How to Backup C Drive: Cloud/HDD/Sync?

How to backup C drive

As reported by DOMO in its report after research, it is found out that in 2021, every single person will be creating over 1.7 MB of data per second on an average. 

What if all the data that you saved these years vanished? What if you don’t have another copy of all the important data you saved?

This is where backing up of data comes to the frame. This article is all on how to backup C drive.

How to backup C drive

Why Backing Up Data is Necessary?

Data plays a dominant part in our lives. Data helps us make better choices and works as a reference for what we are continuing to do next. We are blank without data. Sometimes data lost cannot be recovered!

Back up is primarily saving your data anywhere externally. Not backing up can see the risks of losing data. The recovery of data is simple after backing up. Data is put safely in an external drive. There are low risks of missing data.

Data should be backed up to protect it from viruses, or from being crashed. Also, it is easier to move files from a device to any device you want by backing up the C drive.

Different Ways to Backup Data from C Drive:

1. How to Backup C Drive Using an External HDD

Backing up to a Hard Disk drive is simple. All you need is a Hard disk with some free space! Go to the settings of the PC and choose Update and security.

Back up data using external Hard Disk drive from Windows 10

Select Back up and Add a device. Choose your device and proceed to More settings.

Backing up data to Hard disk

You can prefer to select at what intervals of time to back up and for how long to save the data. You can also add or remove the folders to be backed up. 

Move to Back up now. The backup period can vary between minutes to hours depending on the size of your data.

Choose back up period & add or remove folders to be backed up

Although using hard disk has many pros, it weighs the cons too. Hard Disk can get corrupted too! There are also chances of losing data. This is usually because of the stress put on the disk, virus attacks, or software breakdowns.


2. How to Backup C Drive Using an External HDD Using Online Backup i.e Cloud Backup

Online backups are mostly preferred by new start-ups, small organizations, and companies or even for personal use. It provides off-site storage based on regular backups organized by a service provider over a network.

The pricing builds upon the size of the backup and the number of users. It is cost-efficient only if there is appropriate capacity planning, which includes storage planning and how to backup C drive. Unlike using a drive, it is available anytime, anywhere.

The top 3 recommendations that will help you backup your C drive are:

1) Backblaze:

Backblaze has unlimited storage & backups data on its own

Offers you unlimited storage, with no capacity limits. It backs up on its own and includes mobile apps.


2) Carbonite:

Backup Data automatically with Carbonite

Lets you back up an unlimited amount of data and keeps everything backed up automatically. It grants a 15-trial period for every plan and is very reliable.


3) SugarSync:

Backup Huge Data with SugarSync with unlimited device access

Has access to an unlimited number of devices and backup files from each device. It has a 30-day free trial for all its plans and can backup huge files from any browser. 


3. How to Backup C Drive Using an External HDD Using Could Sync:

Much like backing up data online, you can sync your data to a cloud storage service allowing access to multiple devices handling backed up data at the same time through a single account.

There is an additional history feature when in times of data loss to track the usage of the data saved. The data in the cloud has to be manually synced to get backed up. 

It is comparatively expensive than Online backups keeping in mind the size.

Some popular Cloud Sync services are:

  1. Dropbox
  2. iCloud Drive
  3. OneDrive
  4. Google Drive

The security of our data is a must. Backup plans are necessarily taken by many organizations. There have been many cases reported on stealing and loss of data in the last 5 years. It is crucial to keep our data backed up for security purposes. 

Also, to be prepared for any loss of data, crash or any accident, back up of C drive is prime. To avoid these accidents, data must be updated or backed up regularly. Any of the above will help in backing up C drive.

After new practices of backing up online are introduced, using Hard disk drives or USB’s have become minimal, though they are still in use for storing less amount of data. 

Online backups or cloud services are more efficient and are mostly preferred for backing up data of large sizes from C drive.

Many new projects are being implemented for the storage of data and backups. This is due to the growing demand for storage space availability. Year by year, storage consumption and data created are statistically growing and will require remarkable solutions.

In case you have lost your data accidentally &  want to recover it completely, here is an article that will help you: 12 Best Data Recovery Software (Free & Premium) 

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