. What is the difference between Reply and Forward in Gmail?

    The Reply option is used to resend the mail to the same person while Forward option allows to resend the mail to different people. Also, Reply option can only resend the text while Forward option can also resend the attachments of the email and you can even remove any attachments or edit the original response before forwarding the message.

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