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How to Know if Someone Opened Your Email – Updated:2021

how to tell if someone opened your email
how to tell if someone opened your email

Have you sent an email to someone and wondered whether they have opened it or not? Worry no more as today we have provided the answer to the question, “How to tell if someone opened your email?“. If you have proper knowledge about the status of your email you can take necessary actions and respond with the right steps after that.

If you have sent an email as a part of your promotional campaign, then having an idea of whether the recipient has opened your email or not can be very helpful. According to a survey by Campaign Monitor, the average open rate for an email is just 18%.

This means that there is a high chance that your email is not even opened by the recipients if you are not familiar with them. Now if you don’t know the status of your email, you might be sending more emails to them or you might be waiting for their response, both of which are of no value.

How to tell if someone opened your email?

There are several ways to track whether your email was opened or not. Whether it is Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, or some other email client you can easily get the read status of your email in just a few simple steps in the following two ways:

  • Request a return read receipt for your email.
  • Using an email tracking tool.

Let’s dive straight into our first method.

Requesting Read Receipts

A read receipt is a status of whether your email has been opened or not. While sending an email, you can ask the recipient to share the read receipts with you so that you are notified when your email is opened. Let us take a look at the steps to turn on read receipts in Gmail and Outlook.

Gmail Read Receipts:

The option of read receipts is available for accounts that come under Google’s paid business cloud software G Suite since they have administrative rights to the platform.

1. Login to your Google Workspace admin account.

2. Go to “Apps > G Suite > Settings for Gmail > Advanced Settings“.

3. In this section select the radio button that says “Allow email read receipts to be sent“.

Read Receipts in GSuite

4. Now when you compose a new email in Gmail, you can select the “Request read receipts” options from the More options menu. Now you’ll receive an email notification when the recipient opens your email. 

Turn on read receipts in gmail

Outlook Read Receipts:

Outlook provides two options for its users, you can either get a delivery receipt or a read receipt or even both.

1. Login to your Outlook account and click on the “New Message” option at the top left corner.

Outlook new message

2. In the compose window click on the “More” options tab denoted by three dots and click on “More message options“.

how to tell if someone opened your email

3. A new window pops up and you can select between “Request a read receipt” and “Request a delivery receipt” options for your email. After this, you will be notified when your email is opened by the recipient.

Read Receipts in Outlook

Email Tracking Tools

If you are running an email campaign for your business, then you might be interested in more statistics rather than just whether your email was opened or not. Email Tracking tools might help you in this task. Some of these tools offer paid subscriptions while some provide free access with limited features.

Email Tracking

These tools not only tell you if your email was opened or not but also share other details about your sent email. You can see when and how many times the recipient opened your message, you can track the links in the emails sent and you even receive a tick mark for the emails that have been opened similar to WhatsApp.

Some of the best email tracking tools are:

In this way, we have discussed all the ways to check if someone has opened an email sent by you and as per your requirements, you can any of these methods to track your emails.

Frequently Asked Questions: How to tell if someone opened your email?

What is the difference between delivered and read emails?

A successfully delivered email means that it ended up in the mailbox of the recipient and this doesn’t necessarily mean that the other party has opened it. While a successfully read email has been delivered, opened, and read by the recipient.

Does Gmail limit the number of email recipients?

Gmail has a limit of 500 emails or recipients. This means that you can either send 1 email to 500 recipients or send 10 emails to 50 recipients each and so on.

How to send scheduled emails?

Almost all email providers have the option of scheduling an email for a particular time. In Gmail, all you need to do is click the dropdown arrow next to the Send button and click Schedule Send. This way you can send your email at a particular date and time.

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