Jimmy Choo Shoes Price Guide 2022

A brand that needs no introduction is Jimmy Choo, meaning that the name is powerful enough to attract people towards it. But behind every successful venture is an inspiring story. And the fact that Jimmy Choo followed the footsteps of his cobbler father and established one of the biggest shoe brands in the world is a revelation in itself. But it is not just the hard work, it is also the quality of work and the talent that Jimmy Choo possessed, which has made people fall head over heels for these heels.

Every year people wait in queues to have a glimpse of the latest Jimmy Choos. And it is the right of every fashion lover to know the various collections and price ranges in which Jimmy Choo deals. We have gathered information and systematically organized it, to inform you about the prices, sizes, and designs for which Jimmy Choo is well Jimmy Choo. Go through it. We hope that this Jimmy Choo shoes price guide is helpful for you.

Jimmy Choo Shoes Price Guide 2022

1. Romy, $540.00 – $1,465.00

Romy is by far the most recognizable and classic design of Jimmy Choo. It is a timeless issue that has been ruling the shoe industry for the past many years. Many factors contribute to it becoming an iconic design, such as the pointed toe and the sleek stiletto heel. And who could forget the level of sophistication that this heel brings to its wearer, be it with a pantsuit or a cocktail gown? Jimmy Choo has contemporized with the changing times and added a modern touch to it with suede textures and funky colors.

These shoes are available with heel sizes of 60, 85, 100, and flat. The price of the heels varies accordingly from $540.00 – $1,465.00. The price also depends on the material and color of the iconic Romy heel.

2. Baily, $900.00 – $2,270.00

A one in a million piece, the Baily By Jimmy Choo is a class of its own. Inspired from the ballet pink Meri Jan pumps, these heels can be regarded more as a trophy than a pair of shoes. The high stiletto heel combined with sharply pointed toes and pearl straps combines to make up an extraordinary bejeweled pair of pumps. Crafted in Italy, the heels contain suede, crystal, and pearl trim within an arch strip Which screams elegance and grace from every corner. These are those types of shoes that are bound to be kept in your shoe collection.

And if they are not, then what are you waiting for, go and grab them. The Baily is available in two types that are 100 and flat, with both of them containing the iconic bejeweled strap. Accordingly, the prices vary from $900.00 – $2,270.00.

3. Genevi, $740.00

Genevi is a simple and chic design containing a flat sole made of shiny leather. The pointed toes are a craft from black Nappa leather. But the highlight and most prominent feature of these flats are other criss-cross crystal-studded chains. Meticulously and carefully placed Milanese crystals around the pointed toe highlight your feet and legs in the most subtle yet appealing and captivating manner. And these otherwise orthodox flats get an upgrade in a simple yet innovative way.

Even if you are not fond of flats buy these. It will be a privilege to your shoe collection. These flats are available in a total of three colors, that are fuchsia satin, black Nappa leather, and ballet pink suede. The price of the three is the same that is $740.00.

4. Bing, $786.32 – $1,012.60

The Bing is one of the most modern and stylish designs of Jimmy Choo. Its unique structure made of patent leather accented with a crystal strap and a pointy toe makes it one of the most in-demand styles among young adults. The leather sole made in Italy emphasizes the leg and creates an optical illusion that makes it alluring for all. The glamour added by the crystal strap makes it a perfect choice for a night out. The wide variety of colors like blood red, nude, black, and linen and unusual colors and patterns like the leopard and chequered pattern makes it a very classy choice.

These mules are also available in glittery colors, balancing the loudness of the arch with the playfulness of the shine. This design is available in 65, 100, and flat sizes of the heel. The prices vary from $786.32 – $1,012.60.

5. Sacora, $786.32 – $3,285.00

Sacora is a retro-inspired sandal made under the supervision of the fine craftsmanship of Italians. It is a very uncomplicated and straightforward design that would otherwise be unimpressive. But come on, we are talking about Jimmy Choo. A name that is itself an icon is bound to make Items that make the market shake. The Sacora design can be a definition of that. The sleek silhouette of the pumps has a dainty ankle strap and a crystal-embellished sphere placed on the top of the V toe opening of the sandal. That crystal ball is bound to make some heads done.

