15 Most Expensive Coffee in the World

Are you a coffee connoisseur who just cannot get through the day without their morning cup of coffee? Well then, sip on that hot coffee and keep reading this article while you’re at it!

Coffee is one of the most go-to beverages in the world, especially among youngsters. It has so much to offer like helping you pull yourself together for pending work, be more mentally stimulated, help with weight loss and even help you live longer.

There are a plethora of options when it comes to the kinds of coffee one can choose from, but did you know that there is a wide price range for coffee as well?

Here is a list of the most expensive coffee in the world!

1) Kopi Luwak

Most Expensive Coffee

Also popularly known as civet coffee is actually Civet excreta which originated in Indonesia. What’s more astonishing is that people are willing to buy a cup of coffee that is made by the Palm Civet eating coffee cherries and letting the beans ferment inside their body during digestion. This enhances the flavor and is what makes this coffee unique.

After they excrete it, the feces are roasted to give us Civet coffee beans that are then brewed and served to those eagerly waiting customers. It’s one of the most famous expensive coffee in the world with a price range of $35- $100 per cup so you can bet on the taste to be nothing compared to your daily cup of Joe!

2) Black Ivory Coffee

Most Expensive Coffee

If you thought Kopi Luwak was the only coffee made from an animal excreta well think twice! Black Ivory Coffee coffee is produced in Northern Thailand using coffee beans that were consumed by elephants which when excreted by them is collected and then brewed. During the digestion in the elephant’s body, the coffee proteins get broken down, the bitter taste is reduced, and the aroma gets more pleasant, and the final coffee is velvety smooth and gives this coffee its exclusive flavor.

These excreted coffee beans are hard to find to get a good proportion of the excreted coffee beans, a large number of beans need to be consumed by the elephants thus, making it expensive. It is priced at $50 a cup or more than $500 per pound. Yes, it’s expensive but worth the taste.

3) Finca El Injerto Coffee

Most Expensive Coffee

It deserves to be in the top 5 best coffee in the world if not the most expensive and here’s why- The company led by a father-son duo has taken many steps to ensure the production and manufacturing of this coffee promotes environmental protection. This coffee is produced in Guatemala in Latin America. It is made by washing small rich yet rare beans in a channel and breaking it twice for improving quality. This coffee has received many awards and has a sweet fruity taste that seems like a cup of coffee that’s worth a try. It is priced at $400-$500 per pound.

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4) Hacienda La Esmeralda

Most Expensive Coffee

This exquisite coffee is grown in the Hacienda La Esmeralda farm on mount Baru. The coffee company is owned by the Peterson family and is in the Republic of Panama. Each coffee bean is handpicked from the farm only located and grown in Western Panama. Its rich flavor with a sweet aroma and delicious taste is what attracts coffee lovers to try this rare delicacy. This coffee has won many awards in coffee competitions across the globe. It is priced at $350 per pound.

5) Kona Coffee

Most Expensive Coffee

The name gives away the origin of this coffee. It has been grown and cultivated in Kona a district of Hawaii due to the perfect coffee been weather it possesses. There are very few Kona coffee farms in existence and the unique growing conditions like volcanic soil rich in minerals and nutrients are what makes this coffee rare and expensive. The price range of Kona Coffee varies according to the percentage of Kona coffee in it. A 100% Kona coffee is approximately $30 per pound.

6) Ospina

Most Expensive Coffee

It is produced by roasting the scarce acacia typical beans found in Ande’s of Columbia and grown in the rich volcanic mountains present here under the shade of the tropic forest. Each coffee bean is handpicked after-ripening and then fermented and left to sun dry until it’s time for it to be roasted to perfection. The Ospina coffee farm emerged in 1835 and is a company that has been flourishing under the same family for five generations and many more to come. It is priced at $120 per pound.

7) Fazenda Santa Ines

Most Expensive Coffee

It is a very sweet and bright coffee made using lemon and clove. What makes this coffee standout is instead of using automated processes like most of its competitors, it uses the traditional method to prevent crop damage with a variety of flavors along with a rich creamy body that’s appealing to the eye. It has been in business since 1979 and is made using bourbon type of bean. This brand is in Brazil and is priced at 50$ per pound.

8) Saint Helena Coffee

Most Expensive Coffee

The name of the coffee comes from the name of the island it is grown in – Saint Helena located at the center of the Atlantic Ocean which is the reason behind the high-cost transportation and one of the most expensive coffee in the world. People are ready to pay a big sum for this drink due to its caramel flavor with a pinch of citrus taste along with the smooth texture. Green Tipped Bourbon Arabica is used which is a delicate bean type. Roasting requires great care and experience. All this makes the unreasonable coffee price seem reasonable. It’s priced at $79 per pound,

9) Los Planes Coffee

Most Expensive Coffee

One of the most expensive yet popular coffees in the world. It is owned by a family called Sergio Ticas Yeyes that grow this coffee on a farm located in El Salvador. They produce a range of flavors and tastes which are truly divine. Its most trending flavors are brown sugar threads and tangerine with caramel. It is priced at $40 per pound.

10) Mi Esperanza Coffee

Most Expensive Coffee

This coffee is cultivated in Cerrado, Brazil. It has diverse flavors such as spice, fruits, nuts, etc. What makes it different from the rest is the absence of a bitter taste that is generally an inseparable part of a cup of coffee. It is priced at $35 per pound.

11) Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

Most Expensive Coffee

It is grown in the Jamaican Blue mountains at the height of nearly 5,000 feet for good quality beans due to rainfall, volcanic soil, and intense humidity. The fruit ripens slowly which makes it different. The Jamaican blue mountains are a small coffee-growing place which makes the number of beans produced limited and thereby, making the coffee expensive. It lacks bitterness and that weird after-taste of coffee. The mild taste and low acidity of this coffee is what make it unique, it’s very famous in Japan thus, it’s no surprise that Japan is the biggest importer of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. This coffee is priced at $60 per pound.

12) Starbucks Quadringinoctuple Frap

The high price is due to its limited quantities and gained popularity due to the variety of flavors it includes. This is the most expensive coffee you’ll find in Starbucks. It’s worth the steep price because it gets you pumped up. Priced at about $48 per cup.

13) Swiss Water Decaf Kona

Most Expensive Coffee

Do you love having coffee in the evening or night but don’t because the caffeine keeps you up at night? Then this coffee is brewed just for you! It is formulated by Koa Coffee and has coffee flavors and even aroma but what makes it stand out is it does not contain caffeine! Activated charcoal is used to absorb the caffeine from the beans and put in hot water to give it a caffeine-free flavor. It is grown on the Mauna Loa volcano of Hawaii. It is priced at $55 per pound.

14) Nepal Himalayan Lalitpur Coffee

Most Expensive Coffee

This is produced in Nepal at the Greenwell Organic Farm located 4,400 feet above the ground. It has hints of cranberry and citrus with the right amount of acidity. Coffee lovers who’ve tried this coffee and even Jamaican Blue coffee believe that this coffee tastes quite similar to the Jamaican one but at a much affordable price.

15) Guatemala Geisha

It is cultivated between two volcanoes Tacana and Tajumulco in a coffee farm called Nueva Granada. They are believed to have 30 percent lesser caffeine than usual. It has a chocolatey and nutty taste owing to the volcanic soil. It has hints of jasmine with accents of mandarin and is produced in limited quantity which makes it more desirable.

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