Stay Stylish in the Storm: Rainy Day Outfits for School that Will Make a Splash!

Summer is definitely on its last breath now and monsoon is fast approaching, and with it – school season. School reopening means friends, classes, and all things fun (and studying, which is decidedly not fun.

But the biggest question the morning of the first day is the outfit and we totally get it.

While nothing can beat Cher’s iconic plaid first-day outfit from Clueless, we’ll definitely have you looking your best on this nerve-wracking day (along with making sure it’s monsoon friendly as well). Let’s look at some potential banger rainy day outfits for school we’ve curated just for you.

Stay Dry, Stay Stylish: Rainy Day Outfits for School That Will Make a Statement

Trench Coat And Boots

Stay Dry, Stay Stylish: Rainy Day Outfits for School That Will Make a Statement

The boots are a must. You’ll thank us when you’re not walking home in soggy shoes after school for this one.

The trench coat is a classic choice for any cloudy day. Not only will you be looking perfectly chic, but you’ll also have ample protection if the skies happen to open up while you’re outside.

A cozy sweater and jeans on the inside will keep you warm and comfortable as well.

Waterproof Jacket And Leggings

If the day is definitely showing signs of a rain avalanche, go the practical route and opt for a waterproof jacket and tight-fitting leggings that’ll keep you from getting soaked.

Waterproof shoes or boots will keep your legs from looking like raisins later.

Sweater Dress And Rain Boots

rainy day outfits for school

A light-colored sweater dress paired with dark boots is your go-to if you’re looking for an understated yet elegant look.

Pair with minimal accessories and a messy bun for the ultimate low-effort chic look.

Denim Jacket And Sneakers

While denim is a bad idea if it’s raining, you should definitely opt for a denim jacket and sneakers combo if possible.

It’s practically the holy grail of every student and requires minimal to no effort. If you’re in a hurry this combo can save you.

Layer the jacket over a sweater or a hoodie on a cold, rainy day for a classic gloomy day outfit.

Hooded Parka And Skirt

rainy day outfits for school

If you’re into layering and being comfy at all times, pull out your parkas. Stay dry and stylish with a hooded parka (bonus points if it’s detachable) and pair it with a skirt and tights to complete the look.

Consider going for a mix-and-match color combination for this one for a preppy look. Ankle boots are non-negotiable unless you want your toes to get soaked.

Waterproof Jumpsuit

rainy day outfits for school

In 2023 waterproof jumpsuits are in, despite whatever you may be thinking. It is a bit firefighter core, but if you’re into streetwear style and can experiment, this look is for you.

Most of all, you’ll be dry and warm throughout the day, which is a win. Go for heavy boots to accentuate the look.

Cardigan And Rainproof Accessories

rainy day outfits for school

If you skipped through all that looking for the yellow umbrella section stop right here. Yes, you can live out your movie fantasies with an umbrella instead of waterproof clothes and look cute while doing it too.

Opt for layering to protect from the chill, a cardigan over a blouse or top should do it. Jeans or trousers are acceptable or you can wear a skirt to give the outfit a feminine touch. Now get your umbrella (bonus points, again, if it’s yellow) and go live your dreams.

Rain Coat And Midi Skirt

rainy day outfits for school

Much like the yellow umbrella phenomenon, the yellow raincoat has also managed to keep us in a chokehold for a long time.

Opt for a long raincoat and a midi skirt paired with any blouse (preferably not too loose) for a classic rainy-day look. Pair it with knee-high boots or platform shoes.

Things to keep in mind when it comes to rainy day school outfits:

  1. Comfort is essential – prioritize clothes that are cozy and comfortable to wear throughout the day.
  2. Layer your outfit to adjust to changing weather conditions and temperatures.
  3. Choose waterproof or water-resistant materials for your outerwear, such as raincoats or jackets, to stay dry in the rain.
  4. Opt for footwear that is waterproof or has rubber soles to protect your feet from getting wet and slipping.
  5. Don’t forget to accessorize with items like hats, hoods, umbrellas, and waterproof bags to stay protected from the rain.
  6. Consider incorporating reflective details in your outfit or accessories for enhanced visibility in low-light or rainy conditions.
  7. Embrace your personal style and incorporate colors, patterns, and accessories that make you feel confident.
  8. Prioritize functionality and versatility so that your outfit can transition easily from outdoor to indoor environments.