No Game No Life Season 2 – All You Need to Know

No Game No Life Season 2 has meager chances of getting released because of many factors discussed below. If there’ll be any chances of season 2, it’ll probably take more than 2-3 years. So fans out there need to have patience and wait a couple of years more.

Before we lay out the details for you let’s get to know more about No Game No Life and why fans are so hyped for another season of No Game No Life Season.

No Game No Life is a Japanese light novel series written by Yu Kamiya. Ten novels have been published to date. The author and his wife, Mashiro Hiiragi, adapted the novel into a manga series Monthly Comic Alive in 2013. Later on, Madhouse announced an anime adaptation based on No Game No Life, which premiered in April 2014.

The series revolves around Sora and his younger stepsister Shiro; they are both undefeated gamers and Blank’s name. One day out of the blue, the god of games challenges them to a game of chess. They come out victorious, and they get summoned to a world of games. This duo maintains their reputation as the undefeated gamers; they plan to conquer the sixteen ruling species to take God’s place.

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Now without any more suspense let’s dig in to the factors!

Will there be No Game No Life Season 2?

1. Reference for Adaption

No Game No Life Season 2 adaption

Nowadays, the anime production houses and industries have started adapting manga and light novels because it’s quick, plus there’s an existing fanbase to boost the sales through leaps and bounds.

The most important question here is, does the production house have enough raw materials to work on?

There are 10 light novels published now in Japan according to Wikipedia. Manga was published based on this series. First, the manga follows the sequel, while the second one has spin-offs and side stories. Another author continued the novels because the original writer fell sick and have some serious health problems.

The original writer was also really slow at writing the novel, which would eventually hurt them economically, so another writer took his place named Yuu Kamiya. He published the latest volume of No Game No Life Season on January 25, 2018. Looking at this condition, it can be said that there shall be no more new volumes until next year.

1 to 3 volumes was covered in No Game No Life Season 1, and later on, a movie was released, which covered volume,6 which means if there’ll be season 2, then it’ll continue from volume 4.

2. Voice Actors & Producers Confirmation

No Game No Life Season 2 voice actors

Unlike the voice actors and producers of Konosuba and Overlord. No creator or producer had mentioned No Game No Life Season 2 in any of the interviews or shows. There can be many reasons behind it like the author is unsure about continuing the novel further or producers are too busy with other projects.

A rumor was going on a year ago that the author had died but let me assure you he’s alive but has health issues, so he cannot write as much as other writers. Fans thought he died because he didn’t publish a novel for a year.

3. Production Time

No Game No Life Season 2 novels

10 volumes were published between April 2012 and January 2018. Each novel was released in an interval of 5 months. In 2013, the author and his wife adopted the novels into a manga series. No Game No Life Season made it on-screen in July 2014. No Game No Life: Zero (movie) premiered on July 15, 2017.

If you look at their progress, you can deduce that they’re slow, and the movie was announced a year before it was released, which means we can expect the series to be delayed for another 2-3 years. If there’ll be no official announcement for No Game No Life Season 2 within two years, then there’ll be no more seasons to it.

4. Huge Sales

No Game No Life Season 2 figures

No Game No Life was released in 6 discs, and each disc sold around 9000 copies (average). When the series was made into blue ray discs, it sold around 1000 copies in February 2016. Anime that can have sales around 10000-15000 have high chances of further continuing the anime or novel series.

Everything depends on sales and popularity a lot because it further boosts up their projects. Producing No Game No Life Season 2 will itself cost around 3-4 million dollars.

Moving on to light novel sales.

The 9th volume sold more than a million copies while the 10th volume sold more than 2 million copies, which means the fans follow the sequel, which is a good sign and increases the chances of production of No Game No Life Season 2.

45 figures are available on sale. Most figures are on Schwi, Izuna, and Shiro. They have 500 good for No Game No Life like T-shirts, towels, mugs, and more. The merchandise sales are doing great as there were 6 new figures released this year as well. The anime does have chances of releasing another season if the hype remains alive for another year.

