12 Best Public Domain Torrents: Legal Way of Downloading Free

Best Public Domain Torrents
Best Public Domain Torrents

To download anything from the internet online can be a difficult job. With public domain torrents, you can download movies, games, songs, software, and books for free.

But the problem arises as to which medium or website must be used to download content? We all need movies, games, music and even various software. Which are the best website to download all this stuff from?

The question which arises now is why torrents should be used over the conventional methods of downloading?

This is because these downloads are available easily, be it a game or any old classic movie, you will be able to download them all. Also, torrent downloads are resumable, you can resume the download after completing a pending task or any work, at any point in time.

You can also first choose, as to which movies, music, or software needs to be downloaded. You can remotely download content easily and hassle-free. Another advantage of using public domain torrents is that the best internet speed can be achieved which is difficult via other methods of download.

This article suggests you and guide you through various available sites and pages for public domain torrents which can be of good use to you.

All-purpose Public Domain Torrents

1. Internet Archive

Archive torrents for downloading public domain movies, books, images and audio

This is an all-purpose website with content available on books, audios, videos, and images. The website has an easy to use interface. It has also been divided into categories for easy search procedures for the user.

There is a separate column for search according to the media type, topics, and subjects, year, collection, creator, and language.

Sorting of content can also be done on the basis of views, title, date of archive, and creator.

These categories are then further divided into sections so you can just click on the checkboxes as to which selection you would like to make.

To check out this website, click here.

2. Legit Torrents

Legit torrents to download public domain books, linux, music, movies, software and games

Just like the website above, legit torrent’s website also has content available on music, movies, software, games, and more. Also, there are different categories for apps for Linux, Windows, and Mac, along with anime, books, Linux distributions, and so on.

This website provides legal and free media for you to download and enjoy offline on your devices.

To check out this website, click here.

3. Frost Click

Frost click foe download music, videos, software and games legally

This is another website that can be used to download music, videos, games, and software content for free and legally. Offered under a creative commons license, this website has an impressive collection for the same.

Check out its website, click here.

Best Public Domain Torrents for Movies

1. Public Domain Torrents

public domain torrents to download movies free

Public Domain Torrents is a website that allows you to download classic movies and B-class movies for free and legally. This is a great website which also shows categories according to genres to narrow down your search.

In today’s world it is a task to find old classic movies which our parents always tell us about, but this platform is a great way to get in touch with the best old classics, legal and free.

Visit Public Domain Torrents to try it out!

2. Vuze StudioHD

Vuze public domain torrents for downloading movies, music videos, news and TED Talks

This is another great platform to download movies videos which have been divided into categories.

The various categories available on the first page are comedy, TV and movies, music videos, news, and TED Talks. Also, there is a separate button for shows which can be downloaded using this website.

Vuze is an easy to public domain torrent website to use and is a functional platform to give a try.

Visit Vuze Studio HD and try it out!

Best Public Domain Torrents for Music/Audio

1. Etree

Etree live concerts to download music under public domain

For a music enthusiast, especially someone who loves attending and listening to live concerts, Etree is the best option.

You will even want to check all of their recordings of the specific artist before attending their concert. You can download all music and concert recordings for free and everything legally.

The music available on this website can searched via different categories. You can search content on basis of artist, show, number of files, and even size of torrent.

For all live concert enthusiasts, check out Etree.

2. Bittorent Now

BitTorrent Now public domain for videos, audio and albums free

This website has various audio and music books, some of which are available in their video versions as well.

You can download these music albums and videos for free from this website. Any BitTorrent or its client can be used to do so.

Check out Bittorent Now to enjoy a great music listening experience.

3. LibriVox

LibriVox public domain torrents for audio books

This website offers free public domain audio books. Search can be made on basis of author, title, and readers.

Also, anyone who wants volunteer with the website can join their page and also listen to the audio books available.

Check out the website for LibriVox.

4. SXSW Torrents

Public domain torrents SXSW to download songs

Though not the official website of SXSW, but this website has about 16 years of music hosted on the site for download.