This design can be seen at parties of eminent personalities And is extremely popular among high-profile celebrities. The peep-toe heels are available in heel sizes of 85 and 100. The prices are between $786.32 – $3,285.00.

6. Lani, $595.00 – $675.00

The Lani is at a different level altogether. One of the most daring and distinctive designs of Jimmy Choo, these stilettos are made in mesh, giving a completely transparent look to the pumps. It is commendable to the thought and the execution that these sandals, which could have gone wrong, have in turn provided a beautiful look to the standard stiletto of Jimmy Choo. The latter leather pointed to provide a firm grip to the sandal, and the black leather bow embossed with the JC logo emblem provides an even more beautiful look today’s never-seen type of shoe.

Apart from being available in heels of a hundred, they are also available in flats and as ballerinas. Keeping this in mind, the price varies between $595.00 – $675.00.

7. Hawaii Shoes, $450.00 – $1580.00

Yes, that’s right. Jimmy Choo makes trainers also. And not just any trainers, it makes one of the poshest sneakers available on the planet. The famed and signature Hawaii trainers are handcrafted from white calf leather and canvas. But it is not only this thing that makes them iconic. A very comfortable platform soul accented with details like pearl embellishments and Silver Star eyelets, Jimmy Choo can transform a person who likes heels into a person who wears trainers.

If you want to buy shoes that are casual yet not too casual, go for this one. They are the quintessential formal sneakers, and we can guarantee that this kind of design won’t be available anywhere. And depending upon the design and embellishments, the price ranges between $450.00 – $1580.00.

8. Averly, $935.00 – $960.00

You can say that the Averly is a sort of a sister to the Aveline heels. With fascinator bows placed asymmetrically, one on the toe and one on the buckle, give a dramatic and eccentric look that elevates the person’s outfit as well as personality in a very pleasant manner. The bows made of mesh create a fashionable and sassy Look which only a few shoes that pumps can achieve. This design helps you look at the intricately woven, tied, and sewn bows in a detailed manner.

These Averly pumps are available in white, black, and pink colors, making them a great choice for a party as they would go with everything. If you are in search of your first Jimmy Choo pairs, then you should become a proud owner of these. The price of these is between $935.00 – $960.00.

9. Aveline, $900.00

You might have heard or seen these sandals once in your life if you are a fashion enthusiast. Vogue worshippers know the importance of Aveline sandals in the industry of luxury. Jimmy Choo never fails to impress its audience. And similarly, Aveline does not. A perfect balance between extravagance and sophistication, this Italian crafted latte grosgrain pair of pumps Contains two oversized bows placed asymmetrically with one on the top and one on the ankle, giving it a whimsical look.

They contain stiletto heels and ankle straps with side buckles, but it is the bows that make them iconic and timeless. As it is a very popular design, it is available in a variety of colors, and accordingly, the price range is in $900.00.

10. Eshe, $1,010.00 – $1,465.00

Though the Jimmy Choos are mostly famous for heels it is not that they lack in any other type of shoes. An exemplary sample of that would be the Eshe boots. Can you imagine that even for going hiking, you can post your Jimmy Choos to all your friends and families? Who wouldn’t want that? The Eshe boots in stucco Sward are perfect for the winter season. Go for a party celebrating New Year, an outdoor picnic, or to the mall in these chunky boots and become a center of attraction. To add classiness to hiking boots is an art and these Eshe flats are the epitome of this type of art.

The metal hooks embossed with the Jesse logo, and the padded natural shearling color enhances the beautiful outline of this Eshe design. These are available in flats as well as heels of size 65. Accordingly, the prices vary from $1,010.00 – $1,465.00.

11. Spruce, $900.00

While you might think that Spruce is the same as many of the designs on this list, a closer look would prove you wrong. While the front of these soft patent pumps might give you the regular pointed toe look. It is the bank that makes it stand out from the rest of the Jimmy Choo collection and by far from the other luxury shoe brands. The perfect combination of extravagant and sophistication, the Spruce sandals delicately and meticulously, made from Italy have a very distinctive feature to them.

