How To Recover WhatsApp Deleted Messages – 3 effective methods

how to recover whatsapp deleted messages easily

Wondering how to recover your WhatsApp deleted messages?

Well, you are in the right place! Here we help you to get back what’s yours, your deleted chats definitely can be restored and we know the ways.

how to recover whatsapp deleted messages

These quick and easy tricks are all for you. Continue reading to know how to recover WhatsApp deleted messages. All your related questions are answered below with experienced and helpful tricks.

Released in 2009, WhatsApp has emerged as the most popular and secure cross-platform and Voice over IP service in the world with 1.5 billion monthly active users.

It lets you exchange messages, images, videos, locations, and documents and make voice and video calls. Owned by Facebook, WhatsApp is available at Play Store or iOS store and also as a web version, called WhatsApp web.

WhatsApp offers many features in order to make itself upgraded and healthily helpful to the users and to sustain its popularity.

One of the best-introduced features contains delete chat or delete messages for everyone that is you can delete a message, one you don’t want the recipient to read after sending it through.

Using WhatsApp is as easy as A B C and that is what makes it extremely popular.

How your WhatsApp Messages get Deleted?

How to recover whatsapp deleted messages

It often happens in a hurry, instead of archiving a chat or adding a conversation we tend to accidentally click on ‘delete chat’.

Especially, when you get rid of your old phone and get yourself a new one, you have to re-install WhatsApp messenger and after all this, some messages are deleted.

When you re-flash your phone, the data in the internal memory is subsequently lost.

This happens readily when we unconsciously delete an important chat or a message.

Well no more worries now, here we list 3 ways in which you can know how to recover WhatsApp deleted messages on android as well as iOS phones.

How To Recover WhatsApp Deleted Messages


  • If you never backed-up your data beforehand, you will not be able to restore it once accidentally deleted.
  • If you skip selecting the option to restore when you are re-installing WhatsApp, then you won’t be able to restore it in the below mentioned two ways. But the third one is definitely for you.
  • Always remember to keep your latest chat history backed-up to save yourself from troubles in the future. Let’s dig in…

Method 1. How To Recover WhatsApp Deleted Messages

The most important part here is that you be wise beforehand and backup your WhatsApp messages on Google Drive or iCloud on a regular basis. This makes the whole recovery process easy and instant.

Here’s to the first easy method of ‘how to recover WhatsApp deleted messages.

Step 1: Uninstall the WhatsApp messenger app.

Step 2: Re-install the app and sign in to your account.

Step 3: There you would be prompted with a message to restore your backup after you open the reinstalled app. Tap ‘Restore’.
And here you go recovering your deleted messages from WhatsApp.

Method 2: How To Recover WhatsApp Deleted Messages

Well if you are an android user and you do not keep a backup of your Whats App chats, no problem!

Here we bring you another helpful way to recover your deleted messages without backup files.

Step 1 : Go to phone settings> file manager> Whats App> database

Step 2: There you will find a file named “msgstore.db.crypt12” and rename it to “msgstore_Backup.db.crypt12”.

Step 3: Now you will see files of similar names with “msgstore.XX.YY.crypt12”, pick the most recent one and rename it to “mgstore.db.crypt12”.

Step 4: Open Google Drive and open menu

Step 5: From there tap on backups and delete the Whats App backups.

Step 6: Uninstall the app and re-install it using your account.

Step 7: When prompted select “mgstore.db.crypt12” > Restore and then wait for the backup to complete.

Method 3: How To Recover WhatsApp Deleted Messages

If you are unable to find Whats App backup files they might be stored in your device’s internal memory. In that case, you can use the Undeleter app.

The program helps you scan your phone’s memory and retrieves all the files and quite different from the basics of ‘how to recover Whatsapp deleted messages’.

Step 1: Use the Undeleter app to backup your messages.

Step 2: Open WhatsApp messenger > chat backup.

Step 3: Select the method of restoring the “Restore Chat History” and click the restore button. VOILA!

While you continue to use WhatsApp, we continue to help you with the forthcoming troubles of recovering your WhatsApp deleted messages.

But don’t forget to stay aware and extra smart so that you don’t accidentally delete any of your WhatsApp messages, it will save you all the trouble.

Don’t forget to backup your WhatsApp data this time.

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