5 Steps How to Apply for Google AdSense – Complete Guide

How to Apply for Google AdSense

If you want to take your website to the next level and start earning revenue through your content applying for Google AdSense is probably high on your priority list. It’s completely free to sign up for and join but not everyone gets approved.

So how to apply for Google AdSense with the best chances of getting approved?

Things to Keep in Mind Before You Apply for AdSense

Official Requirements

Before you apply, Google has a strict set of rules and regulations that you need to meet. So, ensure you meet the following criteria before you move on to the next steps.

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must have an active Google account that isn’t linked to an existing AdSense account
  • Your website must meet Google’s terms of service. This might seem a bit broad so let’s get into Google’s policies for a better idea of the terms your site needs to meet.

Google’s Policies

You can read Google’s AdSense program policies in detail on the official Google AdSense Help page.

But here’s an overview:

1. Clicks and Impressions:

Your website should not use unethical or deceptive measures to gain clicks and views.

2. Content:

You cannot use AdSense on a website that has content that violates Google’s Publisher Policies, for example, illegal content or content that promotes illegal activities. Moreover, AdSense code cannot be used on sites with Abusive Experiences which Google defines as any content that is misleading including fake messages or malware.

3. Traffic Sources:

AdSense restricts traffic from certain sources like adult sites, link spamming, unauthorized bulk link sharing.

4. Ads:

Google Ads can be modified so long as they do not lead to misinformation or misleading claims

The Unofficial Requirements

These aren’t official criteria required by Google to apply for AdSense, however, it’s a good idea to meet them all the same to give you the best chances of approval.

1. Minimum Domain Age

You’ve more than likely purchased a domain for your website but applying for AdSense immediately after you do is not a great idea. Even if you’ve got outstanding content and traffic in the thousands, your domain should be at least a month old before you apply for AdSense. If you’re still building and improving your site it’s best to be patient. In fact, it’s safest to wait about 6 months before you apply for AdSense.

2. Hosting

The hosting provider you’ve chosen should be a reliable, secure, and fast service with great uptime. You need to absolutely trust your hosting before you apply for AdSense. Our recommendation is Bluehost for a reliable and efficient hosting provider.

3. Content

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Establishing your website is the most important step before you can earn any revenue through ads. Make sure you’ve got at least 20 published articles on your website. But it’s crucial that these articles are high-quality pieces of work that are well-edited, unique, and at least over 1000 words each.

4. Traffic

Unless you’ve got the numbers coming to your site, you aren’t going to be very successful in earning any ad revenue. Moreover, with a decent amount of traffic, your chances of approval are much higher.

5. Speed

Your website’s performance should be as good as possible. According to your core web vitals, your website should load completely within 3 seconds.

6. Navigation

Moving through your site should be simple. You should have well-categorized menus that are well placed and not distracting. You must also ensure that all these menus work and lead to the pages they’re meant to.

7. Required Important Pages

There are certain pages you should have on your website that conveys its credibility and legality. About Us, Privacy Policy, Contact Us, Terms, and Conditions are some that your website should have before you apply for AdSense.

To be approved for AdSense your Privacy Policy page needs to contain certain information that Google outlines. You can find the required information for your Privacy Policy page on the official Google AdSense Help page.

8. Google Search Console

Setup Google Search Console with your site by setting up your Search Console account and verifying your website. It’s also a great idea to fully integrate Google Analytics with your site before you start your AdSense application.

How to Apply for Google AdSense – Step by Step

Provided you’ve met all the above criteria, you can now get started with your application for AdSense. Here’s a step-by-step guide through the process:

Step 1: Go to the AdSense website

Head over to the AdSense website, you then need to sign in to your Google account after which you will be directed to the AdSense application form.

Step 2: Fill out the Google AdSense Application form

The form consists of various fields that will require your information. This includes your name, website URL, your email address, phone number, and other details.

Step 3: Connect your Site

After you’ve submitted all your details AdSense gives you temporary approval which will allow to you place ads on your site till your approval is finalized. Google provides you with a few lines of code which you simply place within the head section of your website code and your site is successfully connected with AdSense. Your website will then soon be reviewed by a Google AdSense team.

Step 4: Wait for Approval

This could take a while, sometimes up to 2 weeks but you can use this temporary approval period to your advantage by placing ads on your site. However, once you’re satisfied with your placement, do not adjust or experiment till you receive approval from Google. Changing your ad placement or code might lead to suspicious traffic and could result in your approval being rejected.

Step 5: Complete your AdSense Account

After you’ve hopefully been approved you can get things finalized. Fill in all the remaining information in your AdSense accounts such as your pin verification, bank details, your phone number, and other details.

Now, you’re all set to start earning revenue through Google AdSense.

How to activate your AdSense account? By Google

Tips to Get Approved by Google AdSense

Your approval all comes down to the team reviewing your website however, here are a few tips to give you the best shot at success with your application.

1. Meet The Policy Requirements

The Google Policy requirements are a clearly laid out set of terms that you must adhere to. It isn’t something to get too worried about however if you’re doing everything above board, and your intentions are ethical you’re on the right track.

2. Test Your Website

Make sure every aspect of your site works. Go through every single link and make sure it takes you where you intend. In addition, ensure your categories and tags are well labeled and clear.

3. Polish Your Site

How your site looks to make a huge difference. If your audience finds your website unappealing, they’re not going to stick around for the content. So, it’s crucial that you’re satisfied with your site’s design and layout. Make sure your fonts and styles are consistent, and everything looks finished and professional.

FAQs on Google AdSense

The Final Note:

Applying for AdSense and the approval process may seem like a daunting task. However, if you’ve put the work into your website and if you’re confident of its potential, monetizing your site is a great idea and you’ve got a great shot at approval for the AdSense program.

Hope it helped you understand How to Apply for Google AdSense. Your views and feedback may help us improve this guide and help more people like you.

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