Movies like Hereditary send your sleep away

Movies like Hereditary send your sleep away

If you’re a horror fan and have recently finished watching Hereditary, the psychological thriller, and want to scare yourselves more then don’t worry as the list is already here.

Movies that will haunt you the way Hereditary did and mess with your minds:

Lake Mungo:

“If you’ve never seen a ghost, look closer.”

This is another psychological thriller that is much recommended for fans of Hereditary. This movie revolves around a girl who drowns in a lake while swimming and after this, everything changes. The family experiences a lot of dark things and everything leads to Lake Mungo. It was released in 2018. It has a 6.3 IMDB rating.

The Babadook

“If it’s in a word. Or it’s in a look. You can’t get rid of … The Babadook”

A disturbing movie full of Paranoia that’ll give you chills. The movie revolves around a book that manifests itself, none other than the Babadook. They start feeling the monster and are hit by scary paranoia. The movie deals with the psychological aspects equally and maintains the fierce thrill throughout the movie. It was released in 2014. It has a 6.8 IMDB rating.

The Blackcoat’s Daughter

“Deedle, deedle, Blackcoat’s Daughter, what was in the Holy Water? Went to bed on an unclean head, the Angels, they forgot her.”

The Blackcoat’s Daughter is a movie focusing on the psychological thriller part. The movie focuses on two girls facing an evil force. Another name for the movie is February. It was released in 2015. It has a 5.9 IMDb rating.

Rosemary’s Baby

It’s not what you’re expecting.

Rosemary’s Baby is a movie that deals with the dark fantasy horror genre. The movie was released in 1968 and has an 8 IMDb rating.

The Lodge

“You’re not welcome here.”

It’s another psychological thriller on the list. After the death of his wife, the father takes their children to a vacation at his girlfriend’s lodge where things didn’t go as planned and took a demonic dark turn. It was released in 2019. It has a 6 IMDb rating.

The Others

“The death of a loved one can lead people to do the strangest things.”

A very subtle horror movie with perfect details. The movie revolves around a mother and her two children who cannot come in contact with the sunlight and whenever they’ll, it’s necessary to get hurt. Things take a strange turn when they keep servants resulting in making the plot really scary. The movie was released in 2001. It has a 7.6 IMDb rating.

The Ring

“Before you die, you see… The Ring.”

A videotape which if you’ll watch, you’ll die within 7 days. This is an urban legend. Rachel, a journalist is trying to find the truth about this videotape which might have killed as per the urban legend her niece and 3 teenagers and now she just has a week to save herself from The Ring.

The Conjuring

“Evil loves Innocence”

The Conjuring is one of the favorite horror movies of a lot of people. Based on a true story, Conjuring doesn’t leave any moment to scare you. The paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine, find out about a satanic force that is haunting the Perron family and they do everything in their power to stop the evil. The movie was released in 2013. It has a 7.5 IMDb rating.

The Strange Thing About the Johnsons

Based on a dysfunctional family, this movie has creeped a lot many out. It’s a very dark horror movie involving dark domestic drama. The movie revolves around an upper-middle-class family where everyone and everything seems perfect but is not. The dark side of a father-son relationship has been shown by throwing darkness at the melodrama.

The movie was released in 2011. It has a 7.2 IMDb rating.

The wailing

One of the highly recommended horror movies, the movie focuses on excellent storytelling which makes the movie all the more haunting. It has a big plot twist too that makes the demonic movie more interesting. It was released in 2016 and has an IMDb rating of 7.4.

Not only these but there are a lot more suggestions for horror movies while these are the most favorite of the people.