Is Noragami Season 3 canceled?

Noragami Season 3

‘Even if things are painful and tough, people should appreciate what it means to be alive’ one of the wise words by our not so wise God Yato; yes, today; we are going to talk about Noragami season 3. Noragami has successfully given us two seasons with many twists and painful memories of our all-time favorite, Yato. However, the last season feels a little empty, and people who watch only anime wonder what’s going to happen next? What kind of god will emerge out of Ebisu? How will Izanami take revenge? Last but not least, will Yato free Hiyori? 

Before going into the details on the topic ‘Will, there be Noragami Season 3?’ lets warm up a little on the anime and those who are attracted here by the Hiyori and Yato shipping or the flipping side of Yato from a cute Neko to a badass and ruthless killer it’s a nice time to start watching Noragami this season.

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Noragami, also translated as “Stray God,” is a Japanese manga series written by Adachitoka. This manga made its first appearance in Kodansha’s Monthly Shonen Magazine in December 2010. The anime series adaption premiered in January 2014. The anime is fun to watch as it has both the elements of humor and action. Although in Season 2, the sequel was a little boring, fans are still waiting for Noragami Season 3.

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Now without wasting any more time, let’s move on to the reasons why Noragami Season 3 is likely to be canceled.

Why Noragami Season 3 is likely to get canceled?

1.Reference for Adaption

In the case of Noragami, the source material is manga. We have to first find out if the series is still ongoing or at a halt due to some reasons, then how much volume of the manga has been covered by anime so far. These two are key factors.

Noragami has completed 22 volumes with 2 special volumes of manga as of June 2020. according to Wikipedia. The first season of Noragami aired in 2014 covered volumes 1-3. Noragami Aragoto covered volumes 4-9 that leaves us with vol 10-21, which means there is enough material for season 3 and season 4. The manga is ongoing, which is good news! But the chance of anime adaption for Noragami Season 3 is meager.

2. Huge Sales

The sales of Noragami were very high during 2014-2015, about 300,000 copies for vol 12, but it kept on decreasing each year. Volume 21 sold around 120,000, and the next volume sold around 48,000 copies in the first week. The decrease in sales can be related to the lack of a sequel.

The Noragami merchandise is also a way to make a profit for the anime adaptation. The merchandise consists of 4 idols Yato, Bishamon, Hiyori, and Kofuku, which is pretty less considering an anime like Noragami, which has a large no. of characters. There are also lots of goods of Noragami, but they mainly consist of season 1 rather than season 2.

Hence people are not anticipating for Noragami Season 3 because of poor merchandise and lack of proper sales.

3. Popularity and Fanbase

Noragami Season 3

Popularity and fanbase of anime manga or anime is a good way to determine if the sequel is coming or not. The large fanbase means the anime is popular, and the author must keep up with them. So checking on the social platform and the popularity of Noragami gives us many hints!

According to MAL, Noragami season 1 has a rating of 8 and ranks 499, while Noragami Aragoto stands at 8.1. While the popularity has come down, both the seasons are unshakable at top 500, and that too since a long time, Noragami Aragoto was released in 2015.

The official Twitter of Noragami has 107.8k followers, which are occasionally updated. The last tweet was on Aug 10, celebrating the birthday of our lovely Neko Yato.

The author of Noragami had some health issues that were the reason for the manga’s slow release, but I hope it’s all good now. Noragami Season 3 may not make it to the screen but manga will be ongoing.

4. Official Announcements

There has been no announcement or any words about the sequel of Noragami, not to mention the studio which worked on both of the seasons’ Studio BONES have their next year filled with projects on anime series like MHA and few others. So there is no project on Noragami Season 3.

5. Ranking and achievements

MAL has rated Noragami 8.02/10 stars. IMDB has rated it 7.9/10 stars. Noragami was the top 14th best selling manga series in Japan in 2014.

They don’t have many reviews by any famous critics. This is the reason I doubt they’ll even want to air Noragami Season 3.

Where to watch?

