8 Best Online Email Management Tools: Increase Email Productivity

Online Email Management Tools
Online Email Management Tools

Using Email tools has become an obvious way to reduce both times as well as stress. They make your work professional. Before knowing more about the tools, you should understand what Email marketing is.

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Getting offers and coupons from your favorite restaurant or deals from any online shopping website is all a part of Email Marketing. Using Email grants businesses is an economical way to promote our ideas.

Email ads reach mass audiences immediately and without the cost of stamps or envelopes.

The use of email marketing signifies that the recipients can explain their unique advertisements to their acquaintances, carrying the information through marketing. This marketing is an efficient way to expand your ideas as well as the company.

Although at present, there are many other platforms to advertise our ideas, an email is always a suitable decision.

Also, while using your Email for marketing, chrome extensions, and Email tools help you master the art of using Email for both professional and personal use.

The following online email management tools will boost your ideas connected with your work.

7 Must have Email Tools: Features in Detail

1. GetNotify

Get notify email management tool notify email read

GetNotify.com is one of the most preferred email tracking companies, and unlike other companies, they do not charge anything from their users to track email. The recipient will not know that you have traced the email and is hidden to the recipient.

A unique highlight is that they not only let you know the exact date and time of opening but also inform you about the Recipient’s IP Address, Geographical Location, Operating System, Web Browser’s name, and what not!

Their online email tracking system works with all email companies, including Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and all client-side email programs, including Outlook, Eudora, etc.

2. Litmus

litmus email tool helps managing emails by removing spams and email organization

We are blasted with thousands of spam mails in a day. For your essential mails to stand out from the rest, Litmus has got you covered. Organizes your inbox and lets you catch errors more quickly.

It helps you be extra conscious of how the emails look like to the recipients before sending them. It instantly identifies likely issues that could limit your mails from getting delivered.

Also, introduce Litmus Previews in sites as a last check before sending it. Connect your Email service provider to Litmus to begin a spam test with a single click right away!

3. Flashissue

Flashissue email tool to manage email design, building lists, email marketing through Gmail and track results

In the list of best online email management tools, Flashissue comes at number three. The Flashissue gives you a vision of who reads your newsletter and about the content they will like through analytics reports.

Their drag & drop editor is so straightforward to work with that anyone can create remarkable-looking emails in few clicks instead of spending hours designing an email.

Add images and text in a flash to avoid old formatting issues. Moreover, you can add web content to your emails. Enter the address of your blog or give a keyword to search, and all the fresh content you need for your email.

They create a neat summary of each blog article that includes short intro paragraphs that will take you back to the original full article.

4. MailStorm

Mailstorm help email management by classifying emails and one click unsubscribe

Mailstrom classifies bunches of emails related to a specific subject, which makes it easy for you to organize emails and divide them into labels. Outlined as a productive tool for mailboxes, it is designed to reduce the amount of time you spend organizing messages.

Filter your emails based on different groups, like the subject, sender, and spam emails. You can easily delete spam messages all at once when sorted. Unsubscribe from emails in your junk quickly with Mailstrom’s Unsubscribe with one click.

Besides all this, you can block emails from a particular sender in a jiffy.

5. Wise Stamp

Wise Stamps email management tool helps you design email signatures

Wise Stamp lets you design an email signature in just seconds with an award-winning signature generator. It is absolutely perfect for freelancers, interns, specialists, and small business owners.

Creating a mail signature helps you in receiving more email replies and enhances social influence. After creating your signature, connect it with your Gmail, and your name will appear in every email you compose. The site also has few signatures for your reference to create one of your own.

You can add multiple signatures as many as you wish too. Wise Stamp works on Gmail, Outlook, AOL, Yahoo, GoDaddy, iPhone, MacMail, and also on HTML.

6. Rename Email

Rename email tool helps changing email subject and organise email

Instead of searching through all the mails for just a mail with pointless subject lines, rename the subject lines of essential emails on your own. This Chrome extension, Rename Email helps you stay organized by making it easy for you to rename email subject headlines.

It has a unique feature that will astound you. The sender would not be notified that you have changed the subject unless you reply with the new subject line.

It facilitates you by making smooth and clear subject lines to remember when you receive an email to refer back to later on.

7. Mixmax

Mixmax email management tool book meeting and appointments

Are you finding it hard co-ordinating with your meeting and appointments? Let Mixmax book meetings in just a click. You can include your availability in the email directly and also plan your standard work calendar.

@name can mention anyone in your unit to start an on-the-spot chat and collaborate while keeping the conversation private.

Also, it automatically follow-ups your tasks and actions for everyone in your organization.

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