How to Save Mobile Data on Android: in 3 Ways

How to save mobile data on android

How to save mobile data on android

Not using your data as much, but still data is draining out? This causes some serious troubles when an important works picks up or you’re not able to binge watch your favorite show!

You know well, this is one problem every android user faces. But worry no more! I will be explaining 3 ways to save mobile data on android, i.e. 

  1. How to save mobile data on android using in-built features.
  2. How to save mobile data using Third party apps.
  3. How to save mobile data consumed by individual applications on your android device.

But before explaining each method step by step, let’s look where your data goes, which apps are data hungry and all data usage in detail.

1. How to check data usage on android?

Apps consume mobile data on your devices as per their making and also, as per your usage of those particular apps. The apps you spend more time on are likely to consume to more mobile data on your android devices. 

So, to save mobile data on your android devices, the first step you need to take is to check how much data is used per application.

This is done by following these steps : Settings > Apps > Manage apps > Choose the app for which you want to check data consumed > Data usage.

Following these steps will take you to a detailed description of the data used by the application according to your usage. 

Taking an example, if you want to check how much data Instagram used, follow the above steps, you’ll be able to see and clear data from the same screen.

choose app

Using this you will come to know in detail about the usage and thus, this will help you to cut down on the extra consumption which can be avoided to save mobile data on your android devices for more productive use.

Here is how to save mobile data on Android in 3 Ways

1. in-built features

Android provides various in-built features or to say, system settings to save mobile data on the devices. Being aware of these features let’s you to make informed choices about using data and deliver maximum output with your existing internet pack.

– Data used by background apps

Mobile apps run constantly in the background without the user coming to know of it. This is because the apps use data to find updates, sync in notifications and for various other reasons depending upon the app. 

Due to this, the apps running in the background use a lot of unnecessary mobile data which can be saved. This is done by restricting these apps. 

To do so, follow these steps :

Settings > Sim cards > Data saver. 

This leads you to stop the data consumption as the apps are using mobile data as well as WiFi. So, you can turn it off according to your need. 

– Switch off mobile data when not using it

A very simple and basic step is to turn off the mobile data on your android devices when not using it. This reduces the consumption of data and also, it helps in saving battery!

– Auto download of system updates

The system updates by the manufacturer are introduced from time to time to boost up the performance of the device. 

These updates are to be first installed, and then the device is rebooted to work according to the updates. 

The problem occurs when these updates are downloaded using mobile data. This is considered as a problem as your net gets consumed and still, the the phone will not be updated. Which is a loss as this data can be saved. 

To do this, a simple step can be to step up notifications for the updates and restrict for them to be auto downloaded. So, you can download it using WiFi, which will save mobile data on your android devices. 

Follow these steps :

Settings > About Phone > System update > 3 Dots (top right corner) > Update settings.

Here you will see an option for ‘Download automatically using mobile data’ Turn that button and let the WiFi one turned on.

You can also set up notifications for the same. 

3. Unused apps and updates

In phones like MI, there are various applications which are not needed. Like there is an additional app store to download apps named ‘Get Apps’, we do not need an additional app store. So, the auto updates from apps like these can be stopped to save mobile data on your android device. 

2. Using Third party apps

You can download third party apps which will help save mobile data on android devices. An example of 3 apps has been explained below :

1. Android Go

Android Go or Android Lite are third party apps introduced by android which consume much less data as compared to their usual editions. Apps like Facebook, Spotify and more are available in such editions. This was basically designed to run the entry-level smartphones which thus allows usage of less mobile data.

how to save mobile data on android

2. DataEye

This app allows you to see where your data goes and helps you figure out how it can be saved. By helping you manage your data traffic it also helps to discover various offers. 

Download the app here.

data eye

3. GlassWire Data Usage Monitor

This app instantly detects the net activity and also alerts you to check the WiFi as well as mobile data consumption. It helps you to check what is slowing down your phone and internet activity. Along with many other features this app helps you to save mobile data on your android devices.

Download the app here.

glass wire

3. Save mobile data consumed by individual applications on your android device

The apps which we use on a daily basis tend to use more mobile data because of extended usage. 

Another method to reduce mobile data consumption is to enable data saver in those apps :

1. YouTube

For YouTube, go the follow these steps :

Options button (Top right corner) > Settings > Enable ‘Limit Mobile Data Usage’

youtube youtube

2. Facebook 

For turning on data saver using Facebook, follow these steps :

– 3 lines menu (right corner on top) > Data saver.

– Turn on the data saver button, you can also turn on the option of switching off data saver while using WiFi.

facebook Another option is to download the lite version of Facebook, Facebook lite. 

3. Instagram

To save mobile data while using Instagram, you can use the system settings on your android device and switching on the data saver mode.

4. WhatsApp

To reduce consumption of mobile data on WhatsApp, follow these steps :

WhatsApp Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Low data usage.

whatsappAnother option is to switch off auto download of media files or downloading media files using mobile data. This helps save mobile data as well as storage of your android devices.

5. Twitter

Using the Twitter you can turn on the data saver mode to save data consumption. Another possible way out is to download the Twitter Lite app which will reduce the consumption a lot. 

6.  Google Play Store

To save mobile data on android, turning off auto download of updates on google play store reduces the data consumption of the background apps as well saves battery.

7. Netflix

To turn on mobile data saver on the Netflix follow the following steps :

Go to More > App settings > Mobile data usage > Save Data.


8. Google Chrome

Google is one of the most highly used web browsers, to turn on data saver here follow these steps :

3 vertical dots menu > Settings > Data saver 

Switch on the toggle button to turn the data saver on

Daily usage of devices obviously requires a considerable amount of mobile data, which does cost a hefty amount. The first steps saving mobile data would to be to figure out the overall maximum consumption of data is by which app and then to turn the data saver on.

If you are in excessive need of saving data, it is then better to download the lite versions of the various apps. Hope it helps save mobile data on android.

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