A crystal-embellished star and tassel hang down to the heel making it an instant classic. The but dazzled shoe with a slim heel and shiny leather makes it no less than a walking chandelier. If you want something different to show off as a rare Jimmy Choo piece, then go for this one. The price of the Spruce is $900.00.

12. Cass, $675.00 – $740.00

Cass Is a modern intake on the traditional heels. Transported straight from the heart of the fashion capital of Italy, this Napa and patent leather pair of heels or a sleek and modish design is a hit among the young as well as the old. The Jimmy Choo customers have it, and those who don’t desire it. This is a design extremely popular among celebrities and high-profile individuals. The Cass is an example of why Jimmy Choo is known for its quality shoes.

The chicness oozes out of this pointed-toe style. There are a total of four colors in which it is available. White and black for people who like the conventional tones and camel suede and fuchsia satin for those who like to break the norms. The price varies from $675.00 – $740.00.

13. Josefine, $2040.00

Josefine is a stunning pair of sandals made from fine Italian craftsmen, which have a squared-off toe and a sleek stiletto heel. If you want a pair of sandals that create a statement, then go for this one. The most enduring feature is the eye-catching sparkly crystal bracelets which form a spiral and go up till the ankle. It makes a sort of floating illusion and elevates and highlights the foot of the person wearing them. The transparent straps Further accentuate the floating style.

An otherwise ordinary design, the crystal bracelets, and the arch formed by them create a very dressy and voguish look that can make any casual outfit fit for a regal outing. It is primarily available in three colors, that is black white, and lemon yellow. The materials may be Nappa leather or Suede. The price is at $2040.00.

14. Love, $620.00 – $710.00

Well, who cannot love the love collection of Jimmy Choo? Love is the epitome of elegance and the definition of grace when it comes to heels. Made in Italy, these stilettos are covered in the leather sole in and out, with a pointed toe to make the quintessential design of heels. The JC emblem at the back and the myriad look in the front make it shine through all the pumps available in the fashion market. Not only in leather, but it is also available in suede, dazzling glitter fabric, and sandy glitter to make every pair of this high-cut vamp different from the other.

Though a very simple design, the silhouette is one of the most loved ones of this brand. And as it is a very in-demand style, it is available in sizes of 65, 85, 100, and flat. Jimmy Choo has also collaborated with Eric Haze to implement a quirky side of this heel. The price varies from $620.00 – $710.00.

15. Brittany, $651.00 – $800.00

Some people like it simple and subtle. For them, there is the Brittany collection. A timeless and effortless design made for people who love the olden times can opt for this one. Made from naplack leather, whether round two or angled heel, the distinguished Italian heel is easy to wear and instantly changes the look of your outfit. Some might even say that this is a daring design because of its ultra-simple look. But that is the exact reason behind the success of this collection.

It is available in two colors, mainly pure white and pitch black. The heel of Brittany is not usual, though. It is a slight slant that creates an unintentional or intentional illusion to it. It is available in heel size 100, and the price is between $651.00 – $800.00.

16. Bryelle, $900.00 – $1,300.00

Bryelle boots are a must-have. The square toes with block heels are a beauty to look at and to wear. If you are looking for heels that are not too formal, then you can buy these because they go with every occasion and every season and will never fail to make heads turn. It can be paired with on special occasions as well as every day because of its carefree look. A true Jimmy Choo piece worth the money, these will be worn repeatedly.

The soft polished calf of leather, embellished with the signature JC logo goes with a pair of jeans, or a miniskirt or a midi dress, or a formal blazer suit. It comes in leather as well as metallic fabric and suede. The price ranges from $900.00 – $1,300.00 depends on the colors and material.

