Hundred Season 2: Will There Be A Release Soon?

Hundred animation series is an action anime series adapted from the light novel. This anime series is written by Jun Misaki and visualized by Nekosuke Okuma. It is a well-aclaimed anime in the category of mecha and harem. Hundred Season 2 is expected after 4 years of the release of the Hundred anime series season 1.

Hundred anime series was released on Television as an anime series program which on 5th April 2016 and ended by July 20, 2016, the 12th episode was aired. The show has received a rating of 6.3 in the action, like a harem by IMDb. The light novel adapted anime series Hundred had an immense massive conclusion point in the finale episode. Hence it’s demanded by all the viewers of the show for the sequel, Hundred Season 2. Hundred Season 2 is set to gather release and the information for the same is out.

Hundred Season 2

Hundred Season 2 Release Date that You may Not Know!

Hundred anime series Season 1 was aired in the year 2016, on April 5. Although the critics had not acknowledged it wholeheartedly, the television audience has approved it, produced by IMS production and ran till July 20, 2016.

The first season of the Hundred anime series was largely appreciated by the audience as an equally good adaptation as the novel series with the same name. Hundred Season 2 has not been announced by is makers but a piece of news may arrive by 2021 end.

Hundred Season 2: Where Can You Watch?

The IMS production had made the Hundred anime series and it had TV Tokyo, AT-X, BS Japan as original networks. The last episode, which is the 12th one, was telecasted on July 20, 2016 on various online platforms and television.

The Hundred Season 2 is not finally released but we can have a thrilling time in the following websites so as to watch the previous season and depend on them for the sequel.

Hundred Season 2: All Details

Hayato Kisaragi is the protagonist of the Hundred anime series. This show deals with the mystery to kill the earth attacking species, called Savage. Hundred is the only kind of weapon which can stand against these unknown demons causing the mess around.

Hayato desires to be the slayer to use the Hundred for good. This takes him to enter the marine academy city ship Little Garden. He encounters a lot of challenges there from Claire Harvey, the topmost slayer in the school.

Also, an uncanny incompatibility is discovered by Hayato with his mate, Emil Crossford. These series of events gather throughout the 12 episodes and take the adventurous sci-fi forward, involving enormous action sequences.

The hope for Hundred Season 2 remains strong for its amazing plot showcased in season 1 of the Hundred anime series.

FAQs on Hundred Season 2

1. Will there be the same number of episodes in the Hundred Season 2?

All the 12 episodes in the Hundred Season 1 had been a major hit with ultimate action harem to watch and hope for more. This is presumed and desired to be the same in Hundred Season 2 if it arrives any soon with confirmation at the door.

2. What else does the Hundred anime series involve other than action?

The Hundred anime series is definitely an action series but it also involves a touch of romance. This evolves through the episodes and explored some science fiction adventures around the corner. The Hundred Season 2 will explore these smaller touches on a larger scale.

3. What does the term ‘Hundred’ signify in the series?

Hundred actually refers to the only category of weapon that is unique in its specialty to kill the strange attacking tribe called ‘Savage’ in the Hundred anime series. The Savage tends to attack on earth and Hundred is the only type of weapon that is fatal to them.