How to play Among Us: Complete Guide 2022

2020-21 was the worst year, hands down! It forced us all to stay at our homes, dragged us to rock bottom, and made us go through losses. However, this year did not bring only misery with itself, it also brought some good things with it. The game ‘Among Us’ is one of those few good things that this year brought with it and here is how to play among us.

‘Among Us’ is an online, social deduction game that was released by ‘Inner Sloth’ in 2018 but saw a massive spike in popularity in 2020. The Among Us gameplay is pretty simple. You and your friends are crew members of a spaceship or base or an outpost assigned to do simple tasks. However, one of you is an ‘Imposter’, whose job is to sabotage the mission and kill all of your crewmates. Pretty simple, right?

Markiplier’s video on Among Us

The game has been streamed by all the big streamers, from Jacksepticeye to Markiplier to Pokimane to Pewdiepie. In September 2020, the game exceeded 100 million downloads and the game also saw a rise in the number of players by 1.5 million simultaneously!

The game won three awards in 2020 namely, a ‘Golden Joystick’ for ‘Breakthrough Award’, and 2 ‘The Game Awards 2020’, for ‘Best Mobile Game’ and ‘Best Multiplayer Game’.

All this attention and fame brings its fair share of doubts with respect to the Among Us gameplay. So, here’s our take on how to play Among Us:

How to Play Among Us?

How to Play Among Us

‘Among Us’ has fairly simple gameplay. If the players have been assigned as crewmates then their job is to finish all the missions before they are sabotaged or before the entire crew gets killed. In order to play as a crewmember, you have to complete the tasks that have been assigned to you, the tasks are visible on the game map, displayed in the top-right corner. In case, you get killed by an alien imposter, you are still required to finish off your tasks, like a specter!

Another important job of the crew is to spot and eliminate an imposter. An imposter will try to sabotage missions and kill off crewmates. If someone dies, then the option to report the dead body gets activated. Upon reporting an ‘Emergency Meeting’ will be called. In the meeting, you are required to discuss your suspicions about potential imposters. Once, the discussion is over, a voting session is held. In the session, people vote for the alleged crew member they suspect the most and whoever gets the majority votes, get either ejected or thrown into lava.

If you have been assigned as an imposter, then you get a list of ‘Fake Tasks’, which helps you blend in with the humans. Your real task is to sabotage and kill everyone. You cannot actually access the tasks, which means that imposters can be spotted if observed closely.

Just like crew members, if you get killed you have to help the other imposters in sabotaging. If there is only one imposter, then the game is over and it is a victory for the crew. In order to facilitate you in completing your mission, the imposters are given the option of traveling through vents which makes it easier and faster to sabotage and kill without being suspected.

The imposters have to disable systems in order to sabotage the mission. If you are able to kill everyone or sabotage missions successfully, you win.

When it comes to sabotaging a mission, you can do it directly or indirectly by disabling systems, as mentioned before. When a system is disabled, then the crew members have limited time to fix it which is advantageous for the imposters.

There are several systems available on the game that will work for you regardless of the side you are on. For instance, there is a ‘CCTV’ facility that allows you to see everyone’s activities. There is a heart monitor, which obviously helps you in knowing whether the other crewmates are dead or alive. There is a door monitor that helps you in knowing who has used a vent recently.

Another important point, the game is played with microphones turned off. They are only turned on once an emergency meeting is called.

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FAQs on ‘How to Play Among Us’

  1. What are you supposed to do in ‘Among Us’?

    how to play among us

    Well, the gameplay and the concept both are very simple. The participating players are either assigned the role of ‘Imposter’ or ‘Crew Members’. As crew members, you are supposed to finish off simple tasks assigned to you while identifying and ejecting the imposter. As an imposter, you are supposed to sabotage the mission and kill everyone on board.

  2. Who are imposters in ‘Among Us’?

    Imposter(s) are the aliens in the game pretending to be humans. Their job is to sabotage all the missions and kill everyone on board. The imposters are given fake lists of tasks in order to blend in with the other crew members. In order to win, the imposters must avoid any kind of suspicion and try their best to pretend and blend in with the crew.

  3. Where can I play ‘Among Us’?

    ‘Among Us’ can be played on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, iOS, and Android online. It is available on major game stores, app stores, and Stream.

  4. Is ‘Among Us’ free on PC?

    No, ‘Among Us’ is not free on PC. You can buy it for $ 4.99 on Steam. However, it is available for free on Android and iOS but with ads.

  5. Can I play Among Us alone?

    Yes, you can play Among Us alone. In that case, you have to join a ‘Local’ server. The option for the same is displayed on the main menu of the game itself.

Hope our guide on how to play among us, helps you. Connect with us on social media for all updates on Among Us.