One Piece TV Series: The Powerful Running Anime with 900+ episodes!

The mixture of action, adventure, and fantasy get along to give a marvelous blast in the One Piece TV series. This will take your breath away by all the fantastic sequences it conceives right now. It is a great deal of time to start watching the One Piece TV series from the beginning but for those of you who want to make it go shorter and catch up sooner, here are every detail that you may not want to miss to get along with One Piece TV series.

One Piece TV Series is still running!

One Piece TV series is airing at present which is a manga adaptation to be precise. This anime is created by Eiichiro Oda and has nearly 961+ episodes right now which have already been aired.

The creator of the One Piece TV series has recently mentioned that the anime will wrap up soon and point to an end finally. Still, the fans are going gaga over this anime and cannot see it get an end. You can watch it on Netflix, although all the seasons are not available there. For websites like Crunchyroll and Funimation, all the episodes of the One Piece TV series are streaming at present.

One Piece TV Series: What’s there in this longest-running anime?

The genre of adventure calls for terrific entertaining sequences including terror, madness, drama, action, comedy, and a lot of emotions. All these come together in an adventure fantasy to bring you joy as it does in anime like Kakegurui or My Hero Academia. One Piece TV series is one of the longest-running anime at present and it has been directed by many famous personas like Konosuke Uda, Junji Shimizu, Tatsuya Nagamine, etc. 

One Piece TV series is all that a man desires in reel life and real. The title depicts the biggest and most precious treasure that the world has ever had. One Piece TV series calls for adventure and action in an unknown world of fiction where pirates go against other obstacles and nemesis to finally reach the treasure that will change their lives, give them fame and fortune for a lifetime. One Piece TV series gets on your nerves and once you start your journey with it, it is just a piece to be fallen in love with.

Here, the main element of surprise is the protagonist character Monkey D. Luffy, who is just the opposite of everything when you remind yourself of a pirate. Also, the One Piece TV series clarifies his motive to have the treasure just for the sake of his experience involving wonderful adventure and meeting people from the world that defines difference to be precise. 

This journey of the One Piece TV series takes you through hundreds of battles between Luffy and his crew against many enemies looking for the One Piece. It is presently a favorite to many admirers of the anime fraternity on the internet and it deserves every inch of it.

One Piece TV series

Rating and Review of One Piece TV Series

One Piece TV series is considered to be one of the best anime series that doesn’t only stretch it for just the sake of it but also lets the viewers get hooked to it for all goods. Most of the seasons of One Piece have got a 100% or near to 100% rating from Rotten Tomatoes an IMDb rating of 8.7 by all means.

 The anime series is presently running its 20th season. Although it will take you a lot of patience to start with it it is worth the time for the One Piece TV series.

FAQs on One Piece TV Series

1. Is One Piece coming to an end?

One Piece is presently airing and releasing the episodes of Season 20 but the creator Eiichiro Oda has clarified that the manga will draw an end near to season 22. You can watch the episodes of one of the longest-running anime to cheer up.

2. How many episodes of One Piece are there?

One Piece anime series has 900 plus episodes and it is still on the air. So, the total number of episodes will be more by the time it comes to an end. This show is considered to be the best ever anime show by many anime lovers and has been a matter of discussion since its release till the present time.

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