10 Most Expensive Movie Theaters in the World

There are so many ways to take a break on your weekend these days. A road trip with your friends, a day spent resting, or maybe just having a dinner night with your loved ones.

The forms of entertainment are aplenty, and one of those is enjoying a nice 3-hour trip to the nearest movie theatre.

But every enjoyment has a price to pay, and these movie theaters charge a lot if you have to enjoy a top-of-the-line movie-going experience.

So today we will take a look at the most expensive movie theatres in the world. These are cineplexes that have a high standard of services being provided to you for watching your favorite movies so that for a small price you can get that luxury treatment while you sit back and relax.

Grauman’s Chinese Theater

The city of Angels, Los Angeles, is the heart of the world-famous Hollywood movie industry. And at the heart of this industry is Grauman’s Chinese Theater, also known as the TCL Chinese Theater.

This place is so iconic that it is always an auspicious day if your movie gets to premiere in this theater. It would be even more auspicious if your handprints and star become a feature outside the theater on the famous Walk of Fame pathway.

A regular spot for some of the biggest actors in the world, Grauman’s has a fascinating cinema experience for its patrons.

Alamo Drafthouse Theater

American movie-going fans will be very familiar with this name, after all, it is one of the most famous theater chains in the USA.

In operation since 1997, the Texas-based cinema chain is famous for its unique movie experience, with a fixed table in front of each row to serve food and even dinner during its movies. Alamo is also famous for serving beer to its patrons, a service that not a lot of cinema chains offer these days.

What makes Alamo probably the most famous is its notoriously strict policy of movie-going etiquettes. Alamo enforces a no child under 2 years of age policy, along with no talking or texting during the movie.

These steps are taken for an unhindered movie experience for all patrons.

Electric Cinema

This cinema is truly a royal experience converted into a movie-watching delight. Considered as Britain’s oldest motion picture cinema, guests are open indulge in the luxurious Victorian-style architecture of the cinema halls, combined with a comfortable experience with leather couches for seating.

There is also a diner called Electric Diner and a bar available for the guests to enjoy.

Ciné de Chef

Ever wondered what would happen if a movie theater was combined with a classy and deluxe restaurant? Well, look no further.

This Seoul-based movie theater does exactly what it says: combining a movie day out with a gourmet dining experience.

The place has Le Cordon Bleu-certified chefs cooking food for you, in a cinema space where each ticket could cost as much as 85 Dollars, while the seat you sit in is worth almost 7000 Dollars! That is a lot of money spent for just a 2 and a half hour movie!

Rajmandir Theater

Our next entry is from the fine land of India, more specifically the land of royal kings and palaces, Rajasthan.

Rajmandir theater was opened in 1976 and is covered in a meringue color, decorated in a way that you would only see in a king’s palace.

This place has a capacity of more than 1000 people.

The Odeon

It is said that Britain is a costly place to live in, considering that if you want to live a good life there, you need to learn the ways of the royal people. And this is something that even applies to their cinemas.

Odeon is a cinema chain based in London, England, established in 1928. This place is so expensive that numerous times customers have launched public complaints regarding its high ticketing and snack prices!

Kino International

Kino International is a film theater made in Berlin, Germany in 1963.

This cinema is famous mostly due to its location, which is on the Karl-Marx-Allee in Eastern Berlin, where a lot of classical German historic buildings are made.

Since the construction of those buildings, in the second wave of construction, more modern buildings were made with specific dimensions prescribed so as to not disturb the older buildings.

This cinema is now one of the main venues for the annual Berlin Film Festival.

Cineteca Matadero

This cinema in Madrid, Spain looks like an auditorium in a museum that is filled with rich artifacts. The Matadero is a beautiful cinema complex that has wonderful lighting and a fabulous decor setting.

This place is a hub for contemporary media being displayed to the world, and they specialize in showing films that are non-fiction and based on real issues and topics of life, both good and bad.

Castro Theatre

It is usually the oldest cinemas that grab the spotlight for being expensive and having classy pricing for an old-fashioned experience. And Castro is no different in that aspect.

This historic movie theatre located in San Francisco has been declared a historic landmark and is one of the oldest active theatres in the country.

The theatre was launched in 1910 and is nowadays famous for hosting a plethora of renowned film festivals as well as special premieres for the Queer community.

The cinema has a very old interior design and is still maintained to look that way, giving its patrons an experience of the bygone times for their favorite movies.

New Beverly Cinema

If you are a movie-going fan in the USA, this one has probably been on your wishlist for the longest time.

The New Beverly Cinema is another USA classic movie theatre with a rich historic background, dating back to the 1920s. It is one of the oldest cinemas that show cult classic movies, and to date continues to do so.

The reason why it has become so famous in recent years is due to its ownership, which has been in the hands of popular American filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, since 2007.

In conclusion, movies are sometimes meant to inspire, while other times they are meant to simply entertain. But these cinemas can also make a serious hole in your pockets if you are not careful with what you spend on!

Which of these cinemas would you like to visit in the future? Comment down below and let us know your thoughts!