Noragami Season 3

You can watch Noragami on these online streaming sites:-


Noragami Season 3

Considering all the above reasons, I can say that there are very fewer chances of another season of Noragami in the next year because the source material for the anime is enough to fill up two seasons. Also, the Noragami is written by two female mangakas, and one fell ill, which resulted in the manga’s halt. This was the same case for No Game No Life as well. There used to be 3 volumes in a year at its prime days, but it is reduced to one per year. The sales also dropped to 50-60 percent after season 2 as many fans feel the anime adaptation is not covering all the story of Noragami.

The good news is that the series is up again, and we can see season 3 in the future; till now, there hasn’t been any announcement.

If there is no news on the release of anime in the next year, sadly, we won’t be having any Noragami Season 3.

FAQs on Noragami

1.Where does the anime leave off in the manga of Noragami?

The first season ends in chapter 12, and the second season (Aragoto) ends in chapter 38.
(However, most of us who have read the manga will recommend that you start reading from the first chapter. The anime and manga have different details to present.)

2.When is the manga ending? What happened to Adachitoka?

The manga officially returned on June 6, 2018!
Adachitoka was taking time to recover from illness. There are announcements that the manga will keep getting updated even if there’s no anime adaption.

3.What are some other anime like Noragami?

A very similar hierarchy of gods and goddesses; there are famous, well-known gods that become wealthy and powerful, while there are also unknown gods who try to gain a bigger following.
Spice and WolfAbout economics, travels, and romance between a mortal and a wolf goddess, similar to the relationship of Hiyori (a mortal) and Yato (a god)
More mature than Noragami
Blue ExorcistSimilar shounen/supernatural aspects; also deals with fighting demons (like Noragami deals with fighting ayakashi)
Akatsuki No YonaIt combines many serious moments and comedic moments, much like Noragami, and it has plenty of battle scenes -source comment.
GintamaThe main character Gintoki has a similar personality and tragic background like Yato; they both take on odd jobs, they’re silly, goofy, comically arrogant, lazy, and good-for-nothing, but both have their badass moments when they fight to protect the people they hold dear. They both have a past that they try to leave behind so they can become a better person.
Similar shounen/action/comedy aspects
Please read this comment for extensive info.
Soul EaterAlso, a supernatural anime that’s pretty light-hearted and funny, like Noragami. Soul Eater also features people that can turn into weapons, like the shinshis/Regalias in Noragami anime.
Both involve people that can transform into weapons.
Kyoukai no Kanata”Has a similar ‘fighting against evil beings’ theme to it.” -source comment.
Hataraku Maou-Sama!Entertaining comedy series with a bit of action thrown in involving the devil, demons, angels… and MgRonalds.
Similar supernatural, comedic vibes
Kamisama HajimemashitaBoth involve fun comedy, Japanese mythology, and deities.
Rurouni KenshinThe main character has a similar “dark past,” like Yato, that he wants to leave behind to become a better person.
InuyashaLots of inspiration from Japanese culture and mythology; thrilling which portrays the balanced action, comedy, and romance in a single anime, just like Noragami
Spirited AwayIn case you haven’t watched it, this Studio Ghibli movie is a masterpiece IMHO. It has some of the most imaginative worldbuilding ever seen, and some surreal and beautiful supernatural Japanese mythology elements and fantasy creatures similar to Noragami.
Hoozuki no ReitetsuDelving into more unknown waters here, this show is not talked about very much and relatively obscure because it’s a dark comedy with a level-headed, sadistic MC who runs Hell like a bureaucracy. It’s inspired by Japanese folklore (e.g., Momotarou, Yama/King Enma of Hell, etc.), like Noragami, and it’s an interesting, entertaining show to watch.
Not for people who are new to Japanese culture
Hotarubi no Mori ea short 45-minute movie, bittersweet, and beautiful in its simplicity, about a girl who encounters a spirit in the forest; similar forbidden relationship/star-crossed lovers theme with Yato and Hiyori.

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