How to set Homepage Meta title and Meta description?

Set WordPress Homepage Meta title and Meta Description

Set WordPress Homepage Meta title and Meta Description

If you’re here, most probably you know the importance of Meta title and Meta description from SEO point of view.

Whether it’s a post or a page, it’s very crucial to set Meta title and Meta description manually. Otherwise search engine will show first few sentences from the post/page in search results.

In case of home page, there are two most common cases, either your website is configured to show latest posts on homepage or there is a static homepage.

If you have SEO by Yoast plugin installed in your website, then this tutorial is for you.

How to set Meta title and Meta description for WordPress homepage

1. When your website has a static homepage.

Simply, edit the page, navigate to Toast SEO box and here you can set the Meta title and Meta description.

The home page should be highly optimized, whether it’s on-page SEO or off-page SEO.

Homepage meta title generally is in the form of “Website Name – Tagline” and meta description includes the information/services you provide on your website.

2. When your website’s homepage configured to show the latest posts.

In this case, on the WP-admin dashboard, navigate to Yoast/Rank Math or whichever SEO plugin you’re using. (Setting may vary according to plugin, here I am considering Yoast.

– Hover on Search appearance > General.

– Set Meta Title and Meta Description here. That’s all.

You have successfully set your homepage’s meta title and Meta description. Google and other search engines will start showing the effective changes in a day or two maximum.

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