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10 Most Expensive Refrigerators in the World



10 Most Expensive Refrigerators in the World

We all know that refrigerators are one of the most commonly found appliances in any household and how important they are to preserve our food. Be it those fresh ripe tomatoes or that irresistible chocolate ice cream, they can barely survive for long without a fridge.

And while all these are basic, there are a few refrigerators that come with a lot more than your average ice-man. Here’s bringing to you the list of the 10 most expensive refrigerators in the world that will definitely cool your food whilst burning a hole in your pocket!

List of Most Expensive Refrigerators

10. LG Mega Capacity 3 Door French Door with Smart Cooling – $3,400

most expensive refrigerators

Looking for a refrigerator as intelligent as Einstein? Consider LG’s Mega Capacity Series to be your best bet! Built with Smart Cooling Technology, this three-door refrigerator’s settings can be customized as per your needs.

The fridge is really smart and informs you of the optimum temperature at which your food needs to be cooled. As mentioned earlier, it comes with three doors, thereby allowing you to store more items than the average fridge.

9. 30 cu. ft. Smart wi-fi Enabled InstaView™ Door-in-Door® Refrigerator with Craft Ice™ Maker – $3,799

most expensive refrigerators

Coming from the LG clan, this monstrous fridge is equipped with four doors and has the trademark LG Smart Cooling Technology fitted inside it. Along with it comes a chill drawer which allows you to keep commodities that need instant cooling.

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Apart from the refrigerator, the Super Capacity has an ice dispenser and a fresh air filter to prevent odor from entering the appliance. However, you would need to have massive floor space to fit one of the most expensive refrigerators in your kitchen!

8. Electrolux Flatshare Fridge – $7,000

most expensive refrigerators

Little did Stefan Buchberger know that his invention would go on to be one of the most expensive refrigerators in the world! Designed for the Electrolux Design Lab Competition in 2008, his idea was to create a fridge that would help people deal with storage issues.

The fridge consists of a base station and comes with four stackable modules which act like four mini-refrigerators. These modules can be customized and come with a host of add-ons such as a whiteboard and a bottle opener. And the best part is that you can detach the modules and fit this pocket cooler in your suitcase. Don’t forget to take it on your next trip abroad!

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7. Liebherr ECBN 6256 Premium Plus Refrigerator – $8,953

most expensive refrigerators

Featuring at number seven in our list of most expensive refrigerators is Liebherr’s ECBN 6256 Premium Plus Refrigerator. Armed with a plethora of smart features, this stainless-steel model boasts of some of the modern developments in cooling technology.

It’s No Frost technology ensures that your food remains preserved for prolonged periods. The Biofresh and DuoCooling system allows for automatic temperature regulation of the fridge. To add to that, the Softmaker system enables automatic door closure on attaining temperatures greater than 30 degrees Celsius. With so many cool features to explore, do go for it if you want to make food preservation more intelligent.

6. Northland Primary Series GS72RFI – $12,600

Standing at 72 inches, this freezer cum refrigerator is one of the biggest refrigeration systems in the world. Primarily made for residential use, the exteriors and the interiors are made using pure stainless steel. Certain elements of glass have also been added to allow a transparent view of the items placed inside.

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While stainless steel increases its durability and overall performance, it is easier to clean and maintain the product. It also comes with an in-built icemaker and a freezer with automatic temperature regulation. The Northland Master is a reliable bet, provided you’re willing to spend more than 12 grand for a refrigerator!

Note: Northland refrigeration has been discontinued.

5. Northland 60SSG-SGX – $14,000

most expensive refrigerators

Now here comes another exquisite model of refrigerators from the Northland family. While the previous one was intended for average use, this one is a more higher-end version. The doors are made of stainless steel which makes the fridge durable and more efficient.

The transparent window allows easy viewing of the stored items and its smart cooling technology adjusts the temperature automatically. Furthermore, its stylish design is its biggest highlight and is perfect for any family that wants to add a touch of luxury to their home.

4. Miele 642 L Integrated Bottom Mount Fridge KF1911VI – $15,000

most expensive refrigerators

One of the most expensive refrigerators of all time, this German refrigerator is one of the largest fridges to have ever been made. With over 642 L of storage capacity, its cavity spaces have been carefully designed and illuminated using halogen emitters.

The fridge is equipped with Miele‘s MasterCool humidity-controlled doors and can be adjusted to accommodate more items. The DynaCool system circulates the air which optimally distributes the air and humidity. While it may come with a lot of smart technology, we’re not sure if it will be healthy on your electricity bill!

3. Sub Zero Pro 48 with Glass Door – $16,950

most expensive refrigerators

This high-end cold storage would need more than a page to be explained about. Occupying more than 30 cubic feet, it is built using dual refrigeration technology that consists of two compressors and three evaporators. A magnetic seal has been added to the doors to maintain the temperature in the absence of electricity.

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The freezer and the fridge are placed beside each other and have anti-odor technology installed in them. It also consists of a water filtration system to prevent pollutants from entering the fridge and the glass doors are made using UV-resistant glass. While this is a dream refrigerator for every family, it may just do enough to burn a hole in your pocket!

2. Smeg Fab 28 Refrigerator – $34,000

most expensive refrigerators

Designed in collaboration with Dolce and Gabbana, these Smeg refrigerators are designed on the theme of the Sicilian Carretto and are hand-painted by the artists themselves. Besides that, they are small in size and contain a basic fridge and a freezer.

But what makes it so expensive is that its designs are painted by renowned Italian artists. They come in a variety of designs and can be customized as per your needs as well. But if you were thinking of laying your hands on them, hold on! Only 100 of these limited-edition refrigerators were made and we cannot guarantee you if you would still be able to find one or not!

1. Meneghini La Cambusa Refrigerator – $41,000

most expensive refrigerators

Ranking at the top of our most expensive refrigerators list is the Meneghini La Cambusa Refrigerator. This ain’t your ordinary refrigerator for it consists of a freezer, mini flat-screen television, and a coffee-making machine.

most expensive refrigerators

Apart from the plethora of features mentioned earlier, this Meneghini product is gigantic and size and its design can be easily customized. With a capacity of over 450 L, it is large enough to house a pantry and can also be added with an oven. And with so many features and uber-cool specifications, this $41,000 Italian masterpiece is a luxury worth having in your bungalow!

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