Popular Animated Series Right Now: Top 3 that Breaks the Internet!

The audience is very selective nowadays on what they would like to watch. Here are the famous and popular animated series right now that you must not miss if so, that never fails to impress by the quality of narrative that it shows.

What Counts Under the Top 3 Popular Animated Series Right Now?

1. Bleach

This action-adventure anime begins with one of the famous Bleach characters, Ichigo Kurosaki, a somewhat purposeless protagonist of the popular animated series right now. This show is directed by Noriyuki Abe and narrates the adapted story of the manga.

He then meets Rukia, the soul reaper who pulls Ichigo to be another of the same kind through a tough event that takes place in Killing a Hollow. From here, the story starts to make a breakthrough. Rukia gets injured in the action sequence and hence to unable to regain her soul reaping power, Ichigo meets her need to rescue their town from Hollows. He is accompanied by his other friends in this brutal journey of threat. 

All the Bleach characters have their significance in the plot to make it a quality one. Later as time passes, they get to realize that there are greater dangers than Hollows, assassins. 

2. Code Geass

The blend of drama and adventure is celebrated in anime like Berserk and or Castlevania that offers little thrill on the plate too. But Code Geass is an action anime that is comprised of a sci-fi layer and bits and pieces of supernatural elements. It is directed by Goro Taniguchi and the narrative is set up in an alternate historic world which gets the Code Geass anime rating higher. 

This popular animated series right now was released back in 2006 and still now validates the strange war story between Britannia and Japan which was then called Area-11. Code Geass anime rating is pretty good due to the story which involves Lelouch Lamperouge, a Britannia who was a native of Area-11 at that time. 

This plot covers the war scenes and the sci-fi addition to it that the audience will explore throughout both seasons.

3. One Punch Man

One-Punch Man is a TV series that was produced by Madhouse and it had premiered in 2015. This became a popular animated series right now but has been an evergreen one in this world since it had started airing. One-Punch Man was directed by Shingo Natsume and has two seasons by far that escalates action with twits of humor and fiction.

The story of Saitama follows when he aspired to become a hero and he follows his dream well to be so. He becomes the perfect action hero that is nearly undefeatable and this gets him monotonous with life. He then explores his powers with excitement by joining the association where he trains himself with new challenges along with his follower Genos. This popular animated series right now has the heart of many people who love watching anime shows and it is a must-watch for you all.

Upcoming Seasons of the Popular Animated Series Right Now

1. Bleach Next Season

Bleach has already extended the anime show to its 16th season. Being the popular animated series right now, there is a new wave of requirements from the viewers for a renewal. It was strongly speculated that a new season with a new adaptation would come up by 2020 but now that new is somewhat sourced to be delayed to the end of 2021. 

Anime like The Rising of the Shield Hero also covers the same genre as the Bleach characters fulfill yet each point of popularity directs for a unique proposition factor that drives the show to the hill peak. This popular animated series right now has an 8.1 rating from IMDb which is solely due to the arcs of Bleach characters created by Studio Pierrot.

2. Code Geass Coming Season

There are two seasons of Code Geass based on the original story written by Ichiro Okouchi and produced by Sunrise studio. This TV series has 25 episodes each that give Code Geass anime rating score of 8.72 in MyAnimeList and hence makes it the popular animated series right now. Although, the release of Season 3 cannot be predicted well due to lack of authenticity and confirmed source, as of now.  

 3. One Punch Man Next Season

One Punch Man is rated 8.8 by IMDb but the Season 2 somewhat lacks the love of people as compared to its first season. Also, One Punch Man season 3 has not been announced to date and there is less hope for the same if we consider what Season 2 has witnessed.

FAQs on the Popular Animated Series Right Now

1. Should I watch Bleach?

Yes, Bleach is considered to be a popular animated series right now and apart from that, it has a good story to secure. The Bleach characters tell individual tales of their own and join them to make this anime worth watching.

2. What is CC’s actual name?

CC has her real name as Yuki Shiroi. It was not referred to well in the anime show. Throughout all the episodes CC has been the name that she is recognized with.

3. Where can I watch One Punch Man?

One Punch Man is presently streaming on the Netflix platform. But you can also refer to Crunchyroll or Animelab to watch both the seasons of this Shounen and enjoy.

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