How To Download Someone Else’s Facebook Live Video in 2021

How To Download Someone Else's Facebook Live Video

Disclaimer: Please note that downloading videos from Facebook Live is in breach of Facebook’s Terms of Service. You may download Facebook live videos that don’t come under copyright laws such as videos listed as Creative common (CC), and videos that have expired copyrights.

How To Download Someone Else's Facebook Live Video

If you are wondering how to download someone else’s Facebook live video, you are not the only one.

Wanting to download a Facebook live video is common. Millions of users are using Facebook every day. It has certainly more users than YouTube or Instagram. And so, the live trend has gone beyond our imaginations.

But watching livestreams sometimes can be difficult so, users like us wish to download them.

Here are two reasons why do people download the live video – either their own for future references or someone else’s to save data or to reshare it on other platforms.

Now the thing is, we know how to download our own live video. It is not a tough job, but downloading someone else’s video is tricky.

Since we don’t own the copyrights, Facebook doesn’t let us download other’s livestreams. It can only allow us to download our own. So, to download somebody else’s Facebook Live, one needs to use third party website.

But how to download someone else’s Facebook live video through a third-party website?

Well, don’t worry about that. I am going to show you the steps and alternatives to do so. That way you will be able to download others’ live streams easily.

Here’s How To Download Someone Else’s Facebook Live Video

As I said, one needs to download any streaming video using the third party website. Alternatively, you can use extensions to download these Facebook live streams.

Mainly, is used to download any video from the internet. Here, we will use the same website to download Facebook live.

Here are the steps to download Facebook live video from this website.

  1. Head over to Facebook and search the live video you want to download
  2. Now copy the URL from top address bar. Otherwise, right-click on the video, click ‘show video URL’ and copy the link.
  3. Visit and paste the highlighted URL in the download bar.

4. Now press download.

5. Choose the format – MP4 or HD.

6. Done. The video will be downloaded.

This is how you can download someone else’s Facebook live video using third-party website. You can even download any video from internet by visiting It is an online video downloader that makes downloading easier.

Social Video Downloader

Social video downloader is a Chrome extension. You can install the extension from Chrome store. Once, you have installed, you can download Facebook live videos directly from Facebook.

You just need to click on download option on every Facebook video. That’s it. The video will be saved to your collection.


FBDownHD is another simplest online downloader to download someone else’s Facebook live videos.

When it comes to download Facebook videos, FBDownHD is recommended the most. Alike to, you simply need to paste the video URL and hit the download button.

This Facebook online downloader is also available as a Chrome extension. You can install the extension and save the videos to your computer immediately.


GetFVid is used when you are wanting to download livestream from a private group. Private group links do not work on online downloaders. To download any video from Facebook the account needs to be public. So, to be able to download videos from private groups, I will suggest you to use GetFVid.

The steps are almost similar.

  1. Go to the Facebook live video you want to download
  2. Right click anywhere on the video
  3. Then choose ‘View page source’
  4. Now copy the page source and paste it on GetFVid
  5. The video now is saved to your computer

The downloaded video can either be re-watched or shared on other social media platforms.

Since, you are downloading someone else’s Facebook live video, make sure to take permission before sharing it further. Sharing without permission will create copyright issues. It is better to approach the owner for safe side.

Stream Video Downloader

Stream Video Downloader is yet another Chrome extension.

It supports all the major platforms, except YouTube due to privacy policy. That means you can download Facebook live video without any hassle.

It supports following formats – (* wmv * asf * swf * mp4 * mov * webm * avi)

You just need to install the extension and there you go. The downloading will become easier. You can even download videos while downloading streams at the same time.

Yes, it is that simple. Saving any video from online is simple and so someone else’s Facebook live video. You can either use third-party website (an online downloading website) or you can use web browser extensions.

Hope now you know how to download someone else’s Facebook live video. As the steps are not similar to downloading your own live video, the above listed extensions and online site are helpful.

Also, don’t forget to approach the owner of the live video before sharing further.

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