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20 Most Expensive TVs in the World



20 Most Expensive TVs in the World

Be it Tom and Jerry or your favorite daily soap, a house has always seemed incomplete without a TV residing in it. And like every child in the house, our parents have also told us that watching this idiot box will spoil your eyes and make you dumb (all of which was a lie though)!

But that was a thing of the past! The idiot box has become a lot smarter now and is helping us gaining tons of info in minutes. But to gain info from some smart ones, you may need to present the big bucks and we present to you the list of the 20 most expensive TVs in the world that will leave you awe-struck in no time!

List of Most Expensive TVs in the World

20. Sony XEL-1 –

most expensive tv

Cost – $2,500

When it comes to electronics, Sony never fails to disappoint us! Presenting the Sony XEL-1 which has the distinction of being the world’s first OLED TV. It is also the world’s slimmest television with a screen size of 11 inches and has a resolution of 960×540.

The top of the base has 2 speakers with volume and power buttons on the sides. It also has a memory stick slot, 2 HDMI inputs, and a 16-Volt DC input. While it may consume fewer amounts of electricity, it has been criticized for its small screen size and inability to effectively project primary colors. While the TV may be pricey for this segment, it was a failure not just in the consumer’s eyes but in Sony’s eyes as well!

19. Samsung Q950TS

most expensive tv

Cost – $13000

The Q950TS by Samsung is one TV that has its own fanbase. Samsung manages to infuse life into the screen by developing a technology that allows the picture to escape into the room. The display boasts 8K image quality and has a resolution of 33 million pixels to give you the best image quality.

The futuristic technology is further bolstered with the combination of an equally fast processor that ensures your resolution is not affected. The other set of features that come along with it include- a game booster and a voice-activated amplifier. Coupled with a stunning design, this luxurious-looking television can seamlessly fit in any corner of your house!

18. LG Signature ZX 88 inch Class 8K Smart OLED TV

most expensive tv

Cost – $29,999

If the TV in itself is so large, just imagine how would the visuals appearing in it be! One of Samsung’s fiercest rivals, LG experimented with their electronic products and designed this monstrous 88-inch TV. The TV has 3D features in it and leaves the viewers with breathtaking visuals of what they are watching.

Being the Smart TV that it is, it has a resolution of 4320 pixels and comes along with an excellent sound system. This set was first launched in China and its starting price was set at a rather expensive 30 grand! We don’t know what you’re going to look at first, the view or the wallet!

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16. Samsung UN85S9AF 85 -Inch 120kHz Ultra-Smart 4K 3D LED TV

most expensive tv

Cost – $40,000

The Samsung UN85S9 is one of the smartest TVs available out there. In an age where LED is the in-thing, Samsung tried something different and came up with this LCD masterpiece that comes with an excellent display resolution and an equally amazing sound system.

Another excellent feature about this system is that you can connect your phone to it and run apps like Netflix and Vudu on it. While it may boast of excellent credentials on its resume, it was highly criticized for its exorbitant pricing on Amazon with users saying that they had to sell their kids to purchase it. It’s good to call yourself a premium brand, but I guess Samsung took this statement a tad bit seriously!

17. XBR-98Z9G Z9G | MASTER Series | LED | 8K

most expensive tv

Cost – $59,000

I think it’s time for a 98-inch TV war now! Joining LG in this elite list of the world’s most expensive TVs is Sony’s 98-Inch television. Always known for giving its users the best, this television has a resolution of nearly 4320 pixels that take picture-viewing to another level.

Some of the other features that this set possesses include Acoustic Multi-Audio™, Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate, Backlight Master Drive, S-Force Front Surround, and Dolby™ Audio. It is best suited for watching movies that will leave you with nothing less than a cinematic experience. $59,000 for purchasing a mini-theater, we feel it’s absolutely worth the money! The best picture quality of any TV on the market. Highly recommended.

15. Panasonic TH-103PF12U

most expensive tv

Cost – $50,000

The moment you get it home, there are chances that you may begin to find your car a lot smaller in comparison to it. Standing at a gigantic 103 inches, this Panasonic product has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels which provides razor-sharp images.

