Best Minecraft Games for Kids in 2021

Since the beginning of the video game industry, Minecraft games are very popular among kids. These games are not only joyful but also helps kids to think creatively. So, without wasting any time, let me present you the list of:

7 Best Minecraft Games For Kids

1. Dragon Quest Builders

  • Developers: Square Enix Creative and Business unit III
  • Publishers: Nintendo and Square Enix
  • Platforms: Play Station 3 & 4, Nintendo Switch
  • Release: 28th January 2016 (Initial)

Dragon Quest Builders is a sandbox action role-playing game and the set of the game is based on the original Dragon Quest video game.

Just like most other Minecraft games, there is no proper storyline present in this game. The game goes on according to your activity. This game mainly focuses on creativity and crafting different types of objects using the materials obtained by the player. You have to build a village from scratch which was destroyed in the past by dragons.

You will face many enemies likes scorpions and skeletons while collecting materials and it won’t let you get bored playing the game. The game is all about your leadership ability to architect and manage a village and also protect its steadily growing population from enemies.

Get this game on Playstation Store and Steam

2. Cubic Castles

  • Developers: Cosmic Cow
  • Publishers: Cosmic Cow
  • Platforms: Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Mac OS
  • Release: 7th August 2014 (Initial)

Cubic Castles is the only game developed by Cosmic Cow and became very popular among kids for its easy game mechanics.

This is an online game where you can create your own clan with your friends or you can join another clan and make friends online to play with the. There are many ingredients present in the game which you can use to craft your own creation and manage your village. You can do farming, mining, chatting with your online friends and trade your game objects too. Overall, a perfect game for kids to play.

Cubic Castles is a free-to-play game and you can download it from Cubic Castles

3. Craftica

  • Developers: Limin Fu
  • Publishers: Limin Fu
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux
  • Release: 26th March 2020

If you like the game mechanics of Minecraft, this game is perfect for you. This is a casual simulation-based game with no combats.

The main punch here is that you can build sophisticated modern devices like computers, robots and other machines using the materials available in the game. You can also build high-tech objects like electrical circuits, logic gates and all. For this creative concept of modernization and learning the game became very popular. And the colourful visuals made the game more attractive for kids.

Purchase the game from Steam

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4. Block Story

  • Developers: MindBlocks Studios, LLC
  • Publishers: MindBlocks Studios, LLC
  • Platforms: Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows
  • Release: 10th December 2015

Block Story is a 3D block-building with exciting role-playing elements. Not like most Minecraft games, Block Story has a story mode with a lot of missions and challenges.

In the game, you have the ultimate power of creation and you can create many interesting things like buildings, castles, swords, bows etc using the materials available in the game. You have to cut, chop, dig etc to collect raw materials.

In the story mode, there are many challenges like defeating giant enemies and dragons to obtain special elements. You can also ride on dragons while playing the game. The game all about an action-packed RPG experience in the form of blocks.

Get the game on Steam

5. Trove

  • Developers: Trion Worlds
  • Publishers: Trion Worlds
  • Platforms: Play Station 4, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows
  • Release: 9th July 2015

The game comes up with five different characters with each individual special ability. There are different portals available to access different game world and according to the Power Rank, a player can access thee portals. Battle with shadow, dragons and giant enemies and experience the combat and adventure of the game with your favourite character.

Players can also craft their equipment and also trade for different objects. The modern graphic visuals and effects are created in form of cubes are just fantastic as well as creative which gives a very different environment for a voxel-based game. Let your imagination be free and explore the endless world of Trove.

Its a free-to-play game, you can download it from Steam

6. FortressCraft Evolved

  • Developers: Projector Games
  • Publishers: Digital Tribe
  • Platforms: Xbox 360
  • Release: 9th November 2015

FortressCraft Evolved is a modernised voxel sandbox game and when the game was launched it was known as a futuristic game at that time for its advanced game mechanics and automated operations.

The game begins with a crash landing on an alien world were just basic starting machines were provided to the player. From there the players have to search for raw materials and resources and build a massive underground mining system. Using these resources you have to build high-tech power systems that can energize your massive automated logistic operations and advanced defence systems.

Here you can design and craft your advance defence system to fight against alien invaders and ultimately you have to energise your base to escape from the planet. Be a part of the evolution of voxel survival and experience the creativity of sandbox games like never before.

Download and Play FortressCraft Evolved on Steam

7. Craft The World

  • Developers: Black Maple Games
  • Publishers: Black Maple Games
  • Platforms: iOS, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS
  • Release: 25th November 2014

Craft The World is a 2-Dimensional strategic sandbox game with very simple but entertaining game mechanics especially for kids.

The game is set in a randomly generated world controlled by dwarfs. You have to collect resources and raw material and build a castle for dwarfs, houses and other structures like defence systems to protect your world from nasty creatures. You have to explore different areas in search of resources for construction.

This game mainly focuses on basic strategy building to construct a more creative structures and protect it from the enemies and your creativity, a perfect game for kids to explore their creative minds.

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FAQs on Minecraft Games for Kids

  1. What is the appropriate age for Minecraft games?

    It totally depends on the game complexity and the player. So, according to players capacity, you have to choose the correct version.

  2. Why do parents hate Minecraft Games?

    Some of the parents like Minecraft games because it helps the kid to show his/her creativity and explore imagination. But due to game complexity and addiction, some of the parents don’t like Minecraft games too much.