Who Was Otzi The Iceman?

Over 5000 years ago, a man climbed up to the icy heights of a glacier in the Alps glacier and died. He was found by accident in 1991, with his clothes and equipment, mummified and frozen. He is the Iceman.

Otzi the Iceman Real Picture

The Iceman’s body was preserved in the ice, and one of the oldest ever found. He was completely dressed in a leather tunic, shoes, a fury hat and woven grass cape. He carried his weapons and even a type of backpack, so that he was fully equipped for his trip into the mountains.

The Iceman is one of the most important archeological discoveries of the times, for he teaches a lot about early man.

I recommend watching this Otzi The Iceman Museum Tour

Otzi The Iceman Museum

Thanks to the researchers and Otzi The Iceman mummified body, there is beautiful movie you can watch on Amazon Prime based on his life. Here is the trailer of Iceman.

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