It has a contrast ratio of 40,000:1 and an aspect ratio of 16:9 which further enriches the viewing experience. The plasma set comes with a warranty of three years which will ensure that your TV runs for long, really long!

14. Samsung – 98″ Class Q900 Series LED 8K UHD Smart Tizen TV

Cost – $59,999

most expensive tv

Considered to be one of the most intelligent and expensive TVs, the Samsung Intelligence Center received plenty of praise to conceptualize this television set. Built on an unheard-of frame design, it brings with it a 98-inch display equipped with face and voice recognition features.

Along with it comes its 8K resolution and an incredible processor which provide you the most stunning picture quality and the clearest of sounds. The Quantum HDR 32X will make your colors feel as real and beautiful as it gets. No wonder why it is one of the most intelligent TVs available in the market today!

13. Panasonic TH -103PF9UK – Discontinued

Cost – $70,000

most expensive tv

Is this is a mini Colosseum? This may be the first question in your mind after looking at it. Just like its predecessor, it is 103 inches in size but has a few variations with it. It has a contrast ratio of 4,000:1 which makes every image crisp and clear.

Being the Smart TV that it is, it can be easily connected to a PC and has an advanced dual picture mode which further accentuates every frame that you view. Coming with a three-year warranty, it makes sure that your TV is nothing less than durable.

12. Panasonic TH -103VX200W

Cost – $100,000

Making it a hattrick from the Panasonic family is the TH-103VX200W. Available in the options of a permanent or a wall-hanging bracket, this 103-inch Ethernet compatible television has some of the best-in-class video quality which will make the virtual world a near reality.

When it comes to the specifications, it has 3D video support and an HDMI connector attached to the sides. However, it lacks certain key features for a smart TV such as a USB connector and a touch screen. Nevertheless, when the visuals are so stunning, who cares about the rest of the features, isn’t it?

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11. Samsung UN105S9WAF

most expensive tv

Cost – $120,000

This silver-colored television set oozes luxury. With a curved AMOLED display, Samsung takes television viewing to another level by making sure no inch of the screen is spared to give you the best picture quality.

Its size is 104.6 inches and is fitted with PurColor technology that brightens the colors in the frame. The in-built speaker is placed in the front which provides crystal-clear audio to the listener. The in-built WiFi feature, 3D technology, and Game Mode go on to make this smart TV a lot smarter. Consider buying this if you’re a viewer who has a keen eye for detail and is an admirer of stunning visuals.

10. Panasonic Keymat Yalos Diamond

most expensive tv

Cost – $130,000

One of the most expensive TVs of all time, the Panasonic Keymat Yalos Diamond lives every bit the name given to it. The outer frame has 136 diamonds attached to it and its 46-inch display is the perfect medium to view crisp and sharp HD images.

The base of the TV has a gold plate attached to it and it needs to be handled with great care when installing it. It was originally manufactured in Italy but came into the public eye at an electronics exhibition in Germany. If you have rough hands, stay away from this diamond-studded damsel!

9. BeoVision 4 -103

most expensive tv

Cost – $136,000

Manufactured by a Danish company Bang and Olufsen, this 103-inch television is one of the largest known TV sets out there. At first sight, it may look more like a monitor and that is because of the creativity infused by the Danish giants to give the TV a unique look.

Its design is elegant yet equally minimalistic and comes along with two cracking speakers to add more life to the sound. For $136,000, Bang and Olufsen have created an absolute gem that provides one of the best audio-visual unions of all time.

8. Samsung UN110S9VFXZA

most expensive tv

Cost – $150,000

As stunning as the exterior may look, once the visuals begin to appear on it, it will be impossible for you to not fall in love with it. Coming with impressive features of a 110-inch screen and 3840×2160 resolution, the pictures may look as good as real on them.

It also has a 240Hz refresh rate and comes with an amazing set of speakers to provide a blissful tandem between audio and video. Furthermore, it is adorned with too many USB and HDMI ports and can leave your visitors highly impressed with such an amazing set of features. We just hope no kid goes in and puts water in one of the many USB ports!

