iDevAffiliate – One of the Best Affiliate Tracking Software?

iDevAffiliate Review
iDevAffiliate Review

As the pandemic hit this year, people have started to realize the importance of digitalization. Many have aced it, some are still on the way.

Meanwhile, the only industry that did not face huge losses was the digital marketing industry.

We all are aware that thousands of promotional tactics rely on affiliate marketing for a great deal of their potency.

Its pretty simple to get started with, the entire idea of affiliate marketing is easier than it sounds, planning campaigns, generating and driving your traffic, recruiting affiliates on board, paying them for the sales they make, and halleluiah everyone is making money.

But at times, this entire process can get you to overthink and quit in the very beginning, knowing the amount of time you’ll have to invest. Without any doubt, this does require full proof tracking and management.

iDevAffiliate is one such place that will assist you in specifically managing your tasks, maintaining and scaling your business and how can we miss on TRACKING!

What is iDevAffiliate?

iDevAffiliate is an affiliate tracking software, designed for the ease of marketers.

It also includes commission management and a lot of reporting features, for which you need to read until the end.

Users can set their bars of commission and opt for a payment system, like opting for the percentage and pay-per-click type of commissions which in turn generates revenue.

Apart from this, you are also accorded with many customizable layouts for your website, as well as a vast variety of tools that assists the users to organize their marketing efforts, their reporting, and commissioning the pay.

iDevAffiliate also offers different kinds of content marketing choices that you can share with your affiliates that will help you leverage your business.

You can share this with them via web pages or social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

The best part of this product is the reporting plugins and features that come with self-explanatory graphs and charts. 

This makes it easy for an advertiser to track his/her growth and make changes accordingly. 

How does iDevAffiliate work?

iDevAffiliate comprehends basically of two components namely, the Admin Centre and the Control Panel.

Both these come with various features and plugins that assist the users in scaling their business and as a result, benefits both customers and affiliates.

Admin Centre:

The admin center of iDevAffiliate is the place where you as an marketer manage your affiliate program.

Here the users can set up their entire process and refine their affiliate program, this also includes managing payments, keeping a track of the statistics, and setting commissions.

Admin Panel:

The UI of iDevAffiliate is designed in such a way that it makes navigation easy. If you are a marketer or a merchant, this is the place in the entire software where you will be spending most of your time.

The admin panel includes general and commission settings, cart integration, and the template menu.

The sidebar menu of the panel is generally composed of the reports function, commission function, marketing materials, training materials, traffic log, and marketing groups.

The report function will accord you with the necessary information, like the statistics related to the performance of all your affiliates.

Furthermore, there is also an affiliate function that lets you manage everything interrelated to your affiliates.

Control Panel:

The Affiliate Control Panel is designed mainly for the public view of the affiliate program. The affiliates sign up for the program and get all the essential information on opportunities coming their way.

This panel comprises of all the marketing materials required by the affiliates such as HTML ads, banners, email links, QR codes, text links, lightboxes, templates, and page peels.

Apart from this, they also get access to all the important transactions and earning stats. All affiliates get access to the training materials which include videos, documents, PDF files, and other related manuals.



With iDevAffiliate, you can design your own payout structures, as per your benefit.

Below listed are 5 ways in which you can outline your payments:

  • Percentage & Flat-Rate Payout
  • Pay-Per-Click & Pay-Per-Lead or Action
  • Coupon Code Commissioning
  • Per-Product Commissioning
  • Recruit affiliates up to 10 tires


Apart from great commissioning methods, they have to offer some crazy marketing tools as well.

Listed below are different ways to strategize your campaign.

  • Social Media (Facebook & Twitter)
  • Videos (Vimeo & Youtube)
  • Banners
  • QR Codes
  • Page Peels
  • Lightboxes
  • Email Templates
  • HTML Page Templates
  • Text Ads


You can easily customize your content in just a few clicks, you can change the layout and make your content look presentable and attractive.

For this, iDevAffiliate offers the following tools for the ease of its users:

  • HTML/CSS templates
  • Language packs
  • System delivered email templates
  • Color scheme and logo


Full proof tracking is something that every advertiser needs to master.

