Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny: From Beverly Hills to Coachella, are things getting serious?


The Jenners are always in the news for one thing or another, may it be their new shows, gossip, and fights online or their fast relationships. Everything’s caught in the spotlight, even their tiniest moves.

Nowadays Kendall Jenner is in the news due to her rumored relationship, situation ship, or just a casual ship which is unknown with the rapper Bad Bunny.

Kendall and Bad Bunny

The couple is enjoying the togetherness by spending time together, may it be on dinner dates, horse riding, or attending concerts together. Reports said that Jenner finds Bad Bunny or Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio very charming and likes him. Reports also claim that For Kendall, Bad Bunny is different from all the guys she has dated before and enjoys having fun with him.

When did they first meet?

But all of this didn’t start years back but only this February. The couple started meeting and seeing each other in February 2023. Reports said that the couple was seen together at Beverly Hills with none other than Justin and Hailey Bieber, having brunch at Wally’s. It might be a coincidence or hunger, but whatever it was, started chaos in their relationship.

Timeline of their Relationship

After this, a source revealed some interesting things about Kendall and Bad Bunny by saying that Kendall wasn’t really looking for a relationship and there’s nothing official between the two but they’re getting to know each other better and are seeing each other almost every day. Kendall’s feelings towards Bad Bunny are increasing after spending more time with her rumored boyfriend. Whatever it is, Kendall sees potential and is letting the whole thing go with the flow.

Last month, the couple was spotted horse riding together which made people think about things getting serious between the two, and later on, both were caught at Coachella where Kendall was seen enjoying Bad Bunny’s performance. After all this, the couple was recently seen together in Los Angeles where they were attending a concert by Tyler, the creator.

Last Saturday, the couple was spotted yet again, hanging out with each other, roaming in Merc together, and enjoying a night out with each other when they were captured by the paparazzi in endless pictures.

The pictures have caused great chaos on the internet and fans are divided where some say that there’s definitely something fishy going around and troll Bad Bunny by saying that no one can ever get serious with someone named Bad Bunny whereas others said that they simply do not care and what the couple would actually be talking about

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