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How to Access Domain Email through Gmail App

How to access Domain Email through Gmail App

If you’re a Gmail app user on an Android or iOS phone, here is how to access domain email through Gmail App.

Note: This guide is best for people having domain email hosted by their website host or domain name provider.

Before diving into step by step guide to setup domain email on Gmail, make sure you have got this information ready – here is the checklist:

1. Domain Name

2. Domain email address – @yourdomain.com

3. Domain email password

4. Gmail App – You can download the app here – Gmail for Android , Gmail for iOS

5. Gmail Account – @gmail.com , if you don’t have a Gmail account, you can Signup for Gmail account here – https://mail.google.com/

6. Email client configuration settings (Optional – Most of the times, it do not require email client configuration settings, only domain name as incoming mail server and outgoing mail server works well.)

It includes POP3/IMAP address, incoming mail server, outgoing mail server, port number, etc. You can find this information in your hosting control panel. If you’re a cPanel user, here is a detailed guide on how to find email client configuration settings in cPanel. If you’re unable to find it, ask your hosting or domain name provider, they will help you.

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Information ready? Let’s look into the domain email integration with Gmail app part.

Step by Step – How to Access Domain Email through Gmail App

1. Open Gmail app on your Android or iOS device.

2. Tap the menu in the top left corner and click settings on the next screen.

3. Tap add account to add new domain email account.

4. Tap other on the setup email screen

5. Enter your domain email address.

6. Select IMAP or POP3, I recommend using IMAP because it’s faster, secure, and technologically more advanced.

7. Enter your domain email password that you use to login via webmail.

8. Configure incoming email server – here you have to enter the email address, email password, and incoming email server. In most cases, the incoming email server is the address of the website itself without the prefix like HTTP, HTTPS, and www.

9. Configure outgoing email server – same as the incoming email server, in outgoing email server you have to enter domain email, password, and the website address as the outgoing email server.

10. Select account options – you get three options here, check or uncheck according to your preference. I recommend to keep them as it is and click Finish.

11. Done. Close the app, wait for a few minutes, and reopen to access domain email through Gmail app.

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