8 Most Expensive Aston Martin of All Time

Aston Martin- one of the most world-renowned British automobile giants has been the producer of many iconic cars for years now. Be it James Bond’s insanely fast mini defense tank or the high-octane and recently launched Vulcan, AM has never disappointed its enthusiasts.

While some of its mean machines are reasonably priced, some have the potential to wipe off your entire bank balance. Here’s bringing to you the list of the 8 most expensive Aston Martin ever which will have your eyes pop out in no time!

Top 8 Most Expensive Aston Martin of All Time

8. 2009 Aston Martin One-77 – $1.4 Million

Video: Autocar YouTube

If you’re a sports car admirer, then Aston Martin’s One-77 is a sheer treat for you! Released in 2009, the bonnet of the car is shaped into a hull boat and its body is as ripped as Hulk. The chassis is made of pure carbon fiber which allows the car to be head in any direction seamlessly.

The interiors are built using original bucket-seated leather and it can touch speeds as high as 220 mph. It was the next best sports car released after the Aston Martin Vanquish in 2001 and only 77 of them were ever produced.

The car was sold at an Auction4WildLife Event in Abu Dhabi for $1.4 million in 2011 which also makes it one of the rarest AM’s to have been sold!

7. Aston Martin Ulster – $2.9 Million

Video: Goodwood Road and Racing

Looking for a classic and vintage Aston Martin model? Consider the Ulster to be a seamless fit into your collection! Designed in the 1930s, it was considered to be one of the fastest cars in the motor-racing circuit of that era.

The car’s design has been inspired by Italian-style coachwork and was of a large size which gave it an intimidating boxer look. Such was its ferocity that it could run at a speed of 100 mph which was outstanding for a car back then. Although it faced stiff competition from Ferrari, it was commercially successful due to its branding as a mean machine for the adrenaline junkies.

The Ulster was sold at the Bonhams Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2015 to an unidentified owner who splurged nearly 3 mils for this absolute beauty! What a lucky chap he must be!

6. 1960 Aston Martin DB4 GT Bertone Jet – $4.9 Million

most expensive aston martin

Ask your grandad about the DB4 GT Bertone Jet and he will have nostalgic images zapping through his head! First showcased at the 1961 Geneva Motor Show, it was built using a tube-frame body and had a thinner aluminum skin to reduce the weight.

Available in the 3.7 L and 3.8 L variants, the engine was made with 2 sparkplugs per cylinder and 3 twin-choke Webber carburetors. The DB4 GT achieved a top speed of 151 mph and was the fastest road-legal production car of its time.

But here’s the bad news. Only 75 of these exquisite pieces were manufactured and an additional 19 were made and modified by Zagato Works. The modified ones had Borrani wire wheels, plain oval grilles, and a smoothened rear end. It is one of the top 10 rarest Aston Martin cars to have ever been made!

5. James Bond Aston Martin DB5 – $6.4 Million

Video: Le Monde des Avengers

In case you didn’t know which car Q kept giving James Bond to escape from the thugs, it was the specially-designed Aston Martin DB5. It has almost featured in every James Bond film and has undergone modifications in the recent past to cater to technological requirements.

The custom-made DB5 was less of a car and more of a defense mechanism. It came with several exciting features such as a revolving license plate, Browning .30 caliber replica machine guns, and a passenger ejection system. The car was made by some of the finest engineers of AM and was incredibly fast for the 1960s era.

The DB5 is fondly remembered for the promotional tour of Thunderball and became a household name courtesy of James Bond. It was sold at a Sotheby’s event at Pebble Beach to an undisclosed buyer, thus becoming one of the most expensive Aston Martin to have been sold!

4. Aston Martin DB3S- $8.5 Million

Video: GoodingandCompany

One of the most expensive Aston Martin to have ever been made, this 1955 edition was released as an improvement to their box-chassis of the 1940s. The body was unimaginably curvy for a car and had a raised-brow design for its wheel arch.

It also had a pricey grill and an aquiline bonnet and a 4-speed transmission system to give it a raging speed. It achieved immense popularity when AM placed it alongside two of its models in the 1953 British Grand Prix, a decade when AM was at its peak in motor racing.

But like a few mentioned in this list, this one is another rare gem for only 20 of these were ever made. A vintage edition of it was sold at the Gooding and Company Pebble Beach Classic Car Sale in 2014. Whoever got their hands on it is never letting it go from their sight!

3. Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato – $10.1 Million

most expensive aston martin
Credit: Autocar

Third in the list of most expensive Aston Martin, here comes another member from the DB4 family of the 1960s. The body of this car was made in collaboration with Ugo Zagato’s coachbuilding company and bore a stark resemblance to that of a man having a Roman nose.

It also had interiors made of wood, sparse-chrome detailing, and wire-spoked wheels with tornado hubcaps. But all wasn’t been hunky-dory for the GT Zagato. It has been involved in three major accidents on the racetrack during its lifetime and questions have been asked on its safety as well.

Nonetheless, it was still one of the top-rated models of its time. Originally purchased by a poultry farmer named John Elgens, the ownership changed hands at the Bonhams European Greenwood Auction of 2018. Its $10.1 million sale receipt made it one of the most expensive Aston Martin of all time.

2. Aston Martin DP215 – $20.6 Million

I like to call the DP215 an airplane meant for the roads due to its terrifying and blazing speed! One of the most gorgeous models produced by AM, this prototype sports car boasted a sturdy body and a solid chassis made of aluminum.

The chassis was further drilled and modified to make the car more aerodynamic and its headlights were set deep in the vehicle for greater visibility. The gears were converted to the switchgear used in aircraft and its 198.6 mph top speed ensured it literally flew around the racing circuits.

To find this car would be to own Goldust for only one model was ever manufactured and it was on display at the 2018 Monterey Auction. But one thing is for sure. You would need to be a pilot rather than a driver to own this dizzyingly high-speed automobile!

1. Aston Martin DBR1 – $22.5 Million

Video: Petrolicious

Here is the moment that you’ve been waiting for with bated breath! Presenting to you the most expensive Aston Martin to ever exist- the Aston Martin DBR1! It is one of the most valuable cars in British history and has been driven by renowned drivers such as Sir Stirling Moss and Carroll Shelby.

Its stylish curves, bulbous vendors, and piercing headlamps accentuate the near-perfect symmetry and robustly built. It was mainly designed as a race car and set multiple records in the late 1950s, including that of winning the 1959 Nurburgring 1,000 km race.

The DBR1 has won multiple races such as the Le Man’s race and the RAC Tourist Trophy and was a dominant force to reckon with. The only other car that won the Nurburging, Le Mans, and the RAC Tourist Trophy races were Ferrari.

The pricey car was shown at the 2017 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Show and was sold for a staggering $22.5 million. After all, a champion car driven by the champions deserves a champion price tag, isn’t it?

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