17. Gaia, $900.00

Gaia is one of the most daring designs of Jimmy Choo. But this is one of the designs the Millennials and Gen Zers would kill to have. As the old styles of the 90s and 2000s are turning, the platform sandals are making a comeback. And Jimmy Choo has left no opportunity to shine in this growing trend. With a supportive ankle strap and square two, this study and supportive Gaia Platform sandals are perfect and maintain a balance between flashy and formal. The angled block gives the sandals a very elaborate and formal look which makes it all the more magnificent.

Eye candy to the people wearing it as well as the people watching it, the Gaia has already garnered appreciation over its interpretation of the platforms. It is available in liquid metal leather and velvet with the price at $900.00.

18. Annie, $675.00

Annie, as the name means gracious and merciful, is a very comfortable and elegant feel to wear. While some heels are very painful and are difficult to wear, sandals are as comfy, as they are beautiful. With a petite ankle strap matching toe with the buckle, this peep-toe sandal is its tribute to the original idea of stilettos. Be it a dress or skirt or wide-leg jeans or a power suit, these heels go with literally everything. The deep curved center provides support to the feet and comfort to the person.

Keeping everything aside, it is the detailing of the heels that make it mesmerizing. While all of the heels are perfection, it is the dusty glitter that wins everybody’s heart and is undeniably the best-selling piece of the collection. The Annie is available in size 85, and the price of it is $675.00.

19. Mimi, $765.00

Jimmy Choo is known for its luxurious designs And over the top accessories, Infusing modern and contemporary Styles and converting them into timeless classics. And it has a Knack for glamour. So obviously, the Mimi Is their reflection of that. With an open toe, a branded sole, high silhouette heel, curved front straps, and ankle strap with the buckle fastening comprise this simple yet very cultivated piece of accessory. The Italian crafted criss-cross makes it a very modern and sophisticated sandal that can be worn in an office or a wedding, or a casual day out.

While it is a tried and tested design, still it is a favorite among the loyal Jimmy Choo customers. The Suede coated heel is especially attractive because of its unusual and smooth look. The heel is 100, and the price is $765.00.

20. Yael, $450.00 – $510.00

Yael allows people to flaunt Jimmy Choos in the rainy season. While You might be thinking that wearing heels in the rain is not a good idea, don’t worry, these are not pumps. Instead, these are proper rain boots with a so-called Jimmy Choo attitude. All the environmentalists, these boots might be your favorite too, because of the biodegradable rubber. It has two buckles and a chunky sole and, of course, the JC monogram at the back, all crafted in Spain to provide you comfort as well as fashion in boots that to rain boots.

These Jimmy Choo Youth biker boots-inspired rain boots are available in two styles, the knee-high and the flat. Accordingly, the price varies from $450.00 – $510.00.

21. Lance, $765.00 – $1,920.00

Perhaps the best-known design collection of Jimmy Choo is the Lance family. And looking at the shape of this field, there is no denying that Jimmy Choo knows how to mix the elements of modernity with the traditional pair of heels. The Lance is spotted walking on the red carpet or shaking a leg on the dance floor, or starring in the latest series. Owing to its curved straps and glittery showcase, they confidently and flatteringly put your feet at the top of everybody’s attention. Another highlight of this heel is the admiring hemlines which accentuate the feet in the best possible manner.

The buckled ankle straps help maintain the grip of the stiletto. It is solely available in shimmery silver, which helps maintain its iconic status. However, depending upon the size of the hill, the price varies between $765.00 – $1,920.00.

22. Heloise, $790.00 – $820.00

Where to start with the Heloise Collection. Made specifically to elevate your ordinary and boring day, the Heliose collection Changes the outlook and atmosphere of the person wearing it as well as the people near it. Inspired from the 1960s platform heels, this vintage-inspired silhouette pays subtle homage to its original design while keeping the newness intact. It is handcrafted in Italy from soft patent and Completed in Spain with the round open toe and ankle strap with buckle fasting and noted straps to complete the look.

If you wear heels daily, then you should go for these heels. And those who don’t wear heels start wearing them, because after seeing this pair you will get tempted to wear them for sure. The heel size is 120, and the price ranges between $790.00 – $820.00.