To make this process easy for the users, iDevAffiliate offers its users the following to export and review their critical stats of website/content:

  • Tons of charts and graphs
  • Date range reporting
  • Neatly formatted print views
  • CSV, PDF, and Excel exporting

Built-In Security

Apart from helping you scale your business, iDevAffiliate makes sure their users aren’t deceived.

In the marketing industry, there are tons of fraudsters to trick you into making a million dollars overnight.

In order to avoid these sorts of occurrences, iDevAffiliate has a great built-in security plan.

Listed below are the tools that will assist you identify fraudsters.

  • Double redundancy tracking
  • Adjustable tracking expiration
  • Proprietary password hashing
  • Commission blocking tools
  • Advanced fraud protection tools


There are in total 175 integrations that iDevAffiliate is currently offering to its users.

They’ve nearly integrated with almost every possible checkout system. This is a great opportunity for people who are just starting out, it will help you get an overview of what all these different systems have to offer to you.

Once you go through your top favorites, you can opt for the most pleasing one.

Talking for people who already have an existing partner, I’m pretty sure that your integrated partner will be listed there.

The best part about this is, you can easily filter these integrations as per your needs.

Here are different filters that you can select and find a suitable integration partner:

  • Recommended Integration Partners
  • Standalone Cart/Membership
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Joomla Plugins
  • Web Host Billing
  • Direct Processing
  •  Lead/Landing Page
  • Per-Product Commissioning
  •  Coupon Code Commissioning
  • Subscription Based

Some top-rated integration partners that iDevAffiliate integrate with are:

  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Stripe
  • Membermouse
  • PayPal
  • Weebly
  • Squarespace
  • OptimizePress
  • Magneto
  • Volusion
  • InstaPage

This built-in shopping cart integration tool simplifies integrating your cart/ checkout system.


There are in-total 9 plugins that you can download. Most of them are paid, this is a one-time payment and you can leverage the tools to scale your business.

  • SEO Links
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Language Packs
  • Geo-Targeting
  • QR Codes
  • Sliding Scale Commissions
  • Custom FileName
  • Vanity Coupon Codes
  • Private SignUp

1. SEO Links

The SEO Link plugin will help you acquire traditional traffic sales. Apart from this, it also truly benefits your website with a search engine ranking.

What this plugin will do is allow all your external affiliate links to make the most of your website’s search engine ranking just by using short, search engine friendly links.

Once you opt for this plugin, you can install iDevAffiliate on an entirely distinct domain, other than your main website.

By doing so, your links will still show up on the main website. Many advertisers prefer installing the iDevAffiliate into the same domain as their main website.

But you always have options, if you ever decide to switch.

The price of this plugin is $99.99.

The following are the requirements for Windows Hosting:

Contact your web hosting provider and ensure that they have the ISAPI rewrite enabled.

  •  Should have ISAPI rewrite installed/enabled.
  •  Should be able to create/edit your httpd.ini file.

SEO Link Example:


The plugin also uses 301 redirects rather than 302’s. This means all the “link juice” is carried from page to page.

2. Social Media Marketing

The Social Media Marketing plugin will let you create content on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, such that your affiliates can directly access that from their very own affiliate account.

the affiliates will have to log into their account and they can share the content that you created for them in real-time.

The price of this plugin is $99.99.

The following are the requirements for Windows Hosting:

This plugin can be installed in any edition of iDevAffiliate. iDevAffiliate 9 or higher is required. The SEO Link plugin must be installed before you decide to install this.

3. Language Packs

One of the nine plugins that I personally like is the language pack plugin.

This allows you to open your affiliate program to more and more markets across the globe by instantaneously adding various language packs to your affiliate control panel.

You can effortlessly edit all the language packs in the iDevAffiliate admin center and set a default language in your control panel. The English language pack is complementary and comes with iDevAffiliate.

Listed below are the language packs that have been professionally translated by human translators:

Arabic, Dutch, Russian, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Polish, Mandarin, Chinese, TraditionalChinese, Hungarian, Turkish, Finnish, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Czech, French, Greek, Indonesian, Thai, Farsi, Romanian, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian.

