How to Access Remote Desktop Using AnyDesk

how to access remote desktop

how to access remote desktop

Often, I get queries like ‘How to connect to a computer remotely’ or ‘How to access another computer from my computer’.  Well, it’s easy to connect with remote desktop using AnyDesk. Here is the step by step guide for all these questions.

There are many good software available like Team Viewer, Cisco Webex that let’s you access another computer remotely, but here we will discuss how to access remote desktop using AnyDesk

It’s easy to do, all you need is a small size free software called AnyDesk and a good internet connection.

The main purpose of using AnyDesk is its very lightweight application and connectiong with the remote computer is super easy.

connect to another computer remotely using AnyDesk

Before moving further on the step by step process to connect a computer remotely, let’s look into the circumstances due to which you need remote desktop control.

  1. Your friend/employee is stuck somewhere while working on their computer and needs your help.
  2. You’re a employer and want to check your employees’ work in progress.
  3. You have to exchange some files/documents remotely.

These are the most probable reasons people need access to another computer remotely.

AnyDesk is available for all popular platforms:

Download AnyDesk

Step by Step Process – How to Access Remote Desktop Using AnyDesk

Step 1. Download AnyDesk – a safe and small size remote desktop control software that let’s you access another computer remotely.

Step 2. Ask the remote user of which you want to access computer to download the same software i.e. Anydesk.

Step 3. Once both of you downloaded and installed the software. You’re are ready to connect now.

Step 4. There is a nine digit Anydesk code you can see on your Anydesk dashboard. You need the access code of the remote computer you want to access.

connect to computer remotely using AnyDesk

Step 5. Remote computer will get a pop up screen asking to authorize access to host. Once authorized, You are now ready to access remote computer.

connect to another computer remotely using AnyDesk step by step


1. Remote person can see what the host doing on his/her computer.

2. You will see two cursor on host computer screen, host cursor has name just below the cursor. 

2. To end the remote desktop session, either click disconnect on the remote side, close the tab, or close AnyDesk.

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AnyDesk: Is it really a good remote desktop software?


  • Absolutely free for personal use
  • Simple and easy to use and understand
  • Small file size and connect in one click
  • Available for all popular platforms
  • Highly secure, both for host and remote desktop
  • Inbuilt chat feature when connected with remote desktop.
  • Works bad in weak internet connection.

AnyDesk Alternatives:

One of the best alternatives of AnyDesk is TeamViewer which is also completely free for personal use and it works better in slow internet connection.

Hope this guide guided you successfully on how to remotely access computer using AnyDesk.

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