20 Hottest Female News Anchors in 2022

People watch the news daily so that they can get the latest on the happenings of world affairs. But sometimes news can be exhaustive, and in fact, boring to listen to. Therefore, sometimes it’s not about what the news is, it’s about who is narrating it to us.

Today we are looking at the top 20 hottest female anchors in 2021. These newscasters are credited with being extremely good-looking and talented in their fields, and hence they attract a lot of news watchers daily.

20. Michelle Kosinski

Michelle Kosinski is an American journalist and news host anchor. She was formerly CNN’s Senior Diplomatic Correspondent in charge of the US State Department.

She also was the White House Correspondent when former US President Barack Obama was in office.

Michelle has also worked in news houses such as NBC, MSNBC, and CNBC. She has received an Emmy award for her coverage of the presidential election in 2008.

19. Erin Burnett

Erin Burnett is an American news anchor, currently working for the American news channel CNN. An extremely talented and beautiful news reporter and she currently hosts Erin Burnett OutFront, a daily news program.

She is credited to have worked and reported on numerous reports and documentaries focusing on issues in countries other than the United States, such as Libya, Egypt, Israel, Iran, Iraq, and Russia, among others.

18. Jamie Colby

Jamie Colby is an American news correspondent and anchor. She has formerly worked with news agencies such as CNN and CBS.

Now she works as the National News Correspondent for Fox News and has been working for Fox News Channel since 2003. A very beautiful news anchor, Jamie has been working in the industry for more than 20 years and is very good at it.

She is also the host of a Fox Business show named Strange Inheritances and has been so for the last 6 years.

17. Julie Banderas

Julie Banderas is an American news anchor working for the Fox News Channel.

Before working for Fox News, Julie has done a lot of work for other news channels such as CBS, NBC, ABC, and CW News. She currently works as the weekday anchor for the Fox News Network Channel.

Her persuasive and stubborn personality and fearless attitude has earned a lot of attention and praise in the media, and also a spot on this list.

16. Courtney Friel

Courtney Friel is an American news anchor and a television reporter.

She works for the KTLA news channel and is mainly a reporter for entertainment-related news.

She has formerly worked at the FOX News Network and hosted the World Poker Tour for the Travel Channel as well.

She is very good-looking and attractive, and because of this, she has also gotten to work in various entertainment news segments and shows.

15. Robin Meade

Robin Meade is a newscaster, anchor, and a former singer, who works as the lead anchor for the show Morning Express with Robin Meade, on HLN TV.

Robin has also worked with NBC news before, and she has also been a moderator on Oprah Winfrey’s Ask Oprah All-Stars.

She is one of the hottest and most talented news anchors in the news media, and apart from being a news anchor, has also had a career in beauty pageants and singing.

14. Brooke Baldwin

Brooke Baldwin is an American TV show host, journalist and author. She has been working at CNN for the past 13 years.

She is one of the prettiest anchors in modern-day journalism and her talent only complements her beauty. She has worked on documentaries and such as To Catch a Serial Killer, former US President Donald Trump’s inauguration, and a Town Hall in 2015 on Gun Violence

Brooke has also formerly worked at channels such as WVIR TV and WOWK TV.

13. Margaret Brennan

Margaret Brennan is an American journalist and newscaster working for CBS News. She has also worked for other news media houses such as CNBC and Bloomberg Television.

Her morning show, Face the Nation with Margaret Brennan is very popular in the US, mainly because of her versatile talents and supreme beauty.

She has interviewed many powerful world personalities such as former US President George W. Bush, IMF MD Christine Lagarde, and former US Secretary of State John Kerry.

12. Susan Li

Susan Li is a Chinese journalist who works for American News Channel Fox News.

She is incredibly talented and beautiful, and her impressive experience record is a testament to that.

She grew up in Canada, where she started her career with CBC News. From there on, she has worked with news companies such as CCTV International, Bloomberg Television, CNBC Asia, CNBC Europe, CNBC US, and now Fox News.

11. Jenna Lee

Jenna Lee is an American journalist and anchor. She began her career in journalism with Forbes.com, but she wanted to become an on-camera anchor.

Her amazing looks and graceful personality made her wish come true when she was hired by Fox Business Network.

From there she made the move to Fox News Channel and worked on the show Happening Now.

10. Alex Wagner

Alex Wagner is an American author and journalist who works for CBS News and is an editor for the American Magazine called The Atlantic.

