Kakegurui Characters: Netflix Review That Will Take All Your Attention!

To the lover of mind games, the Kakegurui anime show must be on your priority list at present. The Kakegurui characters undergo the compulsiveness of utmost gambling practices and let the audience have a time in their own minds, entangling knots. 

Kakegurui characters are finely written by Homura Kawamoto and they were illustrated and visualized by the famous Toru Nomura. It is not long that the first season of Kakegurui had released on Netflix, that is, in the year 2017 by MAPPA studios(1)

Kakegurui Characters Explored Throughout the Season 1

Yuichiro Hayashi directed gambling series has been a topic of chatter all across the viewers. It is one of the most interesting anime in recent times and the Kakegurui characters add their bits to the plot intensively.

Hyakkaou Private Academy is the prime place where the story reveals. It is the academy for rich kids where everything is decided by gambling. If you top in gambling, you shall top in the academy too. The protagonist Yumeko is irascible and mad about gambling.

Every Kakegurui character has its twists and turns. It is no less than exercising your psych at most and definitely a worthy one.

The characters are extremely dark and menacing. The range of emotions flutters around and rises with the plot and pretty girls gambling in the academy.

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Kakegurui Characters
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Will Kakegurui Give A Season 3 To Us?

Kakegurui is an enormously celebrated anime show among the favorable viewers of dark gambling. The production has fetched a good amount out of it but there is a vague chance of it getting renewed for a third season.

It is scarcely noted that the written part has not been dedicated to Season 3. Netflix has also not entertained any knowledge upon another season and neither has the Japanese franchise. It may just depend on the demand of the viewers if it crosses much hope for another sequel.

Kakegurui Season 2 Explained with Kakegurui Characters

Kakegurui Season 2 was released with the name of Kakegurui xx and it had created a metaphorical hype beforehand. It is famously said that Season 2 has more viewership than the first season. This particularly is for how the Kakegurui characters have raised their standards throughout surpassing their individual challenges.

There is a continuous panorama of losing and winning but the mystery is held till the climax. The massive and artistic music is very unique in nature and the characters are presented in an erotic way across the platter of gambling.

The utmost spoilers are kept with the plot and it is for you to watch but it can definitely be claimed that new characters are introduced in the second season and they have their unpredictability on another level. If you have watched the first season and had a good time then this sequel is perfect for you to have a better time.

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Kakegurui Netflix Review and Response

The drama oriented Kakegurui has achieved an inexplicable love from the dark anime audience. The Kakegurui characters are firmly appreciated by all and here lies the main punch of the anime show.

It is produced by MAPPA studios and was first released in the year 2017 and since then the popularity is only accelerating ever.

IMDb has 7.2 ratings for Kakegurui and you can watch this anime on Netflix, currently the licensed streaming platform for the anime.

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FAQs on Kakegurui Characters and Kakegurui Next Season

1. Is Kakegurui Season 2 better than the first season?

Kakegurui Season 2 also named Kakegurui xx had a better response from the audience and also had more indecisive character sketches overall. Also, the critics and Netflix all together have agreed to this fact that the production profit, as well as the writing, excelled in the sequel and this gives you more than enough reason to try watching it.

2. Will there be a Season 3 for Kakegurui?

Kakegurui has its specialty in its journey and not merely in the climax. Also, the ending is quite abrupt yet predictable in the case of Kakegurui Season 2. This is where the hope for season 3 evolves and also simultaneously created a push for the manga to be written further.

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