20 Most Expensive Airlines in the World – 2022

Luxury air travel might be becoming almost as popular as travel itself. While air travel can definitely be uncomfortable, people will go to any lengths to make air travel as luxe as possible. With more and more airlines coming out with incredulous luxuries on-flight, the rich and affluent can choose between the best of luxuries. These are some of the most expensive airlines in 2022.

20 Most Expensive Airlines in the World

20. Delta Air Lines

If you’re a gourmet lover, Delta One, the airline’s premium cabin, is a joy to travel in. Throughout the trip, lucky passengers will be treated to a menu by Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson, who has carefully matched delectable wines with delicious food. Although pillows offering great back support and fresh, aromatic coffee are made available to travelers, these amenities fall very short of those offered by the best airlines in the world. It might cost up to $800 to fly from New York to Los Angeles alone, much less international travel.

19. American Airlines

American Airlines, the world’s biggest carrier in terms of fleet size, has recently upped its game. While flying, guests may enjoy in-flight wine sampling, a sleep-in service (complete with a set of cozy pajamas), and a private workstation with internet connectivity where passengers may work peacefully. The rise in the price of the tickets comes from the fact that the stock is selling rapidly at the moment. Flights with first-class tickets may cost $500-900 putting this among the more affordable airlines.

18. Thai Airways International

Thai Airlines provides cabin service that definitely lives up to the reputation of the Thai, who is known to be a hospitable lot. To kick off their stay in semi-private rooms, visitors receive a sparkling champagne glass and caviar from Royal First. All passengers departing from Bangkok towards Singapore are eligible for a calming and luxurious Thai massage before boarding. One-way tickets may come to $800-900 dollars.

17. Kenya Airways

Although Kenya Airways lost out on figuring in the top 10 in the World Travel Awards for the title of “World’s Leading Airline – Business Class,” the airline is still a delight to travel in. Passengers in Economy Class, as well as those flying First Class, may take advantage of complimentary cocktails in addition to reclining chairs and exquisite meals with wine pairings. Tickets from New York to Lagos may cost $1800.

16. Air Seychelles

Travel to Seychelles—a collection of islands near Madagascar off the east coast of Africa—is costly, and the national airline reflects those costs. Upon arrival in the islands, Air Seychelles customers can hire a luxury boat as one of the additional services they can make use of. Tickets can cost up to $2000 and even $2500.

15. Virgin Atlantic

This luxe airline is one of many pet projects undertaken by Richard Branson, and this airline aims to make flying a very pleasurable experience for passengers. Upper-class customers may relax in the spa before their flight thanks to the provision of private cars taking the passengers from plane to airport and vice versa. Also, did we mention the complimentary massages provided to passengers throughout the flight? Upper-class flights start from $1000.

14. Hainan Airlines

Hainan Airlines was named as one of the world’s leading providers of business-class air travel by the World Travel Awards for the second consecutive year. Aside from that, it was also recognized for its in-flight service. In Business Class, amenities like turn-in service complete with a silk blanket and seasonal tea selections are offered. First-class tickets start from $1600.

13. Oman Air

Oman Air’s Economy Class was listed by the World Travel Awards of 2015 amongst its list of leading airlines, while its Muscat airport lounge was awarded the title of one of the Leading Business-Class Airport Lounges of the world. This airline has a unique safety record since it has had no fatalities or incidents in its history. First-class passengers are treated to a limousine pick-up and a seat massaging device with eight pressure points for an ultra-luxurious flight. Flights may cost around $1700.

12. South Korean Air

Korean Air’s new Kosmo Suites are little cocoons amidst the cabins, providing passengers ultimate seclusion with the comfortable decor in soothing colors. The flight has a fully-functioning bar that remains stocked with the most exquisite drinks, and it’s the perfect place for passengers to unwind after a long flight. Along with American Airlines and the rest of our list of luxury airlines, Korean Air has bestowed the accolade of being one of the world’s leading first-class air-travel providers. Tickets can cost anywhere between $2500-$3000.

11. British Airways

Talking about what the Queen is up to and afternoon tea are two of the most beloved British pastimes. Afternoon tea will still be served at 35,000 feet even if the Queen isn’t onboard a British Airways aircraft any time soon. A relaxing massage or a luxurious facial treatment awaits First Class travelers departing from Heathrow airport to JFK. It could cost around $5000 for a one-way trip in first class.

10. Qatar Airways

When it comes to Middle Eastern hospitality, only six airlines can claim the prestigious Skytrax “5-Star Airline” Asia Award: and one of them is Qatar Airways. A Giorgio Armani amenity package is provided on the flight, but the main attraction is the humongous business lounge which measures up to half a football stadium. Tickets may cost $5000 and upwards.