The price of this plugin is $99.99.

The following are the requirements for Windows Hosting:

This plugin can be installed in any edition of iDevAffiliate. iDevAffiliate 9 or higher is required.

4. Geo-Targeting

This plugin helps you in defining alternate incoming traffic pages based on the visitor’s geographic location.

The visitor’s geographic location is determined via IP then it routes them to the incoming traffic page which you have defined for their country.

This plugin also allows you to have your visitors country annexed to all incoming traffic pages as well.

This way you can either deliver traffic to alternate pages based upon their residing country or use your current incoming traffic pages.

iDevAffiliate will append the incoming URL with the country of respective visitors so then you can do your own custom content delivery in the future.

The price of this plugin is $99.99.

The following are the requirements for Windows Hosting:

This plugin can be installed in any edition of iDevAffiliate. iDevAffiliate 9 or higher is required.

5. QR Codes

With this plugin installed, you can accord your affiliates with QR Codes such that it helps them in their marketing efforts.

You can group your affiliates and the QR Codes can be auto-created for each marketing group and have each affiliate’s link embedded in it.

So, whenever a customer scans the QR Code, it will redirect them to your website through the referred affiliates link.

Affiliates use the QR Code on their website, forums, blogs, and social media. You can also make use of QR Codes in offline marketing such as flyers, brochures, business cards, etc.

The standard QR code sizes range from 58x58px, 87x87px, 116x116px, 174x174px, 232x232px, or 290x290px.

The price of this plugin is $59.99.

The following are the requirements for Windows Hosting:

This plugin can be installed in any edition of iDevAffiliate. iDevAffiliate 7.3 or higher is required.

6. Sliding Scale Commission

With the Sliding Scale Commission plugin, you can easily define multiple commission rates based on the purchase amount.

Suppose you pay 10% for the orders ranging from $1.00 to $10.00 and you pay 12% for all the orders ranging from $10.00 to $20.00.

These types of scale levels are what you can create, and they are limitless. Apart from this, they also work with both pay-per-scale percentage and the flat rate commissioning structures.

The price of this plugin is $129.99.

The following are the requirements for Windows Hosting:

This plugin can be installed in any edition of iDevAffiliate. iDevAffiliate 9.2 or higher is required.

7. Custom FileName

The Custom FileName feature modifies all your links for all marketing materials.

It allows you to modify your everyday default incoming traffic filename from idevaffiliate.php to a name that you prefer.

Default Link Example


Custom Filename Example


The price of this plugin is $49.99.

The following are the requirements for Windows Hosting:

This plugin can be installed in any edition of iDevAffiliate. iDevAffiliate 7 or higher is required.

8.Vanity Coupon Codes

The Vanity Coupon Code plugin lets affiliates request for a “Vanity” coupon code from the publisher.

The affiliate can ask for a specific code from the publisher, that he can approve or reject. This way iDevAffiliate makes sure that its users have a more personalized experience for the users and customers.

The price of this plugin is $49.99.

The following are the requirements for Windows Hosting:

This plugin can be installed in any edition of iDevAffiliate. iDevAffiliate 8 or higher is required.

9. Private SignUp

The Private SignUp plugin allows you to create private signup codes that will allow affiliates to join your program.

These codes can be created with an expiration date as well.

Once you enable this, any affiliate wanting to join your affiliate program will have to enter a valid signup code to access the signup page. This necessarily requires a password to join the affiliate program.

The price of this plugin is $49.99.

The following are the requirements for Windows Hosting:

This plugin can be installed in any edition of iDevAffiliate. iDevAffiliate 7 or higher is required.


