Jeremy Renner and his recovery from a deadly accident, 2023.

Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner opens up about his recovery from a deadly accident that happened on New Year’s 2023.

Our Hawkeye in the MCU, Jeremy Renner has recently shared improvement and positive changes about his recovery after his accident that happened on New Year’s 2023.

Hawkeye shares recovery posts

Jeremy has shared a video of himself through his social media where he is seen walking with the support of Zimmer. The video was shared with a message written. Renner wrote, “My PT made this for reference and to remember, you cannot walk unless you take one step at a time!”

Jeremy Renner and the deadly accident

The accident occurred on New Year’s at the actor’s residence in Mt. Rose-Ski Tahoe, Nevada, where Jeremy was trying his best to help his nephew from towing his car out of the snow, but the Pistenbully snow groomer started sliding, causing Jeremy to exit the vehicle without setting any Emergency Break in the vehicle before exiting.

After exiting from the Pistenbully, the actor realized that it’ll hit his nephew directly and, in the process, to save him, attempted to enter the driver’s side to stop and change the direction to save his nephew. And this is where the horrific incident occurred. He was under the track when attempted to enter the cab again.

The actor was then airlifted to the hospital as he suffered deadly injuries and was desperately In need to get admitted into ICU.

Jeremy Renner and all the injuries he got after the accident.

With 30 broken bones, blunt chest trauma, orthopedic injuries, massive blood loss, and critical surgeries, the actor is dealing with everything in a much better way and is sharing his recovery journey with his fans with positivity.

Renner gives updates about his recovery.

Renner has also been posting his videos doing workouts to get better as soon as possible and gain all the strength back. With deep squats, pull-ups, and pulley workouts, the actor is doing extremely well with the whole recovery phase.

Jeremy Renner

Jeremy’s new show

After the Mayor of Kingstown, the actor has recently been seen in ‘Rennervations’ released last month. The show is about Jeremy traveling the whole world and making over vehicles for a good cause. The top cast of the show includes Jeremy Renner himself with Vanessa Hudgens and Indian actor Anil Kapoor with other actors as well.

One can stream the show on Disney Plus while the actor recovers from this deadly incident.

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