The box office value of No Game No Life is 7 million dollars, and the movie sold 40,000 blu-ray copies in Japan. Looking at its financial statistics, the chances are 70%-80% because they are making enough to produce No Game No Life Season 2, and the fans are following the sequel as well, evident from volume 9 & 10 sales.

5.Popularity and Fanbase

No Game No Life cosplay

Let’s be honest popularity and fanbase play an important role in determining whether there’ll be No Game No Life Season 2 or not. No production house would really like to continue an anime if there are fewer fans and low popularity. It’ll be a total loss for them, and no production house in Japan would commit to such a suicidal project.

No Game No Life website was last updated in 2018. Their official Twitter account has 1.2 million followers, and the last tweet by them was in march 2020 about the broadcast of series on Abema TV.

According to a google trend report, No Game No Life had high searches in 2014, but it decreased due to lack of promotion and official announcements. The movie reached 30% after its release, but in 2020, the percentage had dropped to 10. If there is no announcement next year, then everyone will forget about the anime completely.

The latest light novel was published in 2018, and the release speed is terribly slow as there have been only 2 volumes released in 4 years. Also, due to the pandemic, the number of light novels sells decreased a lot. 2020 is not a good year for light novels as people are switching to online books and translations.

6.Ranking and Achievements

No Game No Life ranking

No Game No Life ranks #276 in myanimelist.

IMDB rated it 7.8/10 stars.

No Game No Life was in the top 10 in the top 30 best-selling volumes. The series was ranked 4th in Sugoi Japan in 2015. The manga also earned its way to the New York Times and Oricon. 4 editors from Anime News Network revied the first episode as battles of game concepts. He also complimented the author on keeping the characters and tactics all balanced out.

We can see that the series has made quite a name all around the globe with it’s dynamic and out of the box storyline. This anime can even reach the top 50, but they keep falling behind due to delayed projects. This reminds me of another great series, Accel world, which didn’t get a second season.

No Game No Life Season 2 Expected Release Date

No Game No Life Season 2 release date

Looking at their condition, sales and profit, it can be said that by next year we should have an announcement of No Game No Life Season 2, or else it can be assumed that it’s been canceled.

What to expect in No Game No Life Season 2?

No Game No Life Season 2 expectations

If there’ll be No Game No Life Season 2, then it’s expected there’ll be more goodies and new figures. The novels will keep getting published, but we may witness an increase in the release speed by next year. Some fans are so hyped up that they have been working day and night to revive the craze of No Game No Life.

Spoiler Alert

No Game No Life Season 2 spoiler alert

The first episode of No Game No Life Season 2 will continue off from where it left. Most of the episodes will be purely on setup and preparation for Sora and Shiro to win in one swoop. The Dhamphirs will be on the verge of extinction. Sora and Shiro will find a way to save their queen and save them from extinction. If you’re too curious, then why not take a peek at light novels?

Where to watch?

No Game No Life streaming site

You can watch No Game No Life Season 2 on these online streaming sites:-


No Game No Life Season 2 conclusion

 There are no chances of No Game No Life Season 2 being released because the author has serious health problems, and even though another author is working on No game No Life, matching up the speed would be difficult; However, light novels may continue, the probability of No Game No Life Season 2 to appear on screen are meager even though they have enough profit from the sale products, they will not invest in such a slow progressing novel.

 But let’s hope for the best, and let’s see if there is an announcement on no game no life season 2 by next year.

FAQs on No Game No Life Anime

  1. Why no game no life stopped?

    There are many reasons, but the two main reasons are:-
    The author is too slow at writing novels and has only published two novels in 4 years; popularity decreased considerably.

    Plagiarism allegations have been filed against the artist who would, in the long run, cancel the project of No Game No Life season 2.

  2. Why there are only 12 episodes in no game no life?

    Most of the anime have 12-24 episodes in one season; sometimes, they get divided into 2 seasons, and this mostly happens because of the shortage of raw materials. Without any reference material, the project cannot start.

  3. Is Tet boy or a girl?

    Many fans are wondering whether Tet is a boy or a girl because he looks so cute. Tet is a boy, although he looks like a girl. His voice and appearance are the clues for the viewers that he is a boy, but he can be a reverse trap, too; who knows?

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