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The Osama Ranking Trailer 2021 Has the Charming Flavor of Studio Ghibli and More!

Osama Ranking trailer makes a statement with the upcoming work of Wit Studio. Have a look.



Osama Ranking Trailer

Osama Ranking trailer is out. The betterment for the people who are marginalized and minor in any human ability is taking progress with anime and the Osama Ranking trailer proves it. It has deaf representation and certainly reminds you of how the studio Ghibli has its way of doing things on the screen.

The anime adaptation has been on the list of Wit Studio who is well known for anime like Vinland Saga or the famous Attack on Titan. The Osama Ranking trailer for the anime has been released and this makes a statement for the marginalized ones through the beautiful work. 

The anime is a manga adaptation that has the same name and the Osama Ranking trailer clarifies the anime to make a release in October 2021. What step does it take forward? Let us see the details and the latest updates that have come up with the Osama Ranking Trailer.

Osama Ranking Trailer- Bits and Pieces

What Makes the Osama Ranking Trailer of the Anime Stand Out?

The Wit Studio has been well known for working on projects that have a personality identifiable take on anime concepts. Yet again with the Osama Ranking trailer, the audience has got to know the new way of making a difference after shows like Silent Voice.

Here, the main character is a young kid named Bojji who is deaf. The daily struggle is portrayed through different instances where he gets demeaned as well as jokes about amongst many. His deafness has made him suffer more than anything to do things his way. The fact that he cannot even stand a small weapon and take his own stand has made him a subject of laughter and inconsiderate to many.

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The light palette that is the core style of Studio Ghibli with brighter combinations is seen in the Osama Ranking trailer. The art and animation of Ghibli’s work like Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro or Howl’s Moving Castle is witness to the fact that the hopeful background of the studio makes it stand out from the rest. In this work of craft, Ghibli is considered to be a boss to many and hence the similarity of Osama Ranking Trailer to such a style has been eternally appreciated by many viewers.

The world is moving towards days that can seemingly look like a better place to live in through awareness spread by such work in concern. The fact that anime shows and other entertainment services are coming up with writings inspired by characters who have certain disabilities makes it one step ahead to a better world.

Many studio works have been in this responsibility to portray the struggle, insane suffering, and also the negligence that the people of the marginalized section face. Societal hypocrisy plays a major role that demotivates and thrashes the ones with any disability by shattering their hope and esteem to the soil.

Osama Ranking has been primarily written by Taku Kishimoto and the work is in progress to put it out for you all in the month of October in 2021. The time is changing but not that all the studios are dealing with these concerns accurately but surely the change is noticeable and out there in the work of many animations and other crafts of delicacy and mass.

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The bitter truth of the brutality and hurtful acts towards the marginalized characters to the beautiful charm of the Ghibli studio being reflected in the Osama Ranking Trailer, the producers have been marketing it on the right note and people have loved it by so far. Keep an eye on us for more updates and the latest news after the Osama Ranking trailer, which is already out there.

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