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How to send folders in Gmail? 2 Easy Ways [2021]

how to send folders in gmail
how to send folders in gmail

Isn’t it better to send files in an organized folder while emailing someone rather than sending random individual files? Today we shall be solving this problem by showing you how to send folders in Gmail.

Gmail and other applications were originally mean to send communication messages, but they have evolved over time and now you can even attach media files with your email as an attachment. Sending a few individual files is an easy task, but what to do when you want to share an entire folder containing several photos and videos via Gmail.

How to send folders in Gmail?

Although Gmail does not have any feature to include an entire folder as an attachment, this doesn’t mean that we cannot share folders via Gmail. By using some simple tricks, we can easily send multiple files through email in the form of a complete folder attachment.

In order to send a folder via Gmail, we can choose two ways:

  1. Compress and send as Zip file
  2. Send folder as a Google Drive link

Compress and send Folder as Zip file

Instead of individual folders, Gmail supports compressed folders in the form of Zip, Rar, or 7z files. Thus, the easiest way to share a folder via Gmail is to compress it and then attach the compressed file to Gmail.

Some points to keep in mind while sending a compressed folder via Gmail are as follows:

  • The compressed folder must be below the Gmail file size limit which is 25MB.
  • Executable files are blocked by Gmail and you can’t send them through Gmail attachment.
  • You can easily send multiple compressed folders at the same time without the need for any additional services.

Let us see the steps to compress a folder:

1. Navigate to the folder you want to compress and right-click on it.

2. Move the cursor over to the “Send to” option and select the “Compress folder” option from it.

Compressing folder

3. A new folder will be created in the same location and this is your compressed folder.

Compressed folders

After this, all you need to do is attach your compressed folder to your email and you can send it to anyone through Gmail.

Attaching files

Send Folder as a Google Drive link

If you want to share folders of large sizes through Gmail then sending them as a Google Drive link is the best option. You can upload entire folders to Google Drive and then share its access link in the email.

Some points to keep in mind while sending a folder as a Google Drive link through Gmail are as follows:

  • Folders sent through Google Drive can be up to 10GB in size.
  • All types of files including executable files can be shared.
  • Uploading and then sharing multiple folders is slightly inconvenient as an extra service(Google Drive) is required for this purpose.

Let’s see the steps to share a folder through Google Drive:

1. Login to your Google Drive interface.

2. Click on the “New” button on the top-left corner and select the “Folder Upload” option.

Google drive new folder

3. Select the folder that you want to upload to the drive and click “Upload”. The selected folder will be uploaded to your Google Drive.

how to send folders in gmail

After this, all you need to do is share the folder as a drive link in your email. For doing so, Compose a new email and then click on the Google Drive logo at the bottom panel that says “Insert files using Drive”. Your Google Drive interface will open and you can select the folders to send as a drive link. You can also select whether to make the folder accessible to “Anyone with the link” or only the “Recipients of this email”.

how to send folders in gmail

Frequently Asked Questions: How to send folders in Gmail?

How to send a file in Gmail?

To send a file in Gmail, open Gmail and click on the “Compose” button. Then click on the “Attach” icon at the bottom and select the files that you want to send.

How to send a folder through Gmail from my phone?

It is quite easy to send folders through your phone via Gmail. Just open the Gmail app and click on “Compose”, then select “Attach > Insert from Drive”. Select your folder and tap on “Send”. This way you can send folders through your phone using the Gmail app.

How long do files last on Google Drive?

Files and folders uploaded on Google Drive remain there as long as the Drive is active. However, if you send a file or folder to the trash bin, it is deleted from there after 30 days.

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