Currently, she is the host of a documentary series named The Circus that runs on Showtime. Her brilliant editorial skills and attractive appearance have led her to do a lot of wonderful work for media outlets such as The Huffington Post, MSNBC, CBS This Morning Saturday, and now on The Circus.

9. Anita Cobos

Anita Cobos is a Spanish sportscaster and journalist. She works for the BeIN sports network.

She has worked for a lot of famous Spanish news agencies such as TVE, Marca, and Castilla-La Mancha.

Her insane beauty and attractiveness are admired very much in the Spanish press.

Because of this and her immense talent, she has been able to interview world-famous sports stars such as Rafael Nadal, LeBron James, and Lionel Messi.

8. Abigail Huntsman

Abigail Huntsman is an American journalist and television personality. She has worked in numerous news and media outlets, and her beauty and skills are the main reasons behind it.

She started her work on MSNBC as a host and continued doing the same on NBC news.

She has been working as a reporter for the Fox News Channel in recent times.

Her stunning looks and graceful style are the reason why she has been a co-host of the famous ABC talk show The View, for which she has won a Daytime Emmy award as well.

7. Sara Carbonero

Sara Carbonero is one of the most well-known Spanish sports journalists. She is the wife of former Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas.

Her beauty is well spoken of in the Spanish press, although it has allegedly been said to have also led to her husband’s team’s loss to Switzerland in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

She has worked for the media outlet Telecinco as a presenter since 2000.

6. Alessandra Villegas

Alessandra Villegas is a very talented and attractive Venezuelan TV show host.

She has worked for Telemundo network, V-me TV, and At & T U-verse network. She is extremely beautiful and smart and has her own Youtube channel as well where she posts makeup videos and vlogs.

5. Gigi Stone Woods

Gigi Stone Woods is an American news anchor and correspondent. She has been working as an anchor for news companies such as NBC News and MSNBC and has been the co-host of the business TV show Hiring America.

She is extremely talented and equally beautiful and has an extended CV, having been a correspondent for news houses such as CBS News, ABC News, NBC News, and Bloomberg Television.

Gigi is also a kind-hearted professional and this is visible in her non-profit venture called “The Opportunity Network” where she helps talented students from underprivileged backgrounds join esteemed institutions for studies.

4. Yanet Garcia

Anyone who is a pop culture enthusiast has definitely heard of Yanet Garcia before. Her skills in the weather forecast makes everyone watching very excited to check the weather for the day.

Yanet is a Mexican TV presenter who has been working on Televisa Monterrey as a weather girl for a very long time. She has also done modelling before, and even has over 13 million followers on Instagram.

Her amazing physique and incredible beauty has swayed many to watch her tell something as mundane as the weather forecast.

3. Ghida Fakhry

Ghida Fakhry is a very attractive Lebanese-British journalist. She works as a presenter for Turkish news channel TRT world and has her own show called Inside America with Ghida Fakhry.

She is one of the most beautiful and influential names in the industry, and has worked as the lead anchor and Chief of Bureau of Al-Jazeera, a Qatari news giant.

Ghida has also been a part of covering the 9/11 attacks, and held interviews with senior US officials such as Colin Powell and Donald Rumsfeld.

2. Megyn Marie Kelly

Megyn Marie Kelly is an American news anchor, lawyer, host, and commentator. Megyn is known very well for her amazing graceful beauty and copious talent in the news media industry.

She has worked for Fox News for an astounding 13 years before leaving her job and working as a correspondent for NBC news.

She now also has her own podcast called The Megyn Kelly Show. Megyn is not just pretty, but also very powerful in her work, as she has been mentioned in the TIME list of 100 Most Influential People in 2014.

1. Melissa Theuriau

Melissa Theyriau is the hottest news anchor on this list by far, and it is not doubt that people who know a thing or two about news coverage will agree to this.

Melissa is a French news journalist and news presenter, currently working for French channel Metropole 6, better known as M6. Apart from being insanely beautiful, Melissa is also a philanthropist, working in an organisation called La Rose, an organisation that works with the UNICEF organisation to help in educating young girls.

She has been recognised multiple times for her unparalleled beauty multiple times, something she says that she is genuinely surprised about. She has been named “TV’s sexiest news anchor” by US magazine Maxim, and “World’s Most Beautiful Reporter” by the Daily Express.