King Charles Coronation: who’ll attend the coronation this year?

King Charles Coronation or the start of the new Carolean era, all of the plans have been done. With the Coronation coming nearer to its date, things aren’t going as they were planned.

king charles coronation
king charles coronation

The new upcoming monarchs, the new throne, all of this need’s grandness and celebration and for that, the A-list celebrities mark their attendance every year, but it seems like not many of these are willing to attend the coronation this year. The big prompt and show will seemingly be smaller than before. Well seems like it’s not as easy as the organizers thought it would be.

It was for the king’s performance that Kylie Minogue was invited but reportedly Kylie has said no to the invitation. It’s said that the reason for her declining this invitation is related to political affairs. Kylie has always been an admirer of the Royal family and there are no hard feelings.

The Harry’s House singer, Harry Styles had to say no too because of the ongoing Love tour which is already sold out worldwide.
And same goes for The Rocket Man as he too has tours lined up.

Reports are Speculating that the famous Spice Girls and Sir Elton John have also declined the regal invitation due to unforeseen reasons.

The all-time classic Adele had to say no to the Royals, sadly because of some agreements related to her previous contracts.

The shape of you singer, Ed Sheeran said no to the invitation due to some commitments he already made before the invitation.

The decline of Ed Sheeran and Adele was very saddening and stressful for the organizers as the King was actually looking up to their performances. Both singers are famous across the globe and are highly loved.

With all of these Big A-List personalities declining the Regal invitation, there’s still hope left for the attendees.

There are many new additions to the list of invited people which includes Tiwa Savage, DJ Pete Tong, and Lucy who’s the winner of The Piano TV talent show. Apart from that, from India Sonam Kapoor, who’s a Bollywood star Bollywood will be seen delivering a performance.

Everyone’s favorite Tom Cruise, children’s companion Winnie the Pooh, and Dame Joan Collins will also mark their prestigious presence at the coronation concert.

Opening of the Concert

The opening of the concert will be on 7th May and it’ll be done by Lionel Richie, a legend. The grand opening will be done at none other than the Monarch’s personal residence of Windsor Castle.

Not only this but Roar singer Katy Perry will also be joining the ceremony and she isn’t just invited to perform but has also been told that she could stay at Windsor Castle. What a chance right?

‘Lighting up the Nation’, will include the celebration as iconic and popular locations across the United Kingdom will light up using beautiful light shows and projections.

The venue and guests

The coronation will take place at Westminster Abbey. Charles will be crowned as King Charles III with the crown of St Edward.
The event will include 2000 guests this year.