7. Sharp LB-1085

most expensive tv

Cost – $160,000

One of the most expensive TVs ever made, Sharp LB-1085 was made for those users who like their products running for eternity. Launched in 2008, it has a 24-hour operational capacity and has a 108-inch LCD screen with HD resolution. Its exorbitant pricing has made it fall under the most expensive TVs category.

Armed with a light-reflecting technology, it ensures that images can be viewed in any lighting condition. Moreover, it is designed with a 176-degree viewing angle which will help the viewer view their favorite show from almost any angle. This TV is best suited for residential and commercial use and was a favorite amongst mall owners and advertisers to either show their advertisements or their favorite sports matches.

6. Samsung’s 85” U9B Bendable UHD TV

most expensive tv

Cost – $260,000

This is by far the most expensive Samsung TV to have ever been made! There are a plethora of unbelievable features that make it come with a $260,000 price tag. It is the world’s first bendable television that can be turned into a curve or flat at your command.

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The UHD Upscaling and Dimming ensure that the visuals look absolutely gorgeous on screen. The panoramic effect and the audio enhancer provide a wider viewing angle and crisp audio respectively. To add to that, its spectacular field of view gives the colors a natural feel to them. However, the only drawback to this product filled with positives is that you will need to spend a fortune to make this yours!

5. Panasonic TH -152UX1

most expensive tv

Cost – $500,000

Carrying a price tag of half a million, the TH-152UX1 offers some of the most stunning visuals that will give you a near theatrical experience. It is fused with a 4K display and 3D technology and comes with a separate pair of 3D glasses to get a surreal 3D view of things.

It boasts of some of the most vibrant colors and with the help of a newly-developed technology, you can view your favorite film or show in its original color. But to do so, be prepared to cough up $500,000 else all of this is just another dream!

4. C SEED 201

Cost – $680,000

most expensive tv

Weighing in at a mind-boggling 1.5 tonnes, this television set has primarily been designed for those who love an outdoor feel while watching their favorite film. It has a High-Resolution Retina LED SMD 201 inch screen which consists of nearly 780,000 LEDs to give an out-of-this-world viewing experience.

If you thought that this was its only highlight, here’s more. It has an underground storage station designed by Porsche Design Studio which allows this mammoth to rise from underground levels. It also comes with 12 broadband speakers and 3 sub-woofers which can rattle your rooves and ears simultaneously. Priced at $680,000, it is one of the world’s most expensive TVs!

3. Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Edition

most expensive tv

Cost – $1.5 Million

The one among the many million-dollar babies on this list has finally arrived! Designed by British designer Stuart Hughes, the 55-inch display consists of some of the finest visual technology which offers pitch-perfect viewing of anything on it.

But here’s what makes this a millionaire! The exteriors of the TV are covered with 18k gold and have accompaniments in the form of diamonds and rare gemstones. So, what will you be looking at first? The visuals, the exteriors, or your wallet? That’s up to you to decide!

2. Titan Zeus

most expensive tv

Cost – $1.6 Million

The Titan Zeus is so huge that even a hippo would seem like an ant in front of it! It comes with a screen size of a dizzying 370 inches and you would need to be at least 50 feet away to enjoy the magnificent visuals that this Smart TV produces.

Some of the other awesome features of this set are touch-sensitive technology and a motion tracking system. And if you love the seas, this would be music to your ears! This television can be converted into a giant aquarium, all at the press of a button. After all, owning the world’s largest TV doesn’t come for cheap, does it!

1. Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition

most expensive tv

Cost – $2.26 Million

The numero uno on our list of the most expensive TVs in the world is a Stuart Hughes designed Supreme Rose Edition television. You can call it a twin of the one mentioned at number 3, for it has the same 55-inch display producing those eye-catching visuals.

It also contains the same amount of diamonds and rare gemstones on its outer surface. But no twins are completely identical and what makes this one different is its gold covering. The gold used to cover it is 100% pure rose gold and a staggering 18 kg of it has been applied on its outer layers! I guess owning a jewelry shop would be better than owning this $2.26 million TV set!

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