8 Most Expensive Roses in the World (2022)

Roses make for a perfect gift on any occasion, and the perfect bouquet can leave an impression on the receiver for years. For instance, a man in Britain brought roses for his wife every year for 70 years. If that doesn’t sound absolutely magical, then what does? Investing time and money into a gift can indicate to the other person that you care about them. That’s why, florists have developed beautiful arrangements of roses that may cost a little more, but are absolutely worth it. Here’s a list of the most expensive roses in the world to gift to your significant other, loved ones, colleagues, and friends.

1. Juliet Rose – $5 million

This delicate flower, which resembles the color of champagne rose and shades of apricot, is as rare as it is beautiful. It was developed by David Austin over a period of 15 years, beginning in 1989, and can cost close to $3 million, effectively crowing it as the most expensive rose in the world. It has a strong fragrance and is a medium-sized flower belonging to a large shrub variety called the English Shrub Rose. As the name suggests, the flower inherits its name from the classic play written by Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet. Due to the sheer rarity of this item, it sells for upwards of $5 million on the black market, making it not only the most expensive rose ever sold but also the most expensive flower ever developed.

In terms of bouquets, these flowers make for perfect rose borders, cuttings, as well as mixed borders. Its seeds can be purchased for 1/100000th of its selling price, but perfecting its growth is near impossible. It grows in all soil types and requires full sunshine in an East, South, or West facing position.

2. Preserved Rose Bouquets by Infinity – $200-$300

While fresh flowers are a wonderful gift item, these preserved rose bouquets are not only impeccable in terms of their beauty but also last for as long as a year without losing their freshness. If that sounds too good to be true, wait till you hear about the variety in colors offered. These bouquets are sold by Infinity Roses, and while a single rose may cost anywhere between $35-$50, these bouquets are especially a sight to cherish. The unique and elegant way of presenting them in a box makes them especially distinct.

These roses may not be the conventional archetype of a bouquet, but definitely deserve a place on the list of most expensive roses.

3. Patience Beige English Rose – $189

Third, on the list of most expensive roses is the Patience Beige Rose. This rose bouquet consists of beige-ivory English rose stems that symbolize union, marriage, and love. This exclusive rose from the David Austin catalog is a mildly fragrant English garden rose with a bigger petal count as well as an assortment of creamy petals on the outside and pale-yellow petals on the inside which give it the appearance of fullness and richness.

Patience is a beautiful and elegant flower ad perfect for bridal bouquets. It is a luxury rose that is harvested in Ecuador and is known for its longevity, with a shelf-life of around two weeks after harvesting. The best method to care for these flowers is to keep them away from intense sunshine, draughts, and extreme heat. If you want the roses to blossom faster upon arrival of the stems, place them in a warm location. Due to its popularity, this exclusive rose sells for $189 dollars or more for a simple bouquet.

4. Kate Hot Pink English Rose – $160

Another invention by luxury florist David Austin, this bright pink rose with azure undertones has a beautiful arrangement of wavy petals in a round, cup-shaped formation, and ranks third on the list of most expensive roses. This English rose which belongs to a shrub variety has a fruity and tangy fragrance. Its vibrant coloration makes it a great bouquet rose to combine with other colorful, vivid flowers.

It forms a beautiful border on a bouquet, but because it goes so well with both earthy as well as vibrant colors, its placement may not be fixed. They are a lovely flower to gift on any occasion but make for especially wonderful wedding flowers and anniversary gifts. These are usually sold for around $160.

5. Darcey Red English Rose – $160

Named after the acclaimed ballerina, the Darcey rose has a vivid blossom and nimble petals that dance in the wind. This English shrub rose is layered with 70 petals, and the fuchsia-red of the outer petals deepens to a crimson-pink as it closes in to the concealed center. When young, the outer petals of each bloom form a perfect ring around an inner cup, gradually opening out to form a perfect, medium-large rosette. The Darcey rose has a mild fragrance, a tad bit fruity but not noticeably so. This rose was introduced in 2006.

Darcey rose arrangements are popular in wedding ceremonies, but also make a perfect bouquet for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and birthdays. More sophisticated than the common red rose, they have a very organic look and scent to them and for those who take notice of the little things, this is the flower for them. The seemingly ever-blossoming arrangement of the flower petals makes it a great choice for bouquets. A single bouquet of these is priced at $160.

6. Forever Rose by Sara Verdier – $100 apiece.

This Forever Rose by fashion and jewelry designer Sara Verdier will bloom forever, and never wither. This is a rose that is preserved in raisin and lined with 24 karat gold, or sterling silver—whatever appeals to your fancy.

It is a 100% real rose harvested at peak freshness and preserved to last forever. These flowers are elegance embodied, and look stunning especially when held up against the light. These are perfect for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, proposals, and weddings as they symbolize the intransient nature of love between two individuals: forever rose for forever love. They are available in a number of colors: red, purple, and blue. A single rose costs $100.

7. Blue Lagoon Roses Bouquet – $60-$160

Blue roses are available in three popular varieties—blue lagoon, hydrangea blue, and blue irises. Though blue roses do not occur in nature, they are cultivated with care and the blue pigment is grafted into the stems at just the right time to give the petals a rich blue hue. Due to the effort it takes to cultivate these, and the rarity of their cultivation in general, blue roses are fairly expensive. While bouquets cost $60-100, more complex arrangements can cost upwards of $120.

Blue roses can look wonderful in wedding arrangements, adding a much-needed splash of color in the traditional white.

8. Green Amandine Roses – $50 apiece, $80 for bouquets

Green Amandine Roses can cost around $50 apiece but they’re every bit worth it. With lime-hued petals that show a seamless gradient of cream and chartreuse, they’re amongst the more costly arrangements in a bouquet.

Green rose floral arrangements convey compassion, friendship, appreciation, and optimism. Green as a color represents regrowth and recuperation, an affinity with nature, as well as serenity and tranquility. These beautiful roses are ideally given to first-time mothers, for career celebrations and achievements in the professional sphere, or an expecting family to convey well wishes for the journey onward.

While green rose bouquets are usually priced at more affordable rates, individual flowers can cost up to $50 each. These flowers are tinted with care to make the green coloring look completely organic. Due to their rarity and the demands of the plant, it is priced a little higher than the others.

We hope you found the right rose to gift for whatever occasion you’re celebrating or purchasing flowers for! What is your favorite? And do you think it is worth the price? Let us know in the comments below!