[Easy Fix] WordPress Stuck in Maintenance Mode

Fix WordPress Stuck in Maintenance Mode

WordPress Stuck in Maintenance Mode?

No need to panic. It’s a very common issue that most of the WordPress users face. It’s very easy to get rid of this.

This happens when you start updating WordPress version/plugin/theme and simultaneously you try to open your website or initiate another process. This notification also appears when you start updating many plugins at once.


The reason behind this is “.maintenance” file which is automatically created in the website’s main directory. All you have to do is to delete that file using FTP connection/cPanel.

How to Fix “WordPress Stuck in Maintenance Mode” – Step by Step

Normally, this message is self destructing by nature and goes away automatically after 10-15 minutes. 

If you do not want to indulge yourself in technical side of WordPress, stop doing any activity on your WordPress website for 15 minutes. 

After the wait, refresh your website and the error notification is gone.

Don’t want to wait?

Here is an easy 2-minute fix. As already stated, you have to delete .maintenance file, Follow this guide to delete .maintenance file – 3-step guide to delete .maintenance file and fix WordPress website stuck in maintenance mode.

Note: To avoid ‘WordPress Stuck in Maintenance Mode’ error in future, avoid doing any activity while updating WordPress core files, themes or plugins.

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