The most ultimate songs and collection over the years with 16,000 songs available. You can open this website from here – SXSW.

5. The PaulWay Mixes

Paulway mixes for downloading PaulWay mixes

This is PaulWay’s website where in he has uploaded his mixes which are available for download. He released 52 of his mixes available for free and legal torrent downloads. To open this website, click here.

The Best Public Domain Torrent for Games

1. TASVideos

TASVideos Public Domain Torrent to download games

This website is perfect for all the gamers out there. You can best tools for speed runs and also to create good superhuman gamers play.

The website aims to create a healthy environment for all by providing classics, old as well as new games for the whole gaming community to accommodate each one.

Check out the TASVideos website for more.

Best Public Domain Torrent for Software

1. Slackware

Slackware public domain torrents to download free software

Slackware is a Linux distro. The website has been divided into various columns for all the help you need. Slackware also provides news along with various packages which are available.

Open Slackware website for more.

2. Linux Tracker

Linux tracker torrents to download Linux resources free

Just as the name recommends, Linux Tracker’s sole object is to furnish clients with everything Linux. As on a general note, it is said to download Linux frameworks through Torrents, this is because of its large file sizes.

So in case you’re making some hard memories finding a specific distro, Linux Tracker is the spot to be.

Check out Linux Tracker’s website for more.

3. Debian

Debian public domain torrents for Debian resources

Just like Slackware, Debian is also a Linux distro. On its website you can see it has documentation on how to install the Torrent, along with a separate documentation for FAQs as well as the general problems faced during installation.

On the whole, you can check out the website for Debian for software installations.

The Best Public Domain Torrent for Books

1. Academic Torrents

academic public domain torrents for books and research papers

This website, Academic Torrents contains a lot of data available which has been written out by researchers.

The website has been designed for the sole purpose of sharing information and data sets from one community of researchers to the other.

It is the most comprehensive website as you are able to search for research papers, courses, collections of information, and so on.

To try out this website, click here.

2. Library Genesis

Library genesis public domain torrents to download books free

This website holds content for various library resources and books. The search has been divided into categories of Science-Tech, Scientific articles, Fiction, Comics, Magazines and Standards. You can the download type as per preference.

To ease the search procedure, you can also edit the fields of search by setting it according to title, author, series, publisher, year, ISBN, language, MD5, Tags and extension.

Check this website out for more – Library Genesis.

3. OpenTrackers

Opentrackers public domain torrents for downloading texts and ebooks

This website, OpenTrackers.org is a simple place for you to as to how to torrent the e-books and textbooks using various methods.

This website will guide you through the procedure and also guide you through the various book formats available on different websites.

Try OpenTrackers site for information on how to torrent E-Books.

4. Media History Digital Library

Media History Digital Library torrents for books, journals and magazines free download

This website is a digital library for all the recorded books, journals, and magazines which are not generally available. Thus you can download these using this website easily.

This website also features histories of various films, their broadcasting and recorded sound too.

Click here to check out this website.

5. Manybooks

Manybooks  public domain torrents for downloading ebooks

You can find and Ebooks from this website. The search criteria is sorted to narrow down your work into categories of title, author or any keyword.

There are also various genres available on the website through which you can look by to select your favorite book.

Check out their website – click here

6. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg to download books free

You can find latest Ebooks and publications on this website. This digital library contains over 60,000 Books to search and choose from.

You will not need any registration or app to use this website. It is simple and easy to use.

To open the link – click here.

7. Text Book Nova

Textbook Nova torrents to download textbooks free

In this website you can search using title, keyword, author or ISBN from any category to get your desired book. You can now stop over paying for college and high school text books and simply surf them over this website to get the best books and read them through!

To Open this website – click here.

So, these were the websites available for legal torrenting and downloading movies, music, software, and even academic information.

Torrent is a great way to download all the stuff you need, and what’s more perfect than having it all legally and free?

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