9. Swiss International Air

Swiss Air a.k.a Swiss International Air, although a subsidiary of Lufthansa, is well-known for handing out Swiss chocolate to every passenger on almost every trip. Besides cake, champagne, and red wine as on-board surprises, Swiss Air’s successor airline also enables pre-booking. ‘Zimmerli of Switzerland’ pajamas and ‘La Prairie’ luxury toiletries are popular among First Class passengers. This airline is so popular that you can bid for first-class seats, which have even gone up to $6,000.

8. Qantas Airline

Qantas is an Australian airline, despite the name seeming like it belongs to a Middle Eastern carrier. QNAT Aerial Services is an abbreviation for Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services, the original name. Every intercontinental First-Class seat appears more like an individual suite in terms of comfort, with fleece bedding and an automated bed. There is an eight-course tasting menu available for traveling foodies. Premium first-class tickets can cost between $4500-$7000.

7. Emirates

Emirates is without a doubt one of the most luxurious airlines in the big wide sky, especially when it comes to onboard facilities. Emirates understands how to delight its most affluent passengers, with amenities like Bulgari products, a shower spa, and a bar and lounge on board. In other words, you’ll be given premium bone China and expensive silver cutlery for your meals. It definitely has a posh air about it. If you’re willing to give up $9,000, this is the flight for you.

6. The Cathay Pacific Airways Group

Because of the exceptional First-Class service provided by Cathay Pacific, the luxury airplane cabin is more like a museum. There are sculptures within the cabin made by Maria Lobo and Linda Leviton, renowned contemporary artists. The layout of Cathay Pacific’s cabin, which includes an ottoman for guests, gives the impression that it’s an extended tea party between strangers rather than a flight. First-class tickets may cost $10,000.

5. Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand has revolutionized air travel with its SkyCouch Economy Class design. Seats in the window rows have collapsible armrests as well as leg rests that expand to the row in front, providing a level area for kids to play on. Cuddle class has been made accessible to youngsters just as a separate option. With an ottoman footrest accompanying reclining seats, Air New Zealand’s Business Premier class has the longest cabins of any Business Class. For an additional fee, passengers may use the ottoman as a second seat. Flights from NY to Aukland can cost upwards of $13,000.

4. Lufthansa

Lufthansa, Europe’s largest airline, proves that German efficiency and frugality don’t have to equal a cheap flight. First-class travelers traveling from Frankfurt have access to a separate terminal with 200 employees to cater to 300 guests each day. Mercedes-Benz S- or V-Classes, Porsche Cayennes, or Panameras whisk people to the plane when it’s time to take off. First-class tickets may even cost $15,000.

3. Singaporean Airlines

The first step of entering a Singapore Airlines Suites Cabin is to adorn a comfortable robe and matching slippers provided by the onboard crew. Take a look around once you’ve found a comfortable seat and admire the interior decor, which was created by Frenchman and luxury interior designer Jean-Jacques Coste. An LCD television with a screen size of 23 inches will keep you entertained, the cabins offer a lot of privacy and have opaque sliding doors to ensure this. First-class tickets can easily cost around $10,000-$25,000.

2. All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways’ First-Class cabin resembles a railway compartment rather than an aircraft. Each cabin has a private closet, as well as international telephones and a box-like structure that almost completely eliminates outside noise. The first-class tickets are not only hard to get in terms of availability but also in terms of price, as they are priced at $25,000.

1. Etihad Airways Limited

When it comes to luxury air travel, Etihad Airways is at the top of the list with everything a passenger could desire on board. For seven years now, it has been titled the world’s most expensive and luxurious airline, with ancillary accolades commending its business-class and first-class services. The most expensive flight panning from New York to Abu Dhabi is priced at a whopping $30,000, which might not even amount to the total cost of the stay in Abu Dhabi! But if you’re still not impressed, first-class in Etihad can cost $64,000 in 2021. “The Residence” is the airline’s most luxurious cabin. Complete with a double bedroom, plenty of seating spaces, a shower, servers, and a private cabin, traveling through this airline may make you feel like you’re staying in a five-star hotel.

If you thought airfares were through the roof, you’re probably holding your head in your hands looking at these prices. But worry not, we always have Google maps that do the job and definitely easier on the pocket. If you had the money, where would you go to? Do you think you’d ever buy a ticket as expensive as these? Most of all, do you think it’s worth it? Let us know in the comments down below.