23. Saeda, $960.00 – $1,700.00

At Jimmy Choo, there is no distinction between jewelry and shoes. And the Saeda sandals live up to that. An extremely posh and never seen before design, the heels in this collection have a pointed toe that goes up to get decorated with delicate crystal chains, which work as a strap to hold the foot in the stiletto heel. A meticulously designed and craft design, it is the delicateness and dainty design which makes this heel striking and exquisite. People looking for heels that stand the test of time and create trends should consider this masterpiece.

Available in suede, patent leather, satin, but dazzling coarse glitter fabric, and matching crystals, the Saeda is such that you will never get bored of it. This limited edition pair of heels are available in only one heel size that is 100. But depending upon the material used and the color, its price varies from $960.00 – $1,700.00.

24. Watson, $450.00 – $560.00

All the ballerinas read carefully. If you are a ballet dancer, and for that matter even if you are not, these Watson flats are ideal for a casual yet dressy look to a day out. Crafted from merlot velvet with a feature of a merlot patent rounded toe cap and accented with the iconic Jimmy Choo Label, this flat heel is to die for. The ballerinas are available in calfskin printed with leopard print pattern, the basic velvet, and the JC monogram.

Each pair is destructive, and a look at them Shows that they are a very high-end and exclusive pair. Even if you are not a fan of flat shoes, this is one design that Can’t change your perspective towards ballerinas. The price varies is from $450.00 – $560.00 according to the color and pattern.

25. Kari, $1,500.00

Kari is an exclusive collection of Jimmy Choo, which shines through the rest of its designs. These are pointed-toe pumps made from the talented hands of Italian craftsmen from Latte Nappa. People who love to dress up are bound to fall head over heels for this pair of pumps. A crystal-encrusted buckled bracelet works as a strap to keep your feet secure and act as a firm grip. Another highlight of these heels is that they are curved and provide a proper and sturdy silhouette apart from unarguably being a decorated piece.

It is an elegant and modish pair of pumps and would look breathtaking at your feet for sure. Available in two standard colors, jet black and pure white, this has only a heel size of 90. The price is $1,500.00.

S.No.Jimmy Choo StyleDesignHeel Size Price in 2021
1.Romy602.4 inches$650.00
853.3 inches$620.00 – $710.00
1003.9 inches $675.00 – $1,465.00
FlatN.A$540.00 – $595.00
2.Baily1003.9 inches$1,075.00 – $2710.00
FlatN.A$900.00 – $2,545.00
4.Bing652.6 inches$900.00 – $1013.00
1003.9 inches$900.00 – $1013.00
5. Sacora853.3 inches$790.00 – $900.00
1003.9 inches$900.00 – $3,200.00
6.Lani 1003.9 inches$675.00
7.Hawaii ShoesNormalN.A$450.00 – $1,580.00
TopN.A$560.00 – $1,580.00
8.Averly1003.9 inches$935.00
9.Aveline 1003.9 inches$900.00
10.Eshe652.6 inches$1,190.00 – $1,350.00
Flat N.A$1,013.00 – $1,465.00
11.Spruce1104.3 inches$900.00
12.Cass953.7 inches$675.00
1104.3 inches$740.00
13.Josefine1003.9 inches$2040.00
14.Love652.6 inches$620.00 – $710.00
853.3 inches$620.00 – $710.00
1003.9 inches$620.00 – $1580.00
15.Brittany1003.9 inches$651.00 – $800.00
16.Bryelle652.6 inches$900.00
853.3 inches$900.00 – $1,310.00
85/E3.3 inches$935.00
17.Gaia1405.5 inches $900.00
19.Mimi1003.9 inches$765.00
Flat TallN.A$510.00
21.Lance1154.5 inches$765.00 – $1,920.00
PF 1003.9 inches$820.00
22.Heloise 1204.7 inches$790.00 – $820.00
23.Saeda1003.9 inches$960.00 – $1,700.00
24.WatsonFlatN.A$450.00 – $560.00
25.Kari903.5 inches $1,500.00
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