Kate Bush: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, 2023.

Kate Bush

Kate Bush in her popular song sings, and if I only could, I’d make a deal with God, And I’d get him to swap our places. Be running up that road, be running up that hill, be running up that building, Say, if I only could, oh…

Kate Bush

Who isn’t aware of this song now after it became a major hit and one of the songs most listened to? ” Running Up that Hill”, this song was released by Kate Bush in 1985 but after using this song in the popular show, Stranger Things, at a very important moment, the song blew up.

Everyone has been obsessed with this technopop recently and has made Kate Bush shocked.

The iconic star has been nominated for the fourth time for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The artist is highly surprised, but fans say she deserved this.

Kate Bush opened up about her induction.

The singer recently shared her surprise by saying, ” I have to admit I’m completely shocked at the news of being inducted into the Hall of Fame!” It’s something I just never thought would happen.

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me. It means a great deal that you would think of me. It’s such a huge honor. Now as part of the initiation ceremony, I get to find out about the secret handshake… there is one, right?”

Kate Bush and her first single

The queen of art rock is finally getting all the attention she deserved years back. Kate Bush was born on 30th July 1958 and started her music career in 1978, ruling the UK Singles chart with her single ” Wuthering Heights“.

In 2021, her famous song “Running Up That Hill“, was listed in Rolling Stone’s 500 greatest songs of all time at number 60.

Kate Bush

Kate Bush and her achievements

Kate Bush was and is iconic with her songs. She was the first female artist who topped the UK album charts and entered the category of album chart at number 1.

After gaining more recognition from Stranger Things, Running Up That Hill became immensely famous, and topped at number 3 on the list of US Billboard Hot 100.

Kate Bush and her awards

Kate Bush received a lot of nominations and love, with 13 Birt Awards nominations, achieving the title of Best British Female Artist in the year 1987, and being nominated for Grammy’s 3 times.

She was also honored with Ivor Novella Award in 2002 for her beautiful contribution to the British Music industry.

Kate Bush: all the albums of singer

Kate Bush has released 10 albums which are: The Kick Inside in 1978, Lionheart in 1978, Never for Ever in 1980, The Dreaming in 1982, Hounds of Love in 1985, The Sensual World in 1989, The Red Shoes in 1993, Aerial in 2005, Director’s Cut in 2011 and 50 Words for Snow in 2011.

Kate Bush

The 10 best songs from the iconic artist are:

1) Wuthering Heights from the album Kick Inside, released in the year 1978.

2) Cloudbusting from the album Hounds of Love, released in the year 1985.

3) This Woman’s Work from the album The Sensual World, released in the year 1989.

4) Suspended in Gaffa from the album The Dreaming, released in the year 1982.

5) Rubberband Girl from the album The Red Shoes, released in the year 1993.

6) The Dreaming from the album The Dreaming, released in the year 1982.

7) Babooshka from the album Never for Ever, released in the year 1980.

8) The Man with the Child in his eyes from the album the kick inside, released in the year 1978.

9) Hounds of Love from the album Hounds of Love, released in the year 1985.

10) King of the Mountain from the album Aerial, released in the year 2005.

All of these songs can listen to it you’re a fan of Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill and it’s already in your playlist.