Just The EssentialsFacebook & Twitter SharingCustom Domain Parking
Installs Into Your WebsiteUnlimited AffiliatesUnlimited AffiliatesALL PLUGINS
Instant Download & License KeyUnlimited CommissionsUnlimited CommissionsUnlimited Affiliates
No Monthly FeesUnlimited TrafficUnlimited TrafficUnlimited Commissions
Upgrades Included For 1 YearSSL (https)SSL (https) EncryptionUnlimited Traffic
Web HostingEncryptionBundled PluginsSSL (https) Encryption
Account RequiredBundled PluginsSEO LinksBundled Plugins
 SEO LinksLanguage PacksSEO Links
 Language PacksQR CodesLanguage Packs
  Private SignupQR Codes
  Vanity Coupon CodesPrivate Signup
  Social Media MarketingVanity Coupon Codes
   Social Media Marketing
   Sliding Scale Commissions
   Custom Subdomain Parking

How to get started?

The signing up process is pretty simple and wouldn’t take much of your time, a few clicks here and there and you are good to go!


Scroll to the bottom of the page, there you will find the “Join Our Affiliate Program” button.

Click on it and you will be redirected to the register page.


On the registration page you need to accord them with your basic personal information, like your name, email address and country etc.

Once this is done, they will send you a confirmation email on the registered email address.


This is what your dashboard will look like initially after the first login.


  • Reliability: iDevAffiliate has proven to be reliable in the marketing industry. Many users have reported having a tough time using various products related to affiliate marketing, somehow they’ve mentioned iDevAffiliate to be trustworthy as it tracks and credits affiliates with their referrals accurately.
  • Pricing: iDevAffiliate has a great, affordable price range. People who are just starting out have are benefitted due to this. All the basic features are affordable.
  • Ease Of Use: iDevAffiliate is an easy to use and easy to customize marketing platform. They also have an FAQ section where mostly all queries have been resolved. The users are also accorded with a video section, wherein some basic tutorials about the software have been uploaded.


  • Customer Service: The customer service at iDevAffiliate has quite a lot of negative remarks. Many users reported it for not replying on time during a crisis. The support team needs improvement at iDevAffiliate.
  • Set-Up: The setup process can be a little tricky in the beginning. This usually depends upon what version are you using, the self-hosted or hosted one. Also, it can get confusing depending upon which shopping cart or e-commerce platform you use. Although if things start to get out of hand, it is suggested to hire a professional, which might cause you some extra bucks.


1. Tapfiliate

Tapfiliate is a well-known cloud-based affiliate tracking software. It lets the users create, optimize, and track their own affiliate /referral programs.

It comprises more than 30 integrations including Zapier, Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace, Wix, Stripe, and many more.

It also supports multiple languages and currencies, such that you can run your campaign all over the globe. Apart from this, you can also custom-brand your referral links, emails, and affiliate pages.


TUNE is basically another affiliate marketplace that lets you partner with various people through mobile and web.

TUNE is reported to be the marketing industry’s most flexible SaaS platform. It comprises building, managing, and growing partner programs.

It is highly trusted amongst affiliate marketers and iconic brands across the globe.

3. Refersion

Refersion is an affiliate marketing platform designed to provide detailed apprehensive insight for its users and affiliates.

Easy-to-use affiliate management software that lifts the burden of tracking each customer from the user’s shoulder and which helps them focus on building their business relationships with customers and partnering with affiliates.

It assists the user in easily tracking its loyal customers and influencers, helps recruit affiliates, and paying them becomes an effortless task. All these services are on just one platform.

Final Review

iDevAffiliate is a great, reliable platform for newbies and veterans.

It has tons of new features that will assist you monetize your website and scale your business.

They also provide 9 sets of plugins that make it easy for you to track and optimize. The only drawback to them is that they aren’t free. You need to pay a minimum fee. This fee might be triggering for the ones starting out, but a good investment does no harm.

Apart from this it’s an easy to use platform, however some have reported the setup process to be a bit tedious. This again might vary case to case and how well trained you are as an affiliate.

The advertisers have a pool full of options when it comes to integrations. You can choose the best one for yourself and can get going.

Overall it’s a must try product and I would highly recommend it.





Ease Of Use


User ratings on popular software review platforms:

iDevAffiliate Rating on G2: 5/5

iDevAffiliate Rating on Finances Online: 4.8/5

iDevAffiliate Rating on Capterra: 3.4/5

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