Haikyuu Anime Review: Is It Just Sports or More?

One of the best-ranked sports anime in the history of top-rated anime adapted from manga enlists Haikyuu under it and this Haikyuu anime review will establish that. Haikyuu anime is produced by Production I.G. studios that set the right mood of humor for the viewers which is guaranteed since the first season was aired and licensed by Sentai Filmworks. It is not merely a sports anime that orients around volleyball but the specialty of it will be let out to you in this Haikyuu anime review. (1)

The first season had 25 episodes and the time of each episode is short as compared to other anime. This shounen has gained thrilling popularity and it is here that you can know why.

Haikyuu Anime Review With Best Haikyuu Anime Characters

The little anime show on the high school volleyball team went viral and became the fan’s favorite up straight. It is directed by Susumu Mitsunaka and extends more than just an anime on sports. 

Hinata Shoyo joins the volleyball club of the school inspired by the player who was once called the Little Giant. Then he meets his complete opposite Tobio Kageyama who is a natural talent and their path differs in many ways. Although their challenge remains in cooperating since it is their only way to win.

Its use of humor and emotions along with excellent quality volleyball in the show makes the Haikyuu anime review count on the positive side for the readers right now. The character designs are special in their own subtle identities too where volleyball is intrinsic to every character. The lessons are genuine when it comes to volleyball as per the technicality and little details are considered.

Haikyuu becomes an ever-entertaining anime where the story endures the sport whereas the other quirks and attitudes are solely relevant. The other important aspects of the series include the character development which is very small yet significant. If we consider the character of Kei Tsukishima, he was initially a player who had the potential to grow but was not considered to be great amongst all. Slowly his character takes turn and we see what he is truly capable of to change a match in favor of his team.

Haikyuu Anime Review
Hinata and Kageyama

Haikyuu Anime Review: The Release of Season 5

Haikyuu season 1 was first premiered in 2014 and then respectively in 2015, 2016 and then in 2020 finally the Season 4 was released.

Haikyuu has already announced its delay regarding the release of Season 5 and the Haikyuu anime characters will have an upliftment on that note. The crisis has pushed the release farther to the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022.

What Have You Missed About Haikyuu Anime Review?

There are many sports anime at present but there is something special about this anime and the Haikyuu anime review will clarify that for you. The anime had ranked 23rd on the best 100 anime list of NHK in the year 2017. It also guarantees its audience an absolute happy mood when they watch it apart from the fact that the manga sales have also remained constant for a long.

 4 seasons of Haikyuu have already premiered and worldwide fans have celebrated watching them all. You can watch those 4 seasons on Netflix as well as on Crunchyroll and Anime-Planet with 8.7 IMDb. Although it is not the end of Haikyuu as we will be getting a Season 5 from the franchise.

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FAQs on the Haikyuu Anime Review

1. Has Haikyuu anime ended?

Haikyuu anime has released four seasons in all for now but the team has already announced its fifth season-long back. Hence, there is no point in losing hope upon the thought that one of the greatest sports anime has come to an end. The release of Season 5 of Haikyuu is facing a delay as it was supposed to have released by July 2020.

2. Can kids watch Haikyuu?

Haikyuu is one of the best animes and that too on sports and hence it is definitely a must-watch for kids and all preferred audience groups. It has received many awards and is considered to be one of the best animes of all time.