10 Powerful and Muscular Anime Guys To Watch!

All action based anime have at least one such man who has this huge metal like body to crush it all down to mud. Such muscular anime guys have widespread attention among all anime lovers. Be it any action series or from any adventure-fantasy, these muscular anime guys make it all fun and easy to fight around.

Let us go through some rowdy ones among muscular anime guys who have dealt with extreme exposure.

Top Muscular Anime Guys to Break the Bubble for You:

1. Master Roshi (Dragon Ball Z)

Master Yoshi from Dragon Ball Z cannot be missed out while muscular anime guys are in discussion. His age being 300 is just a number as he can punch down any man you confront. Be it Goku or any other badass anime character, he is the boss, the muscular anime guy that deserves a position worth remembering.


Dragon Ball Z is quite an old anime produced by Toei Animation. You can also get into the universe of Dragon Ball Super and have a perspective of other fun. Watch Dragon Ball Z on Animelab.

2. All Might (My Hero Academia)

My Hero Academia has its Season 5 coming up and this is the best time we talk about muscular anime guys like All Might here. This superhero has huge power in his suit that makes his enemies freeze with fear. My Hero Academia is quite an anime to fascinate about and hence its seasons are growing well.

All Might can have a contrasting body when he leaves his superhero image but he is one of the most muscular anime guys in culture. Have a look at him in My Hero Academia on Funimation.

3. Jonathan Joestar (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime has some power-pact muscular anime guys that literally take your breath away. Jonathan Joestar has the best rank out of all, among the muscular anime guys. He is extremely strong and has immense stamina.


This anime has some really amazing characters that are no less from one another. Jonathan Joestar out of all can cut metals with his special power. Follow the series on Anime-Planet.

4. Shinya Kogami (Psycho-Pass)

Shougo Makishima is one of the dark-arced anime guys with white hair. He has a demons’ look on his face. Although he is multitalented and is also a good fighter, he is also lovable as time in Psycho-Pass.


He is witty and sweet at the same time among anime guys with white hair. Also, he has some best quotes in Psycho-Pass anime. Watch it on Netflix.

5. Superalloy Darkshine (One Punch Man)

One Punch Man has its basis in punching down men at once through any combat. It is what Saitama taught all its viewers being among the muscular anime guys. Here, we also have Superalloy Darkshine who, as his name suggests, has the muscle of steel. Superalloy Darkshine is the only one among the muscular anime guys whose body is equivalent to a suit.

One Punch Man has some really diverse character sketches in terms of passionate arcs like we have some in the case of green anime characters. Watch the One Punch Man and observe how strong Superallow Darkshine can get on Netflix.

6. Yujiro Hanma (Baki the Grappler)

Baki the Grappler makes his significant enough to be the strongest among the muscular anime guys in the world. Yujiro Hanma is really worth being as he is again huge in size. Yujiro Hanma has an amazing personality and often you will find him in his naked body, scaring viewers in a smooth way.


Watch Baki the Gappler produced by Group TAC on Netflix.

7. Toriko (Toriko)

Toriko is one of the muscular anime characters from the anime named Toriko, after him of course. His profile is enough to get an idea of how tall, blue and robust he is among the muscular anime guys. You will know how cool this character arc is once you watch Toriko.


This show was produced in the year 2011 and it is available on platforms like Crunchyroll and Anime-Planet.

8. A (Naruto)

Naruto is a show that has purely classic characters of all sorts. One being A, among the many muscular anime guys you will come across who have fantastic skills in wrestling.

Raikage is his other name and his muscular sketches are quite evident that how powerful he is among the muscular anime guys. Watch the famous Naruto on Crunchyroll.

9. Alex Armstrong (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Alex Louis Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is also called the strong arm and you might have guessed why he is one amongst the muscular anime guys. This show is anyway huge in popularity but besides that, it has a cruel vibe as we see in anime like Castlevania.

He has a style to display to all and is quite conscious regarding his extra powerful muscular body. Watch him makes poses for viewers on Netflix.

10. Guts (Berserk)

Guts are already very well known for being one of the most badass and powerful anime characters. This particular quality of his paves his way towards being one of the most muscular anime guys that you will ever come across in an anime series. He does not need anybody besides.

In almost all dark situations, he can manage himself well against his enemies in Berserk. He has been profound with weapons all alone. Take a glance at his abilities in Berserk on Crunchyroll.

11. Ira Gamagoori (Kill la Kill)

Ira Gamagoori from Kill la Kill, muscular anime guys
Ira Gamagoori

Ira Gamagoori is as big as his name and probably the only one with such a body among muscular anime guys. It is of no exaggeration that he is really huge. But as he seems to be in his looks, we need to break this to you that he is really young. Yet, having said that, those mountain-like muscles are no joke to anybody around in Kill la Kill.

Watch Kill la Kill produced by Trigger on Netflix.

12. Bulat (Akame ga Kill)

Bulat from Akame Ga Kill, muscular anime guys

Bulat from Akame Ga Kill has been an underrated character who will not certainly strike your mind as one of the muscular anime guys. But it is highly suggested to you to watch Akame Ga Kill completely so as to notice how shadowed his character actually is.

When the time comes, Bulat can get on anyone’s nerve with his extreme physical abilities to beat one in a fight. Also, he has a kind nature that no one can ignore besides being a handsome one. Watch this mature anime, Akame Ga Kill now on Netflix.

FAQs on the Robust and Muscular Anime Guys

1. Which anime guy is the hottest?

Most of the characters from Naruto like we have Itachi or Sasuke are very much popular among the audience. They are definitely some of the hottest guys in anime. Also, not to forget Toru Oikawa from Haikyuu, who is another handsome character.

2. Which anime character is loved by all?

Code Geass is such an anime that has Lelouch Lamperouge. He has a splendid personality and people go gaga after him.