How to make email as yourcompany.com?

How to make email as yourcompany.com?
How to make email as yourcompany.com?

Do you own a business and want a professional email for your business organization? Are stuck as to how to make email as yourcompany.com? In today’s article, we shall be discussing some ways to create a business email of the format “email@yourcompanyname.com” in just a few simple steps and with minimal costing.

Top 3 Reasons to get a business email

A Business email address is an email id that consists of your company’s domain name and is generally used for business-related operations so that customers can easily recognize your company. Here are the top 3 reasons for using a business email:

  1. Branding: Using a business email displays your company name in each email that you send, thereby promoting your brand and attracting new customers.
  2. Professionalism: An email id that matches your company name is a great symbol of your organization’s professionalism and seriousness when it comes to business operations.
  3. Trust & Authenticity: Emails sent through your business email authenticate your company in front of the customer and eventually help in gaining their trust so that they interact with you or contact your team for assistance.

How to make email as yourcompany.com?

To create an email id as yourcompany.com you will need to have only domain name, after which the email service provider handles your emails. Almost all email service providers follow some basic steps to get started with a custom business mail. The common setup process is as follows:

  1. Signup: The first step is to signup with the free plan or any plan of your choice with the email service.
  2. Verify Domain Ownership: After successfully registering for a plan, the next thing you need to do is verify your domain ownership by creating either a CNAME record, TXT record, or an MX record with the email service.
  3. Add Users: Once your domain ownership is verified, you can access your control panel to add users, manage emails, domains, etc.
  4. Finish: Once your control panel is set up, you will have complete access to your business email with the “@yourcompany.com” extension.

1. Business email through Zoho Mail:

Zoho Mail is one of the preferred and trusted options when it comes to free business email. It provides business email solutions that are secure and reliable and come with a suite of integrated services that are specially tailored for your business operations.

how to make email as yourcompany.com

Although Zoho mail provides paid plans, yet its “Forever Free” plan is widely popular among business organizations especially among businesses at a smaller scale. This plan allows for adding up to 5 users and comes with 5GB storage per user for Zoho Mail and Zoho Docs. It also provides access through the Zoho mail mobile app.
This plan comes with the best security features wherein your data is fully encrypted with extra protective layers through enhanced security features like 2FA, EAR, S/MIME, and TLS. The service also guarantees hassle-free migration to another email and a 24×7 technical support team.

2. Business email through Yandex Mail:

Yandex mail is another popular choice for business organizations to manage corporate mail on the company’s domain. It is a secure and trusted mailing service and even provides protection against spam and fraud. It offers a free plan which is excellent for startups and other organizations since it allows for the addition of up to 1000 users along with 10GB data storage for every user on Yandex.Disk and unlimited mailbox size.

how to make email as yourcompany.com

After connecting your company domain, you can easily add users to the email service through a customizable interface and access all of Yandex’s services through your mail account. Yandex mail also provides an option to access all its services through its mobile app which you can log into with your PIN and fingerprint.

It provides excellent security features with a built-in antivirus that scans all your emails and a two-factor authentication process. The best part is that all the emails are first encrypted and then transferred, thus providing total email security.

3. Business email through Bluehost:

Bluehost is one of the most popular and trusted web hosting company with a strong reputation in the market. It comes with 50GB of email storage capacity, Microsoft Office, world-class security services, 1TB cloud storage, and the feature of adding up to 2500 users.

how to make email as yourcompany.com

Bluehost provides enhanced security features and the GNU Privacy Guard allows encryption of emails and individual files. It also provides options to connect your email to another mail app such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. If you have hosted your domain through Bluehost then the domain email comes free with your plan otherwise you can purchase the “Business Plus” plan.

4. Business email through cPanel:

Last but not least, cPanel is a well-known control dashboard that manages your web hosting server using a human-friendly web-based interface and if you have hosted your company website through it, then you can create a custom domain mail through cPanel for free. It is a great option when you want to use several standard email accounts. It provides 10GB of storage and you can also set the storage capacity for each account.

how to make email as yourcompany.com

It also comes with anti-spam protection and all the emails are encrypted and the recipient requires a key to decrypt the message. You can add up to 30 users through its web interface. The service also provides complete mobile support meaning you can synchronize your email to your mobile device with a mailing app.

FAQs on How to make email as yourcompany.com?

  1. How is business mail different from a normal email address?

    The main difference between a business email and a personal email address is that the business email id is meant to be used for business-related operations by a business organization. Generally, business emails look like personname@yourcompany.com, while personal emails generally don’t include the company name in the email address.

  2. Can I create a free business email without a domain?

    No, you cannot create a business email without a domain because it uses the domain name to include in the email address so that it is of the proper format (@yourcompany.com) and can be recognized by your customers and other businesses.

  3. Can I switch my free business email to another service provider?

    Yes, you can switch your free business email to any other email service provider if needed at any time. Although the other provider may or may not be free so you should always check